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Home decorating ideas: how to utilize wall clocks and paintings Decorating your home can be a real challenge especially if you want your items to double up as both functional and decorative. Here at we offer a variety of ideas on how to use items in your home to serve as both decorational and functional. For instance, there are a variety of ways you can decorate with a wall clock. Nowadays people don’t just use wall clocks to tell time, they also use them to decorate their homes. They have become a way in which every home owner can make their signature and display their style. We have a variety of tips on how to choose wall clock designs for your home. •

Decide the room that you want to have your clock. This is because there are different designs for different rooms. The kitchen design won’t be the same as that of the living room design. The styles will be different and unique.

The color of the room should also be a factor that you should consider. The style of the furniture is also another important part that should be considered when choosing the design for your wall clock. This is because you will want to choose a clock that compliments your room as well as your walls. Choosing a wall clock design has to be done carefully to avoid ruining the style that you have chosen for your rom.

Space is also an issue that must be kept in mind when buying your wall clock. How much space do you have? This will help you choose whether you want a large clock or a smaller one. A clock can easily look squeezed and out of place if it is cramped in a small space.

The type of interior décor that you have chosen for your home has to go hand in hand with your clock. The theme that you have chosen has to compliment your clock and the other way round. For instance if you have chosen to go with a traditional theme for your home, then you can choose an analogue clock for your home.

Having guided you on how to choose your wall clocks, you will need to have a painting in your home. Paintings are a great investment and show that you value art in your home. Having a piece of art in your home provides your guest with an overview of your personality. Here at we give you a variety of reasons as to why you should have paintings as an interior décor.


A piece of painting in your home makes your home appear unique from the other homes especially if your painting stands out. People will notice the painting when they walk in to your room and associate you house with the painting.


The kind of art that you choose to display in your home will speak volumes about your personality; after all, a picture is worth more than a thousand words! For instance if you prefer art that is quirky, it could be your way of saying that you have a great sense of humor.

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