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SEMPLICE K35 SEMPLICE K35 System for door to limited space As SEMPLICE as that you can not. With SEMPLICE you can change an existing door to a small footprint door, without having to modify the frame: symmetrical or asymmetrical. SIMPLE is the system that allows you to create doors to limited space, making them an absolute element of design and comfort. The innovative solution to maximize space of a house and reduce space of normal doors. SEMPLICE can be applied to any type of flush or rebated door, making the door symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on your needs. With SEMPLICE the door opens always from the side you want by recovering space in any room.

Completeness of the system SEMPLICE consists in two aluminum kit plates upper and lower and accessories that make the door fully folding and absolutely functional, versatile and durable.

Patents and adjustments SEMPLICE is a patented system to make the flush or rebated door to limited space. The adjustments is acting on the screws on the kit plates that are between the panels.

Frame and installation No specific frame, no special processing of the frame, but a normal internal door frame divesirfied depending on whether the door is flush or rebated.

SEMPLICE K35 SEMPLICE K35 is the system for interior doors up from the light weight of 50 kg. It happens in fact that in most cases to furnish a house becomes a vain attempt to match the dimensions of the cabinets with the doors. What then can make that easier?

SEMPLICE K35. As SEMPLICE as that you can not. SEMPLICE K35 is the kit that transforms an ordinary internal door in a door to limited space, symmetrical or asymmetrical. You do not need any work on the frame, which remains in place: the only thing to do is work on the panel to be made symmetrical or asymmetrical. Once transformed the panel, the assembly is very simple and fast.

SEMPLICE K35 SEMPLICE K35 Charactheristic Application

Flush or rebated doors

Width panel

From 700 to 1000 mm


Symmetrical or Asymmetrical


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