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From the Head of Wellbeing Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Marian College As we move into the second last week of Term One, comments of “Where has the Term Gone?!?” can be heard ringing throughout the school by students and staff alike. Time surely does move fast, and it makes us appreciate all the wonderful opportunities we are given as members of the Marian College community. Year 7 Camps - Lorne It is that time of the year when our Year 7 students embark on their first Marian College Camp! This camp, in particular, is a wonderful opportunity for our students to build relationships and develop a sense of community based on friendship, cooperation and, of course, fun. We hope the students enjoy their surf lessons and time down the Coast, and the weather is beautiful for them. Mrs. Rhonda North has gone to much effort to cater for the individual needs of the Year 7s about to attend camp, and we hope Rhonda and all the staff attending enjoy sharing the camp with the students and we thank them in advance for their efforts.


Clancy, Kelly, Synnott and Barron Houses – 2013 The College has moved quite smoothly to the current House

System. Staff are working very collegially within our new House Teams, and the students have embraced the new system, seemingly enjoying the friendly competition between the House groups. Of course, the change to this system, which is overseen by four House Leaders who replace Year Level Coordinators which we have been accustomed to for a long time, was to encourage the further support of our TA teachers to care for our students. The pastoral and academic care taken by our TA teachers of the students in their groups, is now supported by a House Leader, with TAs grouped into the four Houses in clusters. We are continuing to learn through experience how to best maximise the strengths of our new structure and we welcome feedback form parents. A reminder to parents that our four House Leaders are: Synnott House – Mr. Nick Lloyd

Feel free to contact these Leaders as you would have contacted YLCs in the past. TA teachers should be the initial point of contact for everyday issues, but more serious concerns may be corresponded to the House Leader, at your discretion. Andrew Fuller – Day One Term Two We have been very fortunate to have booked Andrew Fuller in to spend the day working with our students on various wellbeing issues, providing them with skills to be able to deal with the complexities of being a teenager in our society. Andrew will be working with all students throughout the day, then with our staff for a session on ‘All teachers being teachers of Wellbeing’. Andrew will then present a session to parents on parenting a teenager, at 7 pm in our school Gym. More information will follow next week, but please keep 7pm on April the 15th, free for this session which promises to be educative and enjoyable at the same time. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy this cooler weather! Vess Davey Head of Wellbeing

Kelly House – Ms. Stephanie Saravanja Clancy House – Ms. Dani White Barron House – Mrs. Lucy Sambell


THE WAY OF THE CROSS 2013 The Stations of the Cross depict the final hours (the Passion) of Jesus’ life, from his condemnation, to his crucifixion and death on the cross and burial. The event of Jesus’ death and resurrection celebrated at Easter, is the central aspect of our Catholic faith. Our whole school celebration of the Stations of the Cross is an integral part of our Marian College history and identity as a Catholic School. At Marian, we firmly believe that our practice of Stations:

2013 Way of the Cross Marian College welcome all members of our community to 2013 Way of the Cross. Please join us at 12.30pm on Thursday 28th March, 2013 at Marian College as we prepare for our most important spiritual event.

• is one of the greatest ways in which Marian College celebrates and promotes its Catholic identity as a whole school • provides an opportunity for the Ararat community to see Catholic Education in action • is, for many of our students, their only connection to the Easter story This year, our Year 12 students have been examining in detail the events in the final hours of Jesus’ life. The Year 12s have prepared a “Way of The Cross” which they will be leading on our last day of Term, Thursday March 28th at Marian College. To accommodate our large numbers, the Way of the Cross will be taking place in two sessions. Parents and friends of the Marian College community are invited to attend the second session, beginning at approximately 12:30pm. 4



with Christine Bulger

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year C Gospel: John 8:1-11

Emile Signol, Paris, 1804

‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’ And once again he bent down and wrote on the ground. When they heard it, they went away, one by one, beginning with the elders; and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. Jesus straightened up and said to her, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ She said, ‘No one, sir.’ And Jesus said, ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.’

