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OBJECTA 速 Flush doors

Safety, soundness and funcionality

Every day, builders, architects and interior designers need to have a clear idea to create large projects. What matters is that every detail of the product range offered by providers meet the challenges that the project presents. In a project, cost containment, customer support and the ability to meet the deadlines of the project are as important as the quality of the products.


Project: Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, Germany Architects: Pysall, Stahrenberg & Partner Doors made by: HERHOLZ, Ahaus Objecta hinges and retainers: BASYS GmBh

The hinges Objecta 速 provide the highest level of reliability and functionality in a wide range of projects. The DIN EN 1935:2002 defines the eligibility criteria and performance capabilities of hinges for doors and windows. Basys The products are tested and certified according to the standards of this European standard.

In the construction sector, the growing need for sound insulation, fire safety and protection from burglary pose enormous challenges for manufacturers of this type of accessories. Basys works closely with all customers to create a "partnership of research and development", so that the doors and hinges can be combined to obtain an integrated solution. That characterizes the success they integrate together the specific customer requirements, ideas, planning and implementation of the products.


A big range of products

The Objecta ® Series is characterized by the absolute functionality and an attractive design. Versatile, reliable and secure, the range Objecta ® is the certainty in doors weighing important. Thanks to the mounting screws and the special bearing positioned on the axis of the hinge, the hinge is reversibile, thus becoming ambidextrous. The fastening screws, moreover, also provide a protection from burglary, since, once the door is closed, the hinge axis can not be removed. A further advantage that makes the range of hinges Objecta of a quality far beyond the required standard. The changing demands in interior design and doors the range of Objecta ® respiond promptly satisfy all your needs. In the Objecta ® Series the hinges have a height ranging from 95 to 160 mm. The scope of the hinges of this series ranges from 100 to 120,160 and 200 kg per pair. They are available with different diameters: the standard hinge presents the diameter of 20 mm, but are, if possibile, hinges diameter of 15 or 18 mm, while maintaining the functionality and the ability to flow.

Entirely of steel, are available in the following finishes: nickelplated steel, satin nickel, gold plated, powder coated white, chrome, matt chrome, brushed stainless steel and polished.

Gradius CE

Weight of the Opening and doors closing cycles

Fire Resistance

Gradius 11 80 kg

200.000 cycles YES

Gradius 14 160 kg

200.000 cycles YES

The door weight is carried by two hinges per leaf. The width of the door during the tests is maximum 1000 mm, as defined by European standards. European regulations for doors with steel frames: BS476: Part 22: 1987 FD30 and FD60. (REI 30 and REI 60).

OBJECTA 速 Hinges for flush doors

OBJECTA 2029/100/56 Flush doors 100 kg per pair CE: gradius 11

OBJECTA 2029/100/56 D15 Gracilia Flush doors 100 kg per pair CE: gradius 11

OBJECTA 2029/120/56 Flush doors 120 kg per pair CE: gradius 11

OBJECTA 2029/120/56 D15 Gracilia Flush doors 120 kg per pair CE: gradius 11

OBJECTA 2029/160/56 Flush doors 160 kg per pair CE: gradius 14

Installation and adjusment The OBJECTA 速 hinges nust be used with the OBJECTA 速 Retainers. In this combination the hinges can be adjustable in three dimensions: height, widht and depth, without remove the leaf.

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