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Winter 2016/17

Making God’s Plans Live

Gospel Literature Outreach

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4 Welcoming new workers New developments in Romania

Making God’s plans live


Stephen McQuoid

Country profile: Slovenia


Stephen McQuoid

New building...… new challenge


Mike Packer


When a plan comes together


Dani & Doina Vasilca

New year... new opportunities

Reflections from the GLO Conference



Jess Brandt & Simon Marshall

Vision for service


Jan Goodall

This magazine is published twice yearly to report on the work of GLO in Europe and around the world and to promote mission interest. There is no subscription rate but readers are welcome to send gifts towards postage and production. GLO is a charity registered in Scotland: SC007355. If you would like to contribute financially to the work of GLO this can be done directly using the bank details below or by contacting our Finance Director Ian Smith (ismith@


Heidi Guttesen

The importance of new resources


Andrew Lacey

Leaving a lasting legacy M

any people have a concern about what the long term impact of their lives will be on others. As Christians this is a big issue because the Bible encourages us to live our lives in view of eternity. GLO, along with many other Christian organisations, benefits greatly from legacies that people leave behind. It is a way of significantly helping the work of the kingdom by organising your giving after you have gone. We have produced an information booklet on the use of legacies and if you would like to have one then write to: Stephen McQuoid, GLO Centre, 78 Muir Street, Motherwell, ML1 1BN •

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by Stephen McQuoid

Making God’s Plans Live


hey say the world never stands still, and of course that is true scientifically as well as metaphorically. Things are always changing; life is never static. The same is true when it comes to GLO. 2016 has been a very encouraging year with six new workers joining us full time. In this edition of e-vision you will meet them and I would ask you to pray for them in these early, crucial years of their ministries. We have also had a great summer with 25 teams and 200 people travelling all over Europe to share the gospel. Some of the highlights from the summer team programme are featured. While the summer is over it is still important to keep praying that there will be good fruit from all the sowing that has taken place. Please join us in this. Our resident team locations require prayer as well. One of those situations that is featured in this edition is the work in Laval which has been going on for many years. Some time ago the church that was planted there by a resident GLO team acquired a building of their own. This was a huge step forward, but in time the building became inadequate for a growing church. In a remarkable way God opened up the door for the church to acquire a new building in a new area. Mike Packer has written an update on this and we pray that the church will have the courage and determination to reach out in this new area.

Another huge encouragement is in training, of which there seems to be no limit of opportunity. The Certificate and Diploma courses are doing well and we are delighted by the quality of students who come to study here. There are also developments in the use of IT as we utilise live streaming to enable people to study from a distance. This, coupled with the ongoing work of the Joshua programme, gives us a reach that we would never have envisaged just a few years ago. As you read the college pages please pray for all the people who are studying with us, whether on our residential courses or through our extension ministries. GLO always has been and always will be about mission. We have a deep burden to reach people all over Europe for Christ. If you are a regular reader of e-vision you will notice that we profile different countries in Europe, even ones where we are not currently active. In this edition you will find a brief article on Slovenia which is one of the most spiritually needy countries on earth, yet only a three-hour flight away. As you read the article remember that Europe is one of the world’s great spiritual deserts. We need to do something to reach our continent for Christ and you can play a role in this. You may be wondering what you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

and for the 1. Pray for Europe work of GLO. m in 2017. 2. Join a summer tea r resident 3. Adopt one of ou g to missionaries, committin m and keeping in touch with the yer supporting them in pra work the to 4. Give financially st gift is a of mission (the smalle adds up). commitment and it all ting the work 5. Help us by promo and among of GLO in your church your Christian friends. whatever God 6. Be available to do calls you to do!

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Ermal & Denisa Bimaj

New Wor ERMAL & DENISA BIMAJ We have been married for two years and live in the city of Vlorë in the south of Albania. Last year we did the first year course at Tilsley College, and joined the GLO Family. Now we are part of the GLO Albania Team and work together with Juli & Ela Muhameti. We serve in a youth ministry called ‘Living Stones’, and student ministry BSKSH which is part of IFES Albania. Our dream is to see young people in Albania come to Christ and give their life to him. We are happy to do this work through partnership with GLO.

