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Embellishing home with surpass able decors: Paintings and Clocks The lavish and changing lifestyle demands to make your home more spacious. The serenity of a house can be felt with the presence of beautiful clocks and paintings. To add colour to the walls and compliment the interiors, Gloob has proven to be one stop solution for making home look like heaven by offering home decors. The home-based decorations available are tempting and rejoicing to which no one can give a blind eye. The inevitable part of one’s home is the ticking sounds of clocks. I believe if the sound of watches is removed from my life then I’ll certainly feel something is amiss in this fast paced life. To add newness to the style of ticking Gloob has an array of timepieces in the form of decals, wood and acrylic. Not only this, they have watches to mark the special event lined up in the calendars like New year, Christmas so on which stands out to be a unique feature and give it different touch altogether. The pieces of wood and acrylic are so beautiful and real. The watches that will certainly garner the attention of buyers are the decals which are new in trend. The decal clock allows you to be traditional or modern as per your taste. The decals are turning out to be at present, new taste of experimenting and giving your home an elite ambience. The art never dies and so do the love for possessing paintings. If given a chance I would feel delighted to be the owner of beautiful painting which gives new sense of jubilation. It’s always better to owe the landscape in two or three number rather than making it a crowd and losing its charm. The other day while talking to an elderly lady she confessed her adoration for art “ The art of today has completely emerged as a new form giving an edge to experiment but the zest of the painting to take us to a new world has still remained intact.” The age old passion of possessing canvases in houses is by far still there. If you visit the lobbies of hotels or mansions then rightly there you can see the spread of water colors in various shades. The online boutique has in store an exotic collection of portraits in all the possible categories. The classes include modern art, contemporary art, still life, animals and more to add to the likes. The collection is spell binding and worth possessing. The human touch or emotions can be easily perceived in the larger than life images. If we go by statistics then everyone wants to be a proud owner of the art depicting a world within the world. That’s where Gloob steps in and provide an opportunity to cherish your dream. Canvases and watches available in the assortment of the store are within the reach of buying. It gives buyers an opportunity to look for something fresh rather than the age old conventional decorations. Keeping the trends and the lifestyle in mind the pool of decors is a fusion of both traditional and modern panache. The assemblage of timepieces has come up with uniqueness of swastika and footprints, considered to be a good omen for the house; and possibly will trigger the mind-set that it always keep ticking in happiness and prosperity for the family as the time passes. The landscapes and timepieces will for sure color your walls. If you are looking for something different and unique then, Gloob online boutique is just a click away!

Paintings and Clocks  
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