St Patrick’s Prayer

In this story, a woman caught in adultery is being condemned to death by stoning. The woman is caught up in a relationship which strips her of her dignity. The Scribes and the Pharisees see the woman as an object in their power game with Jesus. Challenging Jesus on this issue, they place the fulfilment of God’s Law (tradition) against compassion (present need). If Jesus chose fulfilment of the Law, he would be seen as cold-hearted in the eyes of those he ministered to: the sinners. But, if he chose compassion, he would be seen as one who disrespected the Law and was ‘soft on’ immorality; the general populace would renounce him and the leaders would have sufficient grounds to prosecute him. Without minimizing her sinfulness, Jesus showed the woman the respect she deserved as a human being, treating her with compassion. He did not disregard the law, for he exhorted her: “Sin no more.” Clearly, he valued repentance and conversion more than just reprisal. In the act of bending down to her, Jesus met the woman with dignity, offering her loving mercy and the possibility of a new life.


The woman in our Gospel story represents all the people we may have relegated to the margins of society because for some

reason or other we consider them socially unacceptable. They may not measure up to our standards because of racial or ethnic origin, class or economic status, religious or political affiliation. Our new Pope, (Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) has taken the name Francis. Possibly a nod to Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuits, it also conjures up comparisons with St. Francis of Assisi – a man who sacrificed his own wealth and dignity to live a life of poverty. Described as a humble man, focused on social justice, Pope Francis I offers hope to our Church and our world, of a man, who like Jesus, is willing to ‘bend down and write on the ground’, and extend Jesus’ love to all, regardless of their social status.

As I arise today, may the strength of God direct me, the power of God uphold me, the wisdom of God guide me. the way of God lie before me. Christ when I sit, Christ when I stand. May Christ shield me today. Christ with me, Christ in the heart of Christ before me, everyone who thinks of me, Christ behind me, Christ in the mouth of Christ in me, everyone who speaks of me, Christ beneath me, Christ in every eye that sees me, Christ above me, Christ in every ear that hears me. Christ on my right, Amen Christ on my left, Attributed to St Patrick Christ when I lie down,

During Lent, we are especially mindful of the coming Easter event, through which Jesus will be brought to the very depths of indignity on the Cross. He will lower himself upon the Cross, not to condemn the world, but to raise all those who repent of their sins, to bring new life.



with Madison Slocombe

Synnott House Leader 2013 First a word to my fellow year twelves: Throughout our whole lives ‘grown ups’ have asked us what we want to be when we’re older. At kinder the answer would be princess, rock star or astronaut. Again they ask us at primary school, fireman, nurse or teacher. Now we are older and they ask us again except this time we’re supposed to have it all laid out. What course? What campus? Well I say I’m not older yet. Now is our time for learning how to be older. Make mistakes. Change your mind and change it again because we have plenty of time for being older when we’re old.

Name: Madison (Madsnake, Maddog, Sloco, Slocomotion, Slocobomb, Swampette) Grace Slocombe DOB: 25/01/1996 Age: 17 Occupation: Undecided


My arrival to proud parents Sandi and Allen was anything but swift on the 25th of January 1996 in the hospital of Swan Hill. This day didn’t just belong to me however; my father too celebrated his birthday as I emerged from my mother’s graces. I was immediately deemed Daddy’s girl as we were twins and I was his first born. My wonderful parents raised me in a town house until our population grew by one with the arrival of my beautiful little sister Jorjia. Our Mummy and Daddy then decided we should relocate to somewhere with a lot more room and we began our childhood on a property in Tyntynder. The farm life was the most blessed upbringing I could ask for. My sister and I were never more than two steps behind Dad when helping with farm work. Ducks, sheep, mud, fires, snakes and (supposedly) crocodiles isn’t any little girl’s ideal upbringing but it did wonders for us. In a small community like that your neighbours become family, none more so than the Mayer’s and forever I will consider Jeri and Lee my older siblings. With the arrival of our youngest brother Grady, Mum and Dad decided to take a very large gamble and leave behind everything they’d worked to build to reside in Stawell. This was only temporary while our home in the thriving metropolis of Pomonal was being built. Dad

