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Gloria Betancur is a Fashion Stylist and Photographer who lives in East London where the magical core of fashion is beating fast. Born in Medellin-Colombia, the fashion epicentre of Latin America where the major industry among others is an ever evolving textile industry; she learnt to differentiate quality in the diversity of textures and a love for fashion and style. She went to USA to learn English and lived in New York for a few years where she finished High School. Carefree and too young she sometimes worked in the trendy clubs of the city; her diverse friends and adventures showed her to experience street fashion at its best from a very early age. She now permanently lives in London and while she has followed a financial profession for practicality, her sense of style and fashion remained more than a mere hobby, her love for photography and styling urged

her to reconsider her abilities and do several courses at “the London College of Fashion” for Fashion Business and development of on-going technical skills like Photoshop and inDesign. Graduated from the intensive course, “The Professional Photo, Film, TV and Personal Stylist Course’ with the British College of professional Styling that has awarded her Diploma and simultaneously completed a DSLR Photography course which triggered the production of this portfolio and personal website. She has now embarked into establishing her overdue profession of Fashion Stylist and Photographer to editorial publishing and online marketing with services that include image consultancy as well as fashion photo- shoots.

There are a number of everyday inspirations that drives my Styling, as Styling for me is the utter expression of our soul’s brilliance. At its best, every person should aim to reflect the image of that what is glowing inside and make the most of it; that is the reason fashion changes constantly as many beautiful people in our world do this and it moves us as fast as our collective vibrates to what is happening in the world at large and each person’s immediate environment. So for the people I am able

to advice, it can swing from the classic to the minimalist to a funky resourceful imaginative combination to express the way personal energy flows and changes from one person to another, one day to the other. One day black looks great, the next feels like a funeral only to get back to it after. That rhythm that flows just like dancing is the underlying trend that same as preferences in music, it can inspire or totally bore us. My Motto therefore is not defined by particular brands or designers for there are an incredible pool of talent at all levels of the fashion market, neither by age or a particular social stratus. My Style Motto is simply one that inspires beauty and exudes attitude, character and passion while being effortlessly comfortable with tendencies swinging between Minimal and Urban Glamour. Samples on these IDEAS are the online generated pictures of styling sets I create for my blog; some displayed here.

so you will note that the hair is not perfectly done but rather let loose, neither the makeup overly done. The colours are intense and happy and a feminine strong tendency is our point of reference. The entire cloth collection and shoes were part of the process to practice of an exercise successfully done of shopping for all of the items and use the brand new items from diverse High Street shops in needed some practice London, a fresh collecand photos for their tion full of colour like portfolios in addition we can appreciate on to two of my beautiful the strong greens, yelfriends who were happy lows and peach. to contribute to it. The transformation of The style theme chosen my own living room in by me was 60’s with a a photography studio careless modern twist, was a fantastic idea and

g n i l y St @ e m o h o i d Stu

Iwcall this ‘Home based photos shoot’ because it was a join contribution photo shoot I organized at home, Make up was made by make up artist Mahshid Turkan. Models were model /dancer Olivia Mellodey who also

it clearly helped me to establish new plans for future photo shoots as I learned all the Do’s and the Don’ts all in one go! The result were satisfactory and as the system is now properly set up and the necessary equipment has been acquired, future photo shoots and styling transformation are in the near future agenda. As a stylist, the perspective gained on this photo shoot was immense from systemising an organizational scheme to allow the whole practice flowing smoothly by tagging all dresses and marking up defined looks for each individual model as for the colour scheme that suited each model her

best. As a plus, the edition of the photos was a big challenge for the background equipment was not the best at the time and forced out of me all

my photo shoot skills to repair them which is a vital skill in Catalogue Marketing, specially for fashion, so that was a huge bonus.

This photo shoot was produced and directed by the Aveda’s salon hair style director AT St John’s Wood high street for a publishing campaign of her hair trend at their hair saloon. As the stylist of the photo shoot, I agreed with the direction to have a minimalist look with various models that presented the chosen hair style in a sober manner and colour yet with a bit of a funky attire. Hair of course, to be done by Kristaps Akmenkains; the director and organiser of this photo shoot. A sleek indoors presentation that focused mainly on the hair with some fashion highlights. The clothes were simple

jackets adjusted in various ways and few furry accessories, mainly on black and some jewel accessories that would complement accordingly. Make up was done by a make up artist chosen by the director and the lay out of posing and shooting in general was randomly styled by me and the main photographer Montserrat Rubio who would also have the official set of photos for this photo shoot. The outfits were carefully complemented by the accessories making sure that they would not divert attention from the hair but that will definitely set the mark as for the fashion style of the consumer

