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Residential OPEN THE SPACE AROUND YOU With AMBO you can. With AMBO you can make it a living room, a closet or a bathroom. With AMBO you can open the space around us.

Ambo is the mechanism for roto-traslating doors, allowing the door to make a piece of furniture and comfort. AMBO make free all the doors, allowing a reduced size to 60% when the door is open. AMBO opens the doors on both sides, positioning the door so perfectly fitting to the frame: by doing so you will always have the perfect symmetry of the door.

Completeness of AMBO system AMBO is composed of a steel rod, 4 rod guide, a kit plates upper and lower in stainless steel, an aluminum track and a carrier adjustable. It's also available magnetic locks, with different finishes and functions on request.

Cyclic test AMBO has exceeded 120,000 cycles of opening and closing. The door had tested the following dimensions: H 2100 x W 1115 mm and weight of 50.5 kg.

Frame, adjustments and installation The roto-traslating door frame for the AMBO is free: each manufacturer can make his frame. The vertical and lateral ajustment is with the door inserted. The rod is always inserted into the frame, making it possible for every type of door, even glass.

Residential AMBO Residential is the version of the AMBO mechanism for the doors of the houses, which are usually made of wood. AMBO is thus able to donate at the door looks completely identical to other doors and at the same time present to give an absolute advantage: the saving of space. AMBO Residential may in fact be applied to panel doors, smooth, textured, solid wood and even glass, because the mechanism does not affect the design of the door: the rod is placed solely in the frame, inside, making it possible for the door as you prefer. The AMBO mechanism is adjustable in height acting on the carrier and is adjustable laterally (+ / -3 mm), all with inserted door. With the steel rod fully inserted into the frame, with aluminum track and a carrier with 4 wheels with ball bearings, the AMBO mechanism allows use totally comfortable, quiet and easy the doors of each house.

Residential AMBO Mechanism Charactheristic Horizontal light switch

Panel width + 6 mm

Vertical light switch

Panel heigth + 17 mm

Upper air

8 mm

Lower air

9 mm

Lateral air

6 mm + 6 mm

The carrier and the rotation center The groove of carrier plate is built on the side panel of the panel, according to the following guidelines. The center of rotation of the carrier must always relate to the size of the mechanism used, regardless of the width of the panel, as in the examples below:

Panel width

Mechanism to be used

Carrier rotation center

mm 740

Kit plates 715

357,50 mm

mm 870

Kit plates 865

432,50 mm

mm 1000

Kit plates 1015

507,50 mm

Carrier: quotes Width carrier plate

24 mm (R 12)

Lenght carrier plate

180 mm

Dept of the groove

3,8 mm

Ă˜ central hole

24 mm (R 12)

Lenght central hole

64 mm

Depth central hole

22 mm

Residential The table below highlights the measures the width of the panel for the application of the AMBO Residential mechanism for roto-traslating doors. It’s possible to adjust the panel sideways to + / -3 mm with the panel inserted. Panel width Kit plates

Application field

Carrier rotation center

615 mm

from 590 to 640 mm

307,50 mm

715 mm

From 690 to 740

357,50 mm

765 mm

From 740 to 790

382,50 mm

815 mm

From 790 to 840

407,50 mm

865 mm

From 840 to 890

432,50 mm

915 mm

From 890 to 940

457,50 mm

965 mm

From 940 to 990

482,50 mm

1015 mm

From 990 to 1065

507,50 mm

1115 mm

From 1065 to 1165

557,50 mm

1215 mm

From 1165 to 1240

607,50 mm

The table below highlights the measures the height of the panel for the application of the AMBO Residential mechanism for roto-traslating doors.

Panel height Rod height

Application field

1830 mm

from 1800 to 1860 mm

1890 mm

from 1860 to 1920 mm

1950 mm

From 1920 to 1980 mm

2010 mm

from 1980 to 2010 mm

2050 mm

from 2020 to 2080 mm

2100 mm

From 2070 to 2130 mm

2160 mm

from 2130 to 2190 mm



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