settled in to his job purifying your water and Mum eventually took up a position teaching at Skene Street Special School. In a community as small as Pomonal, again your neighbours become family but in the case of the Malligan’s this is not metaphorical. It is easiest to explain Alex and Lucy as my cousins so we’ll stick with that. You feed us and clothe us nearly every second weekend because we spend every waking moment at your home and I just want to say thank you. It’s only because we love you so god damn much! I have been fortunate enough to trot across the globe thanks to my incredibly hard working parents. The experiences that they allowed us to share are ones that change lives and I can’t thank them enough. The things I’ve seen and done because of the opportunities my parents gave me have shaped my ideas about the future and where I want to be going. Out into the big wide world. To my family I want to say I love you. I hope you already know that. Sandi, Allen, Jorjia and Grady we are an odd bunch but I love how Dad used to refer to us as a machine. It won’t work if one piece is missing. Mum: you are my inspiration. You do and provide so much for this family. You have shown me it is possible to have it all. You’re incredibly strong and if I am half the woman you are I will make you proud.

Dad: You are my twin and unfortunately I think I got all of your sense of humour genes. You built a life for your kids that you never got to have and you have no idea how much we appreciate the hard work that you and Mum have put in to growing our little family. You would do anything for us. Jorjia: You are my only sister and best friend. We have been inseparable since your birth and I hope it stays this way forever. We laugh, we cry, we laugh until we cry and then stop breathing. Grady: You know that you’re 10X cooler than me. You are my only brother and already you out shine me. I will always work hard to be a role model for you and Jorjia and I would do anything to look out for you two. You are my best friend and nothing would be fun without you around. I haven’t spoken about my schooling as I find it irrelevant to talk about lessons that are taught in a class room. The most important lessons are taught by the people that walk in and out of your life and by the experiences that we are graced with every day. To every teacher that has moulded my little brain I thank you because knowledge is all we have when left to our own devices. As Gandhi once said: everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it anyway. Ciao for now, I’ve got a rock to climb!



with Jayden Fowkes

Clancy House Leader 2013

I was then enrolled at Landsborough primary school, where there were about 20 students. I attended Landsborough for four years and then left to go to Stawell West Primary School so I could have more than three people my age. This was a big change for me - so many new faces where I knew nobody! I spent my spare time after school playing footy, and going to little athletics or swimming club. Time flew over the next few years and before I knew it I was graduating from primary school where I was the biggest kid and being thrown back in the deep end of being the smallest. All of my friends from primary school went to Stawell Secondary and once again I was by myself having to make new friends again.

I was born on 23rd of April 1995 in Geelong, 11 months later my LITTLE brother Josh was born and from then on we have always been asked the question “are they twins.”


A year later we moved from the city where we found ourselves in the great

little country town of Landsborough. It is here where I grew up riding motorbikes, yabbying, fishing and swimming to beat the summer heat. I was then old enough to go to kindergarten where I spent my time flicking paint at some paper and thinking I was a real artist.

The past few years have been a blast doing the things I love, being with mates on a weekend or what I love most playing footy. Last year I was lucky enough to play in two grand finals, in the U17 where I was captain and won the flag and in the seniors where we lost. I wish all the other year 12s all the very best, try your hardest and most of all have fun, it’s your last year make the most of it.


In Focus


Ms. Michelle Finch

Teaching Domains: History, Psychology & Religious Education My story so far: ………………….. I have just completed a Masters in Education which contributed to terrible insomnia but a renewed love of learning! I have been teaching for 12 years and I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 6. My other dream job would be to have my own ‘Oprah” style talk show. I have been thrilled with the friendly students at Marian. What I love about teaching is : seeing students excited to come to class and enjoying their learning. It is our privilege as teachers to be given the opportunity to positively impact on someone for life. When I was at school I was: sure that wearing a large blue ribbon in my hair was the ultimate in cool. I was active in the SRC and enjoyed having a sausage roll for breakfast every morning. I am always being asked: so what episode are you up to on.....? Why do you live in Lexton? It’s not really fashionable but I love: 80s music.

Valerie Augustin

Teaching Domains: Maths, Science, (Music sometimes) My story so far: ………………….. Born in Brunei, moved to Melbourne in 1989, started teaching 12 years ago. Taught Maths briefly then went back to Uni as a mature age student to study Music. Since then I have taught in Melbourne, Wangaratta, China, Stawell, and London, and have worked in admin, hospitality, freelance percussion and in amateur children's theatre. What I love about teaching is : when the light bulb goes on and my students understand what I am explaining!