in mind that these images aimed at’ A sober though funky and carefree yet very elegant style that pretty much represents the Aveda’s costumer, using basic colours and barely any make up emphasized just on the lips with a deep and rich colour; undoubtedly Chic. Three models were chosen, one guy and the two gals, one with long hair and the other with a shorter hair and so this PS gave me an opportunity for the first time to style a man, an area that I am not totally confident on but it came easy as I took a general simplistic approach to basic items of clothing that would harmonise with those of

the female models and the results were good. The models were very versatile trough out the photo shoot despite the studio being a bit small as to capture too much movement, the results nevertheless were satisfactory and prints of large versions of the photographs that were taken by the main photographer were placed in the saloons walls. my photographic version taken for the purpose of this portfolio were also edited by me.

This photo shoot was also a joint effort set out in the outskirts of London for an application campaign to a major leading of the clothing online market. Official photos of this photo shoot by photographer Montserrat Rubio were edited and

submitted by the organizer of the photo shoot and host of the indoor photo studio Shay Ann Aboud. The photos were to be taken part indoors and part outdoors so my styling challenge was do it fairly fast between movements and with a quick and clear vision of the image to be presented, the clothes to choose and the colour co-ordination to the model colour skin type scheme as well as the surroundings and items; like the car to be used in one of the sets. The outdoor locations offered a contrast background between the green and the chocolate factories on

the outskirts of London so we agreed to aim for an everyday look being simplistic and fun and the indoor photos to be more sophisticated, both sets full of colour yet minimal accessorizing, a very elegant attitude for a local girl as if to say ‘just because I am in a rough area doesn’t mean I can’t be Chic’ and that phrase punctuated the day as it sensitized our motto for the entire photo shoot. The model Angela M Ricci who is also an actress and singer was very flexible and easy to work with and really suited the image we were looking for by her versatile and fine

figure. The clothes were chosen from a selection of combined clothes from the model herself and the photo shoot host who happened to even have a Lamborghini on her garden that we picked up to be used on the photographs. The styling challenge was to spot the perfect dress in the perfect colour to go on it and it was successfully achieved. Make up was applied by the model herself under my styling guidance for the colours applied and the style of her hair. Light minimal make up, lip colour co-ordinated with each outfit and hear clipped accordingly did the job and the results were satisfac-

tory. The edition of the photos are directed at online marketing for clothes and the official photos would include catalogue text relating to the campaign and were submitted by the host who also did her own official edited version of those photographs. For this ‘my portfolio’, the photos displayed are my own version and also edited by me.

I did this photo-shoot for Lili, a very special friend who happens to have a load of interesting clothes ant exciting items in her wardrobe to play with. She was interested in selling a lot of those clothes and items that were no longer worn and cluttering her house. So her plan was to put a Sale up on a famous shopping site online and for the pictures required, to model many of the items herself, to give a more accurate idea of how each piece would look worn on for the potential buyers to pick and choose. She asked me for the styling on the pictures to be done by me as we greed that it would be a good

Styling practice for me and also for the fun of it, as these photos were not meant to be deadly serious in terms of styling rules but rather a good dose of spontaneous fun and see afterwards what we could get out of them. The Styling challenge being the little time we got for the many clothes and thingsthat were there. We took loads of photos as my friend is not only exceptional versatile, she could also pull many different looks by simply using small changes as we went through her fantastic wardrobe and played with different looks that turned out to be quite a few! Not fond of make up and

hair dos, we agreed to have Au natural look and loose natural hair style. This is the edited version of chosen looks. The photographs were taken and also edited by me.

Styling Report Summer/ Autumn 2011 for Monserrat Rubio In this Report we are going to recall our styling meeting last weekend to identify your body shape, the colours that best suit you and the items already in your closet that with few key pieces that you can easily get can complete new sets to refresh your wardrobe and give you a fresh look. We will also identify the problematic items you showed me which you would love to wear but just can’t combine with your actual look and recommend clothes to get in future shopping as well as best way to wear your actual clothes.