Emiliano Gattulli

EMILIANO GATTULLI My name is Emiliano and I was born in Rome, Italy. I come from a family where my mother was Catholic and my father was an atheist. When I was twenty-one, I was invited to a Christian camp. There, the real Jesus was presented to me and in that very place I gave my life to Christ. I started to walk with him wanting to know him more, so I studied firstly in a Bible school in Rome (IBEI) and then at Tilsley College, Scotland. In 2014 I met Luca Illiano who has the vision to plant a church in Mergellina, Naples. The Lord started to speak to me and in September 2015 my local church and I were convinced the Lord was calling me there. In Naples my ministries will be primarily cultivating relationships with those who live in the area, discipleship and

teaching with people we have already met and pastoral care with those who will come to Christ! I will also help Luca in the outreaches. I am very excited about it! In addition to that, I will be involved in teaching at the church in Fuorigrotta (Naples) where Patrizio and Jennifer Zucchetto serve. Thank you for your prayers!

SÉVERINE GONZALES In 2014 I completed my training in the Bible Institute of Geneva, and from that time I really had a burden to reach French young people and also to serve in a local church. When I heard about the Aix project which combines church planting with university outreach I decided to join the team. For two years now I have been one of the leaders in the university outreach. Our aim is to live and to spread the gospel in accordance with the Great Commission (John 28:19). To this purpose, every Thursday, we have meetings with students to help them discover a new Bible book, which currently is the Gospel of John. We also organise activities to reach the general student community. I am involved in discipling young women and use my home as a place of welcome and ministry. My desire is to help these young women to grow spiritually and to persevere in faith. I work in a part time secular job to help support my ministry.

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Cristian Sortan

Séverine Gonzales

orkers JOANNE SNEDDON I have been part of Dimity Street Church, Johnstone since it opened in 2003 and have always been involved with various children’s and youth ministries within the church. I am now serving full time with the GLO team based in the church and work with three primary schools in Johnstone. In partnership with Scripture Union Scotland I help run After School Clubs, Religious and Moral Education classes and monthly assemblies in each school. I am part of the leadership team for the church’s Wednesday night Youth Club and the ‘Friday Club’ for teenagers in the High School. I have overall responsibility for the Primary 1-4 Children’s Club called ‘High Five’. I am also involved with the toddlers group, Tuesday mornings’ ‘Coffee and Chat’, ladies’ Bible study, Sunday School and lead a girls’ Bible study. All of these activities have to be planned and prepared for as well as set up in the church. I will be part of the team planning and organising new activities and camps next year. The vision is to have two weekend camps and an Easter Holiday Club where the children attend all day as well as special Family Nights throughout the year. We will also be preparing for the GLO mission team next summer. I attend classes in Biblical Studies at Tilsley College and I am learning and developing the ability to put it to practice on a daily basis.

CRISTIAN SORTAN My name is Cristian Sortan, I am 29 years old and I live in Romania. I have been involved part time in the ministry to gypsy children in some villages around Sibiu (not far from the GLO Centre in Talmaciu) for six years, until last year, when I started the first year at Tilsley College. I am now a Diploma Course student and a full time worker with the teenagers in three villages. My placement for the year is in Rachita, where 15-20 teenagers regularly attend. The other places are Salistea Deal, with 15 teenagers, and Geoagiu with 20-25 teenagers. The ministry involves Bible study, songs, games, occasional days away, summer camps and serving in practical ways. It is challenging to work with them, but it is very rewarding to see some of them grow in their faith. The studies at Tilsley College helped and were a blessing to me, so I am hoping that what I have learned will one way or another be of help to them. They very much need someone they can open up to, someone they can trust. I pray that the Lord will help be a good friend, example and servant for the teenagers and that he will help me observe and meet their needs.

