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Wallpaper Ideas for Interior Décor from One of the most versatile ways to decorate your room is by using wallpapers, especially on the smaller areas so as not to make it overwhelming. This does not, however, mean that you can’t wallpaper entire room interior or walls. Those who prefer wallpapers marvel at the vibrant color and patterns that wallpapers can introduce into your home while the rest fear that it is not only hard to apply but also hard to remove. The patterns that one can think of include the damask, leaves, stripes and hexagon among others. This is how to apply each wallpaper interior decoration from


Because the damask is a bit retro yet still versatile, it is mostly to be used in powder and dining rooms. Different styles and colors have been made for damask. The standard colors that are always used for damask is black and white. This is because most people will readily identify with them and they are crossgender. There has been a twit in the color used on the damask with bright colors such as orange and dark brown chocolate patterns which are fast becoming popular. Such bright colors are recommended if you want to provide a dramatic look to your interiors.


Wallpaper with butterflies in it has come to be known as the feminine interior look. This also introduces a whimsical touch into your interiors. The best of this wallpaper is when the background is neutral with bright colored butterflies on it. Take for example a white background then pastel color it with shades of pink, green, light blue and bright orange butterflies. Beautiful is the word to describe it. This wallpaper can be used to decorate wardrobes, bookshelves, powder rooms and for those who would not mind a particularly feminine living room, go for it!


For those who prefer very formal interiors, then striped interior wallpapers are for you. If combined with traditional looking colors, stripes will bring that classic touch to the house setting. Striped wallpapers can be made more elegant by combining with rich bright colors like light blue, white, yellow, pink, a touch of green and purple. Striped wallpapers serve to make anyone who is in the room comfortable as well as providing a warm welcome. This is why it is preferred to be placed in the entryway and corridors. Striped wallpapers for the interiors is also a good idea for small sized offices.


Ever had that feeling of comfort when you arrive at a forested outskirts of a town full of tall skyscrapers? That is the feeling you get every time you see leaved wallpapers apart from the whimsical touch it introduces to your interiors. One popular type is a white background that has been littered with green leaves. Butterfly accents can also be added to it. This wallpaper is perfect for kids’ rooms and washrooms. It promises to bring the ambience of the outdoors right into the interiors setting a cheery and relaxed mood in these rooms.

Wallpaper Ideas For Interior Décor..TV  
Wallpaper Ideas For Interior Décor..TV  

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