In Focus


When I was at school I was: a moody musician I am always being asked: what job I haven't done. It’s not really fashionable but I love: to mow the lawns, do my laundry - and Abba songs. My friends say that I: am very adventurous.

My friends say that: when I laugh hard I look like a muppet.



PERFORMING ARTS 2013 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for the Performing Arts at Marian College.

PRODUCTION: It is with great pleasure that I can announce that this Year’s production will be “CATS” – the wonderful musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Eliot. This is a dynamic and visually stunning show and I look forward to once again showcasing the singing, acting and dancing talents of the students here at Marian. We are fortunate to have acquired the talented Maddy Vernon to choreograph the show and I know she will bring energy and magic to the show. Students who attended last week’s production meeting should have received a link to the Google Drive for all audition material via their Gmail email address. If they have not or would like to register interest, please contact me via email – tonkst@ It is not too late to be part of this 14 amazing show!

Auditions will begin Tuesday next week and students can book a time at the front office from Monday. (School times are available for students who live out of town). Rehearsals will be held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons depending on roles allocated. (No student will be required all three nights). PRODUCTION DATES: AUGUST 15 -17 2013

WAKAKIRRI: The year 10 Drama Production students are busily planning to present this year’s Story- Dance (formerly Rock Ed) piece for the competition to be held in Melbourne. Date: September 12/13 (TBC). We have held an initial meeting to gauge interest and have registered over 60 names. If you have missed this meeting don’t despair we will finalize numbers in the next few weeks and commence rehearsals next term. Please collect a form from the front office. NB: Rehearsals will be held during lunchtime. This is an ongoing commitment and we have a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule in regards to attendance. We ask that students do not have lunch orders on their scheduled days and notify the team leaders if they are going to be absent.

Zoe Oliver will lead the St Mary’s School choir and share her wonderful talent and love of music with some very enthusiastic young singers. The VCE Drama class has commenced the playmaking for the Ensemble performance and will present this to parents and friends at the end of May. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me by email tonkst@mcararat. or mob: 0432325082 We hope you will join us in the Performing Arts end of the school this year. Teresa Tonks Drama Co-ordinator


School Photos

School Photos will be taken on Tuesday 16th April, 2013. Year 12 students are to wear their Year 12 tops for their photos. All other students will be required to wear their pale blue polo tops or pale blue business shirts. Envelopes will be provided shortly and they clearly outline the types of photographic packages available. Photos can also be ordered online and the link is listed on the envelopes. Parents are asked to fill in the photo envelopes and return them to the school office as soon as possible. Please note that if possible we would prefer that you chose the ‘credit card payment option’. It is possible to have a family photo with students from Marian College with their siblings from other schools. It will be the responsibility of individual families to arrange transport for the siblings. Family envelopes are available at the Marian College Office. Please note that Family photos will be taken at 8.45 am. Please note that all Marian College students and any younger siblings should make their way directly to the School Drama Hall for an 8.45 am start. Toni Stockwell Head of School Operations


18th March

E. McDonald, B. McCulloch


19th March

M. McGeoch, M. Heard, W. Skinner


20th March

N. Evans, A. McCready, S. McCready


21st March

T. Joyce, L. Molloy, K. Heard


22nd March

G. Carey, M. Oxley, M. Heard


25th March

E. McDonald, B. McCulloch, V. Scott


26th March

H. Spark, M. McGeoch, J. Claridge


27th March

L. Heard, A. McCready, S. McCready


28th March

Z. Watts, M. Heard, M. Driscoll


15th April

E. McDonald, B. McCulloch, V. Scott


16th April

M. McGeoch, W. Skinner


17th April

N. Evans, A. McCready, S. McCready


18th April

M. Boatman, S. Rusden, M. Driscoll


19th April

M. Oxley, J. Dunford, M. Heard

ATTENTION! J & D and MINNIE VINNIE STUDENTS HARMONY DAY WALK Thursday 21st March, 2013 has been cancelled. The event will be rescheduled later in the year.