Joanne Sneddon

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Brussels, Belgium This year’s GLO team to Brussels took the gospel right into the heart of Europe. Secularism has pitched a formidable camp and recent Islamic terror attacks suggested the need to steer clear. However, firmly clad with the armour of Ephesians 6 we took to the streets for what would be a landmark GLO team and the biggest for many years. A three hour game of football broke down many cultural barriers; we then brainstormed ideas and formulated a programme for street work, evangelism and evening events through our partner churches. Organised mayhem quickly ensued as groups rehearsed skits,

testimonies and Bible talks. Crafts were prepared, songs were sung and a flash mob routine was developed. A band was decked out like a scene from Disney and later they would later parade the streets in song and dance. One highlight was an evening called ‘Grill a Christian’ where 'volunteers' had to answer questions submitted by the gathered audience. An evening concert was packed with visitors we met throughout the week and if French gospel rap is good when you barely know the language then it must be amazing if you’re 'in the know'! Alan Guy

When a Plan Comes Together...

Summer Teams 2016 Eger, Hungary This summer’s Hungarian team involved seven people working with a small church in the important university city of Eger. There were a variety of activities during the team including distribution, open air evangelism, children’s clubs and outreach evenings. The team stayed in the homes of two families in the church and that helped us as we tried to grapple with local customs and culture. The church was also very committed to the team and church members joined us for every activity. Of the many highlights a Scottish night which was held in a community centre, another was a music night held at a bandstand in the city’s largest park where church and team members played contemporary worship songs as well as Hungarian folk songs to passers-by and the team performed some evangelistic dramas. The Sunday of the team was made special by the fact that three of the church members were baptised in a local lake. It was encouraging and challenging in equal measure to see these Christians take such a public stand in a country were evangelical Christians are such a tiny minority. Stephen McQuoid

“I really enjoyed the fellowship with the other team members and I felt that they encouraged me to be a more godly person as well as encouraging me to try new things.” 6 e-vision-15.indd 6

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“As a team we worked really well together which made everything a lot easier. It was a great atmosphere all week showing God’s love to others.”

“It was my first mission trip and my first street evangelism. I saw God working by giving opportunities to have conversations with nonbelievers about the gospel.”

Skien, Norway A small team went to Skien, Norway at the beginning of August. The focus for the first three days was a children’s festival. When the children arrived at the festival they could choose from a variety of activities – bouncy castle, face-painting, games, crafts – after which they watched a dramatised Bible story, sang choruses and learned a memory verse. All of these activities were outside and the

team saw God at work in an amazing way, holding back the rain at the precise time we needed dry weather to run the festival. Later in the week there was an International Night when visitors had the opportunity to sample foods from around the world, learn about different cultures – some were even brave enough to try out some Scottish country dancing! Allison Hill

“My highlight was sharing the gospel with a Hindu...”

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by Dani & Doina Vasilca

New Developments

in Romania G

od has given us the task of taking the gospel to the younger generation. Children need to hear the gospel. Many Christians make their commitment to the Lord between the ages of 4 and 14. But how do we reach today’s children? We still run weekly clubs and special events. This year, seven teenagers got baptised! What a great rejoicing in heaven, but also in our hearts! Romanian children have long summer holidays. As not many can afford a family holiday, summer activities are a fantastic opportunity for us. In June 2016, we met about 100 children every day at our Holiday Bible Club. As a result of 20 hours of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace, three new

families are coming to church! What about summer camps? Seven days together can often mean a life forever changed. S. (from an Orthodox family) came to camp for few years. This year he came to Christ! One child learned to pray for the first time and another boy’s mum said: ‘I don‘t know what happened, but my child is a changed person! What can we do for children from deprived backgrounds? GLO teams. This summer, we took the gospel into eight villages. That meant driving 1500km, teaching Bible stories and verses, songs, new games and crafts. Most children could hardly hold the glue stick, but they memorised this simple truth: ‘… the Son of man has power to forgive sins’. This truth can change them, too.

