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Cultured Marble and Solid Surface Business Opportunity

Globmarble offers molds, formulas and complete factory training to get you started in the cultured marble manufacturing. Many cultured marble molds and solid surface formulas offered by Globmarble are designed to produce a complete line of elegant cultured marble and solid surfaceproducts for the new construction and remodeling industries.

Cultured Marble & Solid Surface Products Cultured Marble and Solid Surface products include wall paneling molds, bathtub molds and shower surround molds, window sill molds, fireplace mantels and facing molds, custom durable kitchen counter molds, and bathroom vanities molds. Onyx or granite tables including conference tables, and desks molds, floor and wall tile molds for indoor and outdoor design. View some of our cultured marble products in Gallery.

Cultured Marble Mold Catalog Cultured Marble Mold Catalog includes molds for a complete line of Bathtubs Molds, Shower Pan Molds, Drop-in Bowls Molds, Floating Bowl Molds, Undermount Bowl Molds, Kitchen Sink Mold, Modular Molds, Countertop Mold, Columns Molds, Wall Paneling Molds, Pedestal Sinks Molds and Bath Accessories Molds..

Solid Surface Filler and Spray Granite Granules Granatex Granatex, exclusive granite-look filler material, yields products for kitchens, bathrooms, and architectural environments: the fastest growing sector of the cast polymer industry. We offer a full range of granite colors and sizes, from granules to larger particles. Granatex allows manufacturers to create solid surface products without gel coat, this is an important factor in the manufacturing of vanity tops, tubs, and kitchen countertops.

Decorative precast concrete products innovations We are setting a new standard in decorative precast concrete, overcoming the limitations of traditional concrete while maintaining the qualities that have drawn people, to become the new material of choice for designers and home owners.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops provide the owner with the ability to express themselves through designs, colors and textures. Doing so ensures that they own a one of a kind countertop surface for their home, office, outdoor kitchen or bar.

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Cultured marble and solid surface business opportunity  

Concrete Sealer W-1000 is a water-base modified acrylic co-polymer emulsion that doubles as a membrane forming curing compound and a long-la...

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