INTERESTING CAREER AREAS Have you considered Plumbing? If you

15 March 2013

VOCATIONAL AND HIGHER EDUCATION NEWS Are you interested in science? Big Science, Small Science (BSSS) is a Facebook page run by RMIT Science students. The BSSS page is regularly updated with scientific articles, quizzes, facts and polls. It's also a great way to keep up with RMIT events, such as experience days, as well as see photos from previous events. Members are all invited to contribute, Breadth at the University of Melbourne: In a nutshell, all students who study one of the six bachelor degrees in the ‘Melbourne Model’ are required to take some of their subjects from a different area than their main field of study. You can undertake ‘breadth tracks’ in areas such as law, engineering and music or mix up your subjects. For more information on breadth, go to html Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Breadth options: As part of your University of Melbourne degree, you can undertake breadth subjects in areas such as Music Theatre, Film and TV, Visual Art, Theatre and Contemporary Music. For information, go to

VOCATIONAL AND HIGHER EDUCATION NEWS Work Experience at the Melbourne Football Club: There are 40 positions available for secondary students and the dates will run during the Term 1 and mid year holidays. Applications must be in by Friday 15 March. To apply, please see your work experience coordinator and fill out the following online form:

Visit Box Hill Institute: Between April and September, you will have the opportunity to visit Box Hill Institute and check out their TAFE and university courses. Called ‘Open House’, the Institute will be open on Wednesday afternoons between 4pm – 5pm for you to visit. To make a booking, phone Box Hill on 03 9286 9695 If you love business studies, being organised and the thought of communicating with people from all over the world excites you, read on: The National Centre for Ports and Shipping (NCPS) through the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania offers the Bachelor of International Logistics (Freight Forwarding). By studying the range of units offered in this degree, you will learn to identify problems and provide solutions for industry in a range of relevant fields, such as customs broking, cargo regulatory systems, freight forwarding, logistics management and global procurement. For more information on the degree, go to


 Love working both indoors and outdoors  Love hands on work and are physically fit  Have completed year 10, but preferably have year 11 or 12  Have good English, maths and science skills  Have excellent communication, problem solving and analytical skills  Are enthusiastic and reliable You should consider an apprenticeship in Plumbing. There are several different types of plumbing, includingDraining, gas fitting, mechanical services plumbing, roof plumbing, sanitary plumbing, and water plumbing. You can become a plumber by completing an apprenticeship. This involves you training on the job with a Licensed Plumber or company and studying at TAFE. Plumbers of the future: will need to work to protect the environment (i.e., air, water and soil quality) and be able to understand increasingly complex technologies as they are introduced to the industry. Studying a science at school is a great way to go! For detailed information about careers in plumbing, go to To ask about starting a plumbing school based apprenticeship at school, see your career adviser

INTERESTING CAREER AREAS Technology teacher: Do you love hands on learning? Do you enjoy making things, undertaking projects and are a people person? Do you enjoy technology subjects at your school? You may be interested in studying to be a technology teacher. You can specialise in areas such as        

Food Metals Wood Agriculture Fabrics/textiles Information Technology Industrial Product Design

If you don’t want to go straight into a teaching degree, but would prefer to go into an apprenticeship, traineeship or full time TAFE studies, you may be able to qualify as a technology teacher later after you are fully qualified and have worked in industry for several years You could also become a VET teacher in areas such as hairdressing, beauty services, hospitality, creative media, engineering, building and construction and automotive To do this, you will need to be fully qualified in your industry area and complete qualifications in Training and Assessment. Speak to your technology and VET teachers at school and ask them about the pathway they took from school. For examples of three courses, go to

Roof Plumbing: If plumbing sounds interesting, you should check out roof plumbing. Here are some of the jobs they undertake:      

Select and install roof cladding Fabricate and install rainwater goods Install skylights and ventilators Design roof drainage components Refurbish and maintain roofs Design, fabricate, and install external flashings, metal ceilings, associated soffits and fascias

To find out more, go to

Bachelor of Education (Technology and Applied Studies), Charles Sturt University cation_tas_industry/course-overview Bachelor of Education (Applied Learning), University of Tasmania, Graduate Diploma in Technology Education, La Trobe University, duate/education/coursework/edgte.htm





Health Informatics: Health informatics professionals work to improve information and communication technologies in health care. They are “involved in the innovation and development of information systems that support patient care, health planning, health care evaluation, financial management and medical research”, University of Sydney website.

