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Joe Porcelli

acceptable for people with disabilities to live, learn, and work in segregated Smithfield Foods settings are coming to an end. These Production Worker landmark decisions reinforce that people with disabilities are vital members of Kathy and I usually meet up after work their communities who have the right and get a bite to eat and catch up. We “NIVC has a lot of pull with employers talk about my performance, and she helps and obligation to participate to the fullest around here. I should have gone to NIVC extent they desire. NIVC Services has me understand how to cope with stress for help in the first place!” Joe Porcelli always been committed to championing and handle problems that come up. She says with a laugh, as he discusses his job gives me lots of positive feedback, and that our clients’ right to participate in daily search experience with NIVC Services. He activities that many people take for has been working at Smithfield Foods since helps me do a good job.” “Joe has overcome a lot of struggles and granted. Having a meaningful job that April of 2016. “I applied at Smithfield uses a person’s unique skills and abilities three other times, but had trouble getting has grown tremendously in his position. We are proud of him and pleased with this is an important part of belonging to a through the application process. My job community. At NIVC Services, we see every developer helped me talk to the employer great partnership with Smithfield,” said day that “Inclusion WORKS!” Read on to Jenny Doughty, Joe’s job developer. and communicate my needs. We did learn more about how NIVC Services helps Thanks to legislative actions over the practice interviews and I felt like I was people realize their goals. past few years, the days when it was prepared this time. With her help, I was able to get hired and got the extra help and 2016 National Disability Employment Awareness Month Billboard training I needed to be successful.” “I’m always excited to go to work. It’s fast-paced because I get to operate the machines that make sausages and hang them on racks to go into the smoker. I can work any hours that they need me to, so the flexibility is nice. Because I work full time, I get benefits like health insurance, dental, vision, a 401K, and life insurance. At work, it’s what I’ve never had insurance like that before. Having a full-time job is great. I don’t have people CAN DO to worry about bills, and I always have enough money for whatever I need.” that matters. NIVC Services’ Joblink staff continues to be important to Joe’s success. “I meet with @NIVCServicesInc my job coach every two weeks right now.



NIVC Services – Helping People Work

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016

2016 community report message


elcome to our 2016 NIVC Services Community Report! With all the presidential election hoopla, we hope you enjoy reading about a non-partisan issue. Employment for Iowans with disabilities is good for all Iowans. Work gives life meaning and purpose, but the benefits go beyond the individual. Helping people work promotes a healthier economy by increasing state revenues and decreasing expenditures for public benefit programs. This year’s national disability employment slogan “Inclusion Works” reminds us that together we can build a community that values the talents and contributions of all its citizens. Enjoy these success stories and thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Strategic priorities update


2016 facts & figures

● Decentralize services to increase presence in rural communities ● NIVC has 6 JobLink satellite offices in Floyd, Franklin, Hamilton, Hardin, Mitchell, and Wright Counties

Served 401 Individuals in 12 counties

● Enhance transition planning and support for students and families ● NIVC was awarded a Making the Grade Transition Grant from the Iowa Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to help high school students with disabilities find PT jobs ● Plans are underway to offer a transition group for parents

Provided 153 employed individuals with job retention services

● Eliminate subminimum wages in all areas ● 67% of individuals working in NIVC businesses earn minimum wage ● Average hourly subminimum wage is $3.46

Helped 80 individuals find new job placements Helped 35 students find PT jobs

Assembled over 100,000 packages of nuts and bolts Manufactured 92,963 pallets and 59,850 stringers Sold 164,000 pieces of donated merchandise at Affordables Sold almost 1,000 pieces of donated furniture at Affordables on 1st

2016 Revenues

● Expand community training opportunities for volunteering and giving back ● 28 individuals have or continue to volunteer ● Plans are in place to add weekly opportunities

2016 Board of Directors Rolf Aronsen Casey Callanan Merlin Bartz Cory Eberling Diane Fischels

Sis Greiman Craig Miller Shannon Paulus Shelly Schmit Tim Schupick

Roy Schwickerath Mike Stensrud Ed Wineinger Bruce Wuttke

Service Revenue 32% – 1.6 million Business Revenue 62% – 2.8 million Contributions 3% – 175,000



Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016


A conversation with Sherry Becker What’s going on with the changes in services at NIVC?

Like any other business, the changes at NIVC are driven by our customers. People with disabilities want to be a part of their community by living and working alongside all kinds of people, not just other people with disabilities. For many years NIVC has helped people find jobs in local businesses, but also provided paid work training at our stores and Work Center. New policy legislation and advocates want all services for people with disabilities provided in community settings. Soon funding for services in segregated settings will no longer be available. Our mission of helping people work is not changing, just how and where we do it.

Does this mean that the NIVC Work Center and Affordables stores have to close?

buses or moved to Mason City to receive paid work training services. Now most of the 400 individuals we serve on an annual basis will never work for NIVC. They are referred to us to help them secure employment, not be their employer. We have 6 satellite JobLink offices and are serving people in 11 counties. We used to ask people to come to us, now we go to them. In the future we will still need retail and production workers to meet the demands of our business customers, but those individuals will be employees of NIVC, earning competitive wages. NIVCs workforce will be smaller and less than half will be people with disabilities. Some employees may face barriers to employment other than disability. An integrated employment workforce not only allows us to meet government requirements, but also expands our services to other populations who need support to become contributing members of society.

What are some of the ways NIVC Services helps people be involved in their communities?

Everything we do at NIVC focuses on the ultimate goal of employment, but life should not be all about work. Our community activities service expands personal, social and work skills. Participants are actively involved in choosing and setting up the activities while learning about community resources and how to use them. We all need opportunities to enjoy family and friends, as well as opportunities to enrich our lives by giving back through volunteering. The combination of work and social activities help people have the healthy work/life balance we all desire.

What about the future?

I’m optimistic and excited about the future! In spite of the challenges Absolutely not! Our businesses are a associated with managed care, I critical part of our mission. The Work believe discussions about the impact of employment on health and wellness has Center and Affordables stores produce revenues that support our employment validated the importance of our mission services for North Iowans with disabilities. How will NIVC Services help people of helping people work. Change is never learn and practice employment skills easy, but we believe in the changes. NIVC is extremely proud of our unique if they don’t work for NIVC? People with disabilities should not be approach to quality services through We are very excited about a new business partnerships with companies like segregated and our services need to