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To Help Homeowners Explore the World In The Comfort of their Homes Via Paintings This month will see the continuation of the introduction of thematic pieces from, featuring home decorating ideas. With its thousands of pieces for sale available in this one site, now it will be possible to travel the world in the comfort of one’s home. This is courtesy of the paintings that are now available at this one site. The latest offerings on this homepage include paintings from the heartland of Asia. Of course one of the inevitable masterpieces to always come across, in its various versions, is the portrait of Buddha. Though earlier paintings of the same deity used to be more realistic, the current ones are more abstract. They are now enshrouded in light, highlighting the migration of painters of the deity to the abstract school. While still in Asia, it is now possible to get a view of poignant dancers in a village in one of the central-Asia countries. These paintings will bring a cultural emblem to a home because of their perfect depiction of the culture from a remote corner of the continent. One will be able to continue in the Asian heartland, or even the African equivalent, through cross-cultural home decorating ideas. For example, the two continents are now well represented with wildlife and residential landscapes. In the former category are tigers and elephants that roam close to people’s homes like they sometimes do in real life. There are also huts to see and marvel at. On the road strips are cartloads being pulled by bulls and Sikh workers. These are some of the most wonderful home decorating ideas that can take one to the root of things, especially to nostalgic paces like the rural areas. It will also be possible to be in London, New York or even Paris, courtesy of landmark paintings that have come on the website, in one’s living room. These will be featuring Western themes. When they are not depicting the skylines of the famous cities of the world, they will be bringing one to settings that one has never been to before. There are also paintings that feature some of the artistic elements that have come to define Western paintings. These include still-life artworks featuring a selection of fruits ready for eating. These will surely change the look of a living room or even kitchen when they appear on the wall. Home decorating ideas, this month, will not be for just revisiting one’s world at home. They will, rather reinforce universal themes that are always in the midst of society. For example, there are now wonderful depictions of nature through impeccable landscapes. If one has always dreamed of the sea, he or she will now see it close at hand in some of the most breathtaking pictures of nature for a house interior. The canvas paintings are not only enchanting for the lover of beauty but poignant as well. They feature culture, landmarks and nature in them. For more information on home decorating ideas and paintings visit us on: To Help Homeowners Explore the World In The Comfort of their Homes Via Paintings  
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