We begin then to identify tour body shape that according to the following characteristics will define areas to enhance as well as the areas to minimize to give a more overall balance in your figure, Your Body Shape: You have a pear shape.

shoulders • Larger and more generous lower hips and thighs • a narrow and feminine waist You are a well balanced petite but you also definitely have a curvy bottom half, with rounded hips and full beautiful thighs bigger around the hips. You’ve also got a fairly flat stomach. We are going to enhance that womanly figure by adding more shape and structure above the waist to give you a more balanced figure. What you told me and Your lifestyle. As a self employed freelance photographer and practical woman, you do Pear shapes usually have: not have to conform or restrict • A bottom heavy shape to any particular look, as • Thin and slender neck we discussed, you are • Narrow or sloping

happier with a tidy feminine look with a twist of carefree attitude although you don’t like to look like a teenage girl when wearing jeans. From time to time you have to visit clients of your professional freelance work and then you should project that professional image but find it monotonous and tedious to stick to a black suit and you are right! You also travel to Spain from time to time where the weather allows you to wear clothes for warm weather and also bright colours and you are also concerned with keeping or throwing away some items you like but you don’t wear much. You Colour Type: You are a winter According to a scheme of

colours that define people as seasons according to their features you are winter type. Winter colouring is all about striking contrast

which is reflected in your winter colour palette. You have light skin with dark features for contrast shown in your very dark hair and eyes. When thinking of your best wearable colours I think of striking true blue and vivid colours like red or sharp, clear, and icy ones. No one can wear pure white as well as your type. Winters

also look fabulous in jet black, making theirs the easiest colour palette to dress though you can get stuck in the monotonous rut of the little black dress like we have discussed when we met. The combination of your dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin is a lucky type of the people with a Latino heritage that can give you the freedom to astray from radical colours to wear pastel type colours like pale pink and beige which is not usually recommended to other more drastic winter types with more fair skin and which is in my opinion, a more versatile and candid approach when choosing your colours. What is in your closet...

Problematic Items: Those hanging on for some time that you love but do not find how to wear. All those pieces in your closet have a lot of potential and you don’t really have to give them all away if you wear them with the following pieces I recommend ad follow some guidelines further below. Elements to get rid of: Blue dress, tank top and thin tight long blue top. Reasons why? • The blue dress does nothing to enhance your figure, actually looking closely it makes your tummy stand out. The colour, not your best, dulls your features and is of a length that even with high heels on, would not elongate your silhouette neither bring balance

showing your calves. • The tank top, well, a tank top tends to hide one of your best features, your tinny waist, although warm for cold months, you will still have to wear a jacket adding more weight than necessary on you and it’s not at all practical on warm months to wear on its own. The colour just makes you look rather opaque.. • The thin blue middle length top. Not long enough to be a dress and too thin to make it charmingly hang between you waist and hips as a belt would look too heavy on it. It is a length that would do no favours to your figure as it would no provide balance from your bottom area to your top

and the colour is not a best either for you to wear as it does tend to drench you out. Recommendations:

First of all, I highly recommend High Heels or a medium to high heel you can handle to de-emphasise hips and thighs and lengthen your legs. These shown on my recommendations picture above, would easily

harmonise with your current wardrobe and for the black shoes you can choose to buy the cover rounded

be; don’t pick them with very pointed toes and choose a sturdier heel than stilettos as they not only they feel more comfortable but would balance out your calves. White bottoms either shorts, jeans or loose trousers as pictured above, would create excellent combinations for summer like with your orange top above and also with your pale pink and white detailed, aqua and electric blue tops plus a very interesting fresh look with your ones as you already have grey top which making it hang the right way will black sandals. The very dark red sandals create top volume also will go at their best when with your deep red/black belt and sandals a very you wearing your grey interesting dress and a belt of the combination. In fact all same these tops found in your colour. -My advise on shoes would closet can be also worn

with plain black loose and wide trousers and make elegant contrasts in cooler seasons. Look for a waistline on your shorts or trousers that hits slightly below the natural waistline. Without extra layers close to the smallest part of your waist, you can make it look smaller and your torso a little longer. Trousers, skirts and shorts should fall loose on your hips and as you will see below, straight trousers will elongate your figure strictly wearing them with high heels. As for jeans you should go for a straight cut and big pockets rather than small ones which creates the illusion of a bigger bottom which you obviously don’t need. Clean lines and muted colours are best to minimize attention to the

bottom area. Your wide leg black trousers are a great asset as they can be worn with all sorts of tops and colours above, just remember that high heeled shoes are a must and that you may need accessories that draw attention to the face or a belt to draw attention to the waist to emphasise your feminine figure. -If you are going to acquire a pair of coloured jeans and slender trousers I would recommend The straight boot burgundy jeans on the photo above that would go perfectly with your black shirt, the one that has burgundy buttons and string detail on its own for a playful casual look or with your black blazer. - You can wear skinny indigo jeans but only with your high heels to elon-

gate your legs and with a top falling below your waist to elongate your torso; they will look fantastic. -The light cream beige wide trousers above on the left would complete to create a more formal look with your grey, cream with polka dots and pale rose tops. I also include a photo of dark beige/khaki trousers on the right for your reference to take good notice of the difference in the intensity of colour and avoid it because this type of colour will not make the same clean cut impact on you, not that you can not wear it; it will look great with a black top but for the purpose of harmonising what you already have, a light cream would suit better to preferably combine it with white or light coloured