“If only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given to me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” (Acts 20 v.24)

What about the children who are not on the streets? Can we use social media to share the gospel? Yes, we can! We are trail guides for the Romanian website called The users love the Bible lessons, games etc., but they also have questions: ‘Could you tell me how to get saved?’ (R.), they share their struggles: ‘I am addicted to pornography’ (A.) and need our prayers: ‘Thank you so much for praying for me.’ (D.). Two years ago, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Romania started the online radio ministry ( It reaches Romanian children and parents all over the world. In one month alone, we reached 3,000 different locations within 44 countries! We are involved in recording and editing radio programs and audio-video productions, writing scripts for Bible lessons, doing live shows

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Country Profile

Slovenia N

estled between Italy and Croatia with Austria and Hungary to the north is the little country of Slovenia, previously part of the former Yugoslavia but now an increasingly successful and prosperous sovereign state. This is a beautiful country of mountains and lakes and a tiny coast line is one of Europe’s hidden gems. But this beauty hides a terrible truth. Slovenia is a spiritual desert! In fact, Slovenia has a smaller proportion of evangelical Christians than even Saudi Arabia, making it one of the most spiritually deprived nations on earth. Traditionally Slovenia is Roman Catholic but with an Orthodox and Lutheran presence also. However, these three groupings lack spiritual vitality and nominalism coupled with the increasing growth of agnosticism and Eastern religions has made their presence in the country virtually irrelevant. Of the 210 municipalities in the country only 28 have any kind of evangelical presence and the evangelical churches that do exist tend to be small and divided, relying heavily on outside help. There is a desperate need for church planting as well as help for the small number of struggling congregations. In this country of just over two million people the vast majority have never heard the gospel and are never likely to meet a bornagain believer. GLO has never had a team in Slovenia. We feel a burden for this desperately needy country and would like to be able to do something. It is not easy to know how to start! We have no contacts in the country, no existing churches with which we have a relationship and our knowledge of the country and culture is very limited. This is pioneer mission in the raw and we would ask you to pray that we will have wisdom to know what to do about this situation. Perhaps running a summer team would be a good start, though the practicalities of this are complex. If you would be interested in helping to initiate something exciting for God in this spiritually deprived country, please get in touch with me at Even if this in not for you, please pray that God will open hearts and minds in Slovenia so that people can respond to the gospel. and keeping in touch with the listeners. It is a lot of work even for five minutes on air. But God is also at work online. We receive messages through email, Facebook and whatsapp: ‘You made me believe that God really does exist!’ (G.), ‘I struggle with drinking. Please help me!’ (A.) Recently, we chatted on whatspp to F. who listens to this radio programme from Germany. He wants to know what the Bible says about baptism, as he wants to get baptised. God has given us the task of taking the gospel of grace to the young generation and most importantly, to intercede for their salvation. We look to Him to help us complete this task. Will you be part of this by praying with us for these young people?

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by Jessica Brandt and Simon Marshall

Jo Hayman

New O New YearNew Students T

his year at Tilsley College there are nine first year students, aged between 20 and 60. They come from Scotland, England, France and the Faroe Islands. Some are married, others engaged and some single. They are all very different, coming from different backgrounds, with different stories and with little in common… apart from the desire to grow closer to the Lord who brought them to Tilsley College. He is the one who planned that they would spend a year together, not only to learn, but to be transformed by his holy Word. The motto of Tilsley College is Knowing, Being, Doing.  From the beginning of the application process to their first weeks, they have already tasted a little bit of the challenge of being part

of a Bible college; they are already part of Tilsley’s family. With essays, a Mission Awareness Trip, different Bible studies and placements, this is the start of a very rich year. Meet Morgane! Morgane is French, but she has been living in the UK for two years. She grew up in a non-Christian family, in a country where Christianity and faith are missing in schools. In spite of that, she was looking for answers and at the age of 22 she felt God’s presence. It took a year before she met a Christian who invited her to his church, where she discovered the gospel and was pointed to Jesus. After opening a Bible for the first time she read the Gospel of Matthew and discovered the truth that she already knew in her heart and decided to follow Jesus who had been pursuing her and to give him all she had.

Find out more about the students’ everyday life, at tilsleycollege.wordpress. com. You can also follow the College on Facebook or Instagram @tilsleycollege.