The Job Guide: provides comprehensive information on hundreds of occupations. For each occupation, you can find out what you do on a day to day basis, what school subjects you need, where you can study courses related to the occupation and state specific information.

Women in Engineering & IT Day at UTS: The University of Technology Sydney is running a oneday interactive seminar for girls in Years 11 and 12 to explore study options, roles and opportunities in engineering and IT. You will be able to find out:

Myfuture: is a comprehensive site that gives students and their parents information on occupations, industries, scholarships, courses, careers etc. There are videos, quizzes and a mini career explorer to help you narrow down your options.

You will also take part in an engineering design competition. The event will be held 5 April at the City campus. To find out more and to register by 22 March, go to

Professionals work in organisations such as hospitals, medical clinics and community centres and work closely with medical and IT staff. University of Sydney Health Informatics students are currently working on projects exploring the following areas of improving health care:     

The application of mobile computing Social networking Social media Sensors, and Other emerging technologies to improve health and health care.

UNSW Researchers are working on    

Safety models and standards for IT in healthcare Mining complex gene microarray, medical literature and medical record data Building health system simulation methods to model the impact of health policy changes Developing novel computational methods to automate diagnosis of 3-D medical images

For more information, go to La Trobe University University of New South Wales (UNSW) University of Sydney University of Tasmania


So You Want to be a Doctor? This book by Kerry Breen has been written specifically for young Australian students wishing to study medicine at an Australian University. The book will give you all the information you need to know in helping you choose the right course, to the application process to starting and getting through your degree. To order the book, go to The Good Universities Guide: assists young people to make informed decisions about university study in Australia. The guide contains information about what a degree is, what you can study and where, and it contains independent 5star ratings and comparisons of courses and providers. To search the site, go to iPhone app to help you navigate through university and TAFE courses: Finding courses and narrowing down your options can be complex and time consuming. This app helps you to sort through information quickly. To download the app, go to the iTunes store and enter the keyword ‘undergraduate’. The app 20.13 can then be downloaded to your phone.

My University Website: This website allows you to select and compare the cost and selection criteria of similar courses, compare statistical data between universities, find courses across Australia, and compare graduate outcomes and student satisfaction data between universities and courses.

   

What engineering and IT is What it is like to study and work in these fields What opportunities are out there for women How to construct your own projects

UPCOMING EVENTS MARCH EVENTS  Meet Melbourne University, for the closet event, ents/victoria_and_interstate/victoria/  MyDay Charles Sturt University Events, for a list of course areas covered and dates,  At Monash Seminar Series, for a list of events, s/  15: Chemistry and Nanotechnology Lecture, La Trobe University, Bendigo Campus,  17: Veterinary Science Open Day, University of Melbourne, Werribee, tml

Hospitality training at William Angliss: The Institute will be running a three-day hospitality training program called Ready 4 Work during the Term 1 holidays- Tuesday 2nd April - Thursday 4th April. The training will be run at the South Melbourne campus. At successful completion, you will receive an Angliss Licence including accredited units for giving you an "edge" when applying for casual or part time positions within the Hospitality Industry. To register, contact Carolyn Neilson, 03 9606 2226, Program at UTS for Indigenous Students: “ngana mai means ‘to dream’ in Gadigal language. And that’s exactly what we want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Years 10, 11 and 12 to do at UTS.
ngana mai has been specifically developed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students taste of what life is like at UTS and to allow them to dream big about their future.

 Students can choose two different lecture/ workshops across all our faculties, meet UTS’s current Indigenous students and hear about their experiences at uni, gain information about Jumbunna’s pathways to uni, future careers and enjoy a free lunch and cultural event.
Date: 16 May 2013
Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: UTS City campus

 E mail queries to

 20: Engineering Information Evening, UNSW, Kensington Campus,  21: Whitehouse Institute of Design Information Session, Melbourne,  21: Engineers Australia Careers Expo, Etihad Stadium Melbourne,  23: Design Bytes, RMIT, City Campus,











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