tops. – As a general tip, try to stick to darker bottoms than tops for overall balance and an elegant touch. -Skirts: A black, mid length to the calf skirt with a slight aline cut will smooth the hip and thigh and would do the job for you when you facing professional appointments, you also would get a vivacious look by wearing it with your strips of copper and black blouse as I explained when we met. You can give it a twist wearing it on a night out with your small black top adding some accessories, preferably on your head or a short chunky necklace to balance and enhance your top half. -As a rule of thumb, just remember to stay away from tight skirts and

trousers.a wider skirt like on your black and white dress, is very well enhanced with the Midas touch of red waist-defining belt that will draw emphasis upwards and because the length is right on your knee, it can get away with you wearing your flat shoes and look nice but then, if you would like to revamp it, as I would recommend, then your pair of high heeled also red sandals that I suggested before would create a not just nice but fabulous look. Other suggestions to remember: · Your “Malva Colour” top got a fun transformation: By wearing a little camisole inside, it was layered as to elongate your torso, producing a funky layout of colour combination with

your light khaki pants. Remember the key is to keep the length of your small tops just above the hip. • Your lace skirt looked loosed and brought its detail up by using nude under garments. Skirts are in general very good for you and you can go for volume - either structured or full and flowing; Tight pencil skirts and tube skirts are a no so good unless you work to balance your top half with widening necks and chunky accessories for emphasising your shoulders. • A line skirts and full circle skirts also look good on you • Maxi skirts and gypsy skirts are also excellent for summer looks. - Remember to keep the emphasis on your top half and you’ll find you’ll look

great in most feminine skirt styles – wear them instead of trousers whenever you like them. · Your patterned cocktail dress can be updated to a formal or casual look depending on the lace or belt you wear. We also saw that wrapping a black ribbon around a few times would be a great alteration to define your torso. · Your wide navy trousers; best worn with a plain white top and I do highly recommend you to get a small white light cardigan that will complement very well and will also go with white jeans. · Not a major necessity but: -This cool summer in Lon-

don a white jacket would be your major indulgence as it can go with everything and white looks great on you. Also, you can dress it up or down depending of the accessories you use. For example in a night out you can use a chunky necklace to funky it up with some jeans or trousers or a light pastel scarf with

a black skirt to dress it more formal. -for Autumn coming up to cooler moths, a burgundy jacket will enrich your professional outlook and again, it will harmonise with other pieces, being black or white trousers or skirts without getting too serious; provided is the perfect cut to your pear body shape. Wearing it with the black skirt I recommended before would look great at a client’s appointment. • Your purple dress, is a great colour that suits you very well and has also great sleeves volume and rounded neck to widen your shoulders. It can be worn as a dress or as a funky top by wearing a belt and let it hang just above your hip with some accessory for a night out kind of look. Make

sure you accessory it well with just a neck item or head detail. Avoid bracelets as the sleeve volume is enough. The pink ribbon you use as a belt should really go as it play no a good purpose of a belt; a black one like the one below would do much better. • How about our magnificent creation! Your dear aunt’s Spanish panoleta in vibrant red and lavender tighten at the back creates a rich top that worn properly attached to your bra, black straight trousers and a black blazer will definitely be a success at a night event or dinner party. That goes to show how this combination of colours have a great effect on you. Accessories:

• We discussed accessories and playing around with a few scarves, beats and bobs rediscover that you are better suited with strong chunky and short necklaces that draw attention to your face and also scarves can have a good effect in vibrant colours. Bracelets keep to a minimum and since you don’t like accessories too much; add detail to your head with a sparky little pin or a brooch on your top or (not and) a colourful necklace. Tips for future shopping reference: • When buying shirts, choose a shirt that will draw the eye to the shoulders. Try to find one with puffed sleeves to balance out your shoulders in proportion to your hips. Ruffles and small

detailed shoulder sleeves look very charming on you. • Wide necklines such as boat neck or scoop neck style that can widen the shoulders and balance your bottom half. • Look for waist-defining details in your tops, such as belted or cinched styles that show off your defined waist. • Shirts that draw attention to the face are welcome. Look for buttons or ties at the neck that will draw eyes upwards. Remember to get the dark buttons to fix your cream top. • Don’t hide your shape with loose tees! You have a beautiful waist. • Top off your shirts with a blazer. Avoid wearing a blazer that hits the widest point of your hips. Find one that hits slightly at waist level and it would