Morgane has a passion for sharing the gospel and has a heart for the lost, especially in France, where Christians are asked to keep their faith private. Morgane is happy to be at Tilsley College, where God has called her and where she has been sent by her church in Bristol to start training for service. Jo is 22 and is one of our Scottish students – she comes from Troon. Jo is from a Christian background, and gave her life to the Lord when she was eight years old. After studying languages she wanted to go to Bible college. She heard about Tilsley College for the first time from her uncle David MacAdam, so she simply googled it! A couple of weeks later, she visited the college and felt that it was the right place to study. Jo already has a project for the future. She is engaged and she will be getting married next summer in Nicaragua. Jo wants to learn as much as she can, and take the knowledge and experience from this year’s course to Latin America. She hopes to become better equipped for serving God overseas. Being a full time student can be more challenging for some than others. Ryan and Clare are the happy parents of two children, Malachi who is five and Michaiah who is six. They left their previous life in Aberdeen to come to Tilsley College. Pray for them as a family as they face the challenge of balancing their studies with family life. We also have nine full time and three part time second year students. They are on placements in various parts of the UK, from Barnstaple in the south, to Perth in the north, with one student in Romania. Two of our second years, Sebastien and Jessica Brandt are on placement at Tilsley College; Jessica has been working on our web presence (and writing this article) and, with Carolyn Baker and a group of volunteers, in planning the College’s Reunion Weekend in November. Sebastien has been involved in sourcing, setting up and running the equipment to allow the College to deliver some courses online.

Morgane Barré 10 e-vision-15.indd 10

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w Opportunities F

or a number of years, Tilsley College has been running Joshua courses at the College and in other centres around the UK. Various Learning to Lead courses have also been run, using the book produced by David Clarkson and Stephen McQuoid. Last year, we decided to try to make both of these available as online options. This has involved new software and new hardware to enable the delivery of lectures and discussions online. Most of the work is now complete and the first Joshua Online programme has now started. The 21 students signed up in

Motherwell are joined by eight or nine others online. The first full Learning to Lead online course is also underway involving people from around the UK in a virtual classroom. These are exciting developments for Tilsley College as they allow us to offer some of our courses to a much wider audience, an audience that can even go beyond the UK. We plan to offer Joshua Online on an annual basis, following lectures at Tilsley. Learning to Lead will be offered twice a year, in October and March. As time goes by, we plan to provide other short courses and training programmes online to meet the needs of Christians in the UK and further afield and help them to know God and his Word better.

New Year-

If you are interested in learning more about our online courses, please contact the college on: 01698 266 776, or

If you would like to make a contribution to the Bursary Fund to help students financially please contact Ian Smith:

New Opportunities

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Reflections on the GLO Conference E very year European GLO workers come together for a conference. For three days we spend time hearing about what is going on in the various countries, praying for one another, learning through workshops, and being refreshed through the Word and through fellowship.

This year, we had hoped to attend as a family, and we were really looking forward to introducing our three newest additions to our fellow GLO workers. However, the citizenship process for our newly adopted daughters turned out to be long and drawn out, and in the end we were not able to get their papers in time. So, this year, I attended conference with my oldest (14) and youngest (3 months) while my husband, Regin, stayed home with the middle two. I will admit, there was a time when going to the yearly GLO conference felt like more of a chore than a pleasure. With a busy schedule and a limited budget, it was not always easy to prioritise that time away from ministry. Once I was there, I enjoyed making new friends, catching up with old ones, as well as the spiritual and practical input. But, honestly, there were still times I didn’t feel like going. If I needed an excuse not to make the effort to attend this year, I certainly had a good one. Half the family couldn’t make it, I had a newborn, and I wasn’t very well either! So, why go? These past few years God has been teaching me a lot about dependence. I know the word seems to hold a negative connotation in today’s society, but it can actually be something beautiful. God wants

me to be dependent, first and foremost on himself, but also on the body, his church. I have always been a very independent person. In the past, I would have said that was one of my strengths. But God has been teaching me that sometimes the very things that make me feel the strongest are the things that make me the weakest. The dictionary definition of independent is ‘not requiring or relying on something or someone else.’ I am sure you can see where this ‘asset’ can easily become an obstacle. Independence says, ‘I don’t need anybody.’ But God gives us a different message. Hebrews 10: 24-25 says, ‘And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.’ God knows that some of us tend to think we can handle life on our own, and he reminds us here that he made us to live dependent on one another! He wants to minister to others through me; he wants to minister to me through others! For me, that is what conference is all about. It is about recognising my need for my brothers and sisters in Christ. It is about gaining strength and insight from those who are walking the same road as I am. Some are farther down that road. Some have experienced various obstacles on the way and can provide valuable advice. And always there is the reminder and encouragement that Jesus is with us on the journey, no matter how difficult the way may be.

by Heidi Guttesen

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2016-11-13 3:21 PM


“God wants me to be dependent, first and foremost on himself, but also on the body, his church”

New vision... new building by Mike Packer


he Laval church is now well and truly established in the new building which we obtained some time ago, although there is still some work to be carried out on the building as financially we were not able to finish the kitchen and dining area. Our first service in the new building was in May 2016 and at the second service we had a baptism. It has been encouraging to see a lot of new people coming along to the Sunday service, some of them have come to faith and others are listening, watching and learning. At the point of writing we are anticipating seven more baptisms taking place in the near future. On the 7th and 9th October 2016 the church had the official opening of the building and on both occasions the hall was packed out. A lot people came from surrounding churches as well as many non-Christian friends. The local MP came to the official opening on the

Friday evening and made a short speech, speaking very highly of the church. It was also good to have John and Carol McConnell with us, John and Carol were part of the first GLO church planting team in Laval (with Gordon and Hazel Douglas) and took the time to travel from New Zealand to be present at the official celebrations. The MP, John McConnell and Pierre Bariteau (representing the CAEF churches in France) planted on Olive tree at the end of the official opening. The biggest challenge before the Laval church is now to make the church known to the people who live around the premises. Approximately 20% of Laval’s population lives in the St Nicolas area and the challenge before us is to present the gospel to the many people around the church building, in the town of Laval and throughout the county of Mayenne. We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision. Pray for us.

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2016-11-13 3:21 PM



very organisation needs a base from which to run its activities. For many years now the centre at Motherwell has been the location from which GLO activity has been administered and students have been trained. It has also been a meeting point for people in the community with its coffee shop and Christian bookshop. I have worked in the centre for the past 26 years, and in recent years my main role has been to co-ordinate the hiring of the conference facilities. This is an income generating ministry that makes the auditorium and other meeting rooms available for hire to Christians and the general public. It is

Vision for Service an interesting role that involves simple customer care and relationship building with those hiring the centre. GLO is about mission, but we also want to be a resource to the church as well as being of service to the community at large, and my role gives me the opportunity to serve in this way. It is hard not to be excited by all that happens in the centre as it is a hive of activity. At the heart of the work in the centre are the outreach and training ministries of GLO, but on a typical day there is so much more going on. There are the many

It is a privilege to demonstrate the love of Christ in the way we serve them, taking an interest in their lives, whoever they are or whatever their background.

customers who visit the bookshop to buy Christian books and music, or just to get advice on resources such as Sunday school materials, Bible versions or gospel literature. A great variety of people will also visit the GLO coffee shop: church leaders meeting church members, friends who want to catch a few quiet moments together, senior citizens enjoying somewhere warm and friendly to meet with one another, even care workers bringing with them the people they care for. The staff in both the Bookshop and Coffee Shop seek to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all their customers. Then there are the groups that hire rooms in the centre. It is these people that I liaise with most in order to ensure that their event runs smoothly. The people and groups that use this service are as diverse as the family history society, local businesses, the education department, the sheriff court and the social work department to name but a few. Not forgetting, of course, the many Christian groups and churches who also use the facilities. There are also longer term established

users of the centre. An art class, for example, is run on a weekly basis for about 20 or so budding artists from the local area. They also use the centre for occasional exhibitions which are open to the public. This gives me regular contact with people, some of whom have no connection with church. There are also two Precept ladies’ Bible studies led by Debbie McQuoid and myself at which about 30 women from several different local churches come together weekly to study God’s word. All of these people make use of the GLO Centre and benefit from the facilities we offer. It is a privilege to demonstrate the love of Christ in the way we serve them, taking an interest in their lives, whoever they are or whatever their background. All the while remembering that the centre generates income for mission, but this is our mission: showing the love of Christ to visitors and letting them know that we, as part of the body of Christ, are here to serve.