make you look taller • In future shopping, in buying a new tailored suit for interviews etc. when you can afford, think of impactant colours like red or true blue which will mix up very well with your other pieces and will get you straight out of the black and white box we talked about to the businesswomen colourful world. These are some basic and more practical everyday looks that you can use with total confidence that you will portrait that feminine look with the carefree twist that you like that not only has definitely taken you away from colours that make you look opaque or childish but also from the feared black suit trap. The high shoes make all the

difference and as they are comfortable, you say that you will regularly like to wear them. Also, since you like accessories to the minimum then the detail on your tops do really help to create a bit of volume and charm and for a touch of glamour; you can play it up by just adding up a touch of lipstick or lipgloss and wave your hair just a bit more. I also see how the white trousers do elongate you and that they will make you easily elaborate numerous combination this summer. I can also see how skinny jeans do absolutely suit you. Overall you have a good sense of your personal style and your figure can be flattered in numerous ways just by getting inspired

with all the combinations that you can create for diverse occasions without braking your bank account and exploring all those unworn items in your closet that can be fix or can be complemented adding just a few extra pieces to create that wow factor and emphasise your feminine figure and your Spanish winter looks in a cool way. I hope this has been of help to you as it was a pleasure for me to work on.

There are four basic colour denominators for people and which influence the colours that best suit each of us in every season. In fact others say that there are 9 types! it is a bit confusing but I find that very interesting though I can not restrict or include certain colours at any particular time of the year. Here I’m just presenting one example of the colour theory session I took on one of the models of the Styling @home photoshoot.... (*For more details about my chart for Colour Patterns and types please visit my blog: and look for the post named “Colour Patterns” on my One-Word Trends Categoty.* or click here)

Caroline’s Tones are as follows: Skin: Pale beige with delicate pink cheeks, she burns on the sun easily. Hair: Honey Blonde. Eyes: Green with Golden flecks that at sunlight appear much lighter. Caroline’s Colour analysis is a Spring base with Summer influence. For her base colours and in agreement to her taste also, I have chosen 5 dresses. The 3 dresses in the middle from the second on the left to the second from the right: a Reddish Brown, a Periwinkle Blue and a Blued Lime which hints her Summer influence and can be mixed with her many other based colours like Honey and Salmon. Her accent Colour Bright Royal as on the dress at

Green, Bright Orange that combined with her based colours like Cream, Reddish Brown and soft shades of various Blues and Greens, Reds and Browns will create a very exotic contrast that will brighten up her presence, her face and also combined with her Summer influenced colours like Warm Beige, Light Yelthe extreme right. lowed Grey, Light Waher basic Summer intermelon, Coral etc. the fluenced colour is warm colours will Beige as the dress in the brighten up and enliven extreme left. her skin and make her Because of her Summer eyes sparkle. influence and tendency to Please note that the acburn on the sun, Her colcessory items and dressours to es chosen are not necesavoid are: Off White and sarily Bright Yellow. supposed to match with I have added an assorted one another in the fashion collection of accessories sense of texture, textile, in her Spring accent colmaterial or otherwise ours like seasonal. These items Bright Royal, Bright Lime

have been put together as examples of colour and colour alone so it is in that respect that we example them to mix match only. If any good

ideas from the many derived within the few sets that can be created come up, that is a bonus!

My Goal would be to make people shine their beauty from the inside out and look their best, it may sound too good to be true but it really is my intention. *First of all assessing the individual and unique sense of style for every different client or photo shoot project *Exercising a professional approach and continue to monitor the world of styling and fashion to be able to advise my clients of the latest trends and tricks that would help us to achieve best results. *be able to advise in such a way that the style recommended will be transformative and last the test of time.. *Although networking is required to have the quality touch to be referred to clients by simply word of mouth. *In future I would have a little boutique online where I would have a selection of carefully chosen items for my clients to continue updating their unique style.

My Vision is one like that of an artist, I would love to succeed and accomplish beyond any peer expectations but with no stress as to any particular rule of preconceived achievement so in in any case, the rewards in learning and helping people would be satisfying enough. I always give my very best and I know there’s never a project too small or anything to loose because I do love what I do and doing all I do working towards the goals I mentioned before. Happiness is better than money, but saying that we recognise that money is a well gained reward for a job well done. As I state in my blog, Style is not just fashion, it’s a life and everything that enrich and beautify people can only bring beauty and joy in your life and those around you. *services include: -Stylist for individuals and their photography. -Styling for Designer’s Fashion photo-shoots. -Styling to advertising campaigns for catalogues and/or online fashion shopping. -One on One Image consultancy or Personal shopper to special clients.

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