by Jan Goodall

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2016-11-13 3:21 PM


The Importance of new Resources by Andrew Lacey


f making many books there is no end’, sighed the Preacher of Ecclesiastes, and I can certainly echo his sense of weariness with the constant publication of ‘new’ books! The GLO Bookshop is one of the largest Christian bookshops in Scotland, and we probably stock 30% of the new ‘Christian’ titles published in the UK, and a tiny fraction of the titles published in the USA; I wonder how big the Bookshop would need to be if we decided to stock them all! It is easy to become jaded by the constant procession of new books from eager authors, with glowing recommendations and extravagant promises on the covers of these books! However, this is balanced by the fact that the Bookshop is in a very privileged position - we are part of the channel that will allow these new resources to change lives and bring people into a closer walk with the Saviour. We need to be prepared to look carefully at the new resources being offered, identifying the opportunity for service that they provide, the appeal to a different generation or audience, rather than surrendering to the ease of sticking with the old, well-worn titles.

No one likes change from the comfort of the routine and well known. But we do need new ideas, new people, new ways of presenting vital truths to maintain our ‘newness’ of life. We seek to provide that cutting edge as we stock the Bookshop in all areas, working with the publishers to pick titles that are scriptural, relevant, helpful, and contemporary. We need new books to deal with the new questions that have caused deep searching for Christian believers in recent years– transgender, homosexuality, freedom of speech, migrants, to name but a few. I have indicated below a number of titles looking at these questions that I hope you might find helpful as we seek to engage with these new questions. You may not agree with all that they write, but I hope you will find them a catalyst for new thoughts, for Christ-like ways of approaching new problems. We give thanks to God for those authors He has gifted to be able to respond to these issues; we are grateful for those who, like the Preacher of long ago, can ‘weigh & study, …uprightly writing words of truth’.

Transgender – Vaughan Roberts ISBN 9781784981952 Good Book Company 2016 Normal price £2.99 e-vision reader price £2.50

Walking with Gay Friends Alex Tylee ISBN 9781844742127 IVP Books 2012 Normal price £8.99 e-vision reader price £7.00

Serving God in a Migrant Crisis – Patrick Johnstone & Dean Merrill ISBN 9781910786567 Malcolm Down Publishing 2016 Normal price £9.99 e-vision reader price £9.00

God in Public Tom Wright ISBN 9780281074235 SPCK Publishing Normal price £12.99 e-vision reader price £10.00

Free UK post & packing, normal GLO post & packing prices apply overseas. Offers available while stock lasts, or until 31.1.2017. 15 e-vision-15.indd 15

2016-11-13 3:21 PM

Contact Details Stephen McQuoid (General Director) 01698 267298 Mark Davies (Training Director) 07503 953259 Sam Gibson (Missions Director) 02890 479411

GLO Board Members Stephen Cracknell Mark Davies Richard Elliott Sam Gibson Karen Macrae Simon Marshall Stephen McQuoid Mike Packer Philippe Perrilliat Ian Smith Patrizio Zucchetto

Ian Smith (Finance Director) 01698 263483 Admin office 01698 263483

GLO short-term opportunities

College Office 01698 266776

Check out our website: or contact our Mission Teams department: 01698 263483

GLO Bookshop 01698 275343/ 252699

GLO Europe Vision Statement Our vision is to grow mission focused churches in Europe. Our focus is to:


to proclaim the gospel to as many people as possible in Europe

Tel 01698 263483 Fax 01698 253942 E-mail: Internet:

Gospel Literature Outreach 78 Muir Street Motherwell ML1 1BN

using every method available

ESTABLISH:  to ensure believers are established in their faith, strengthen existing local churches and plant new mission focused churches in Europe


to prepare and equip people for mission, to evangelise and church plant and to serve God and his Kingdom with excellence in a wide variety of vocations


to provide resources that support mission activity through finance and literature, strategic input and pastoral care

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2016-11-13 3:21 PM

eVision Winter 2016  

Making God's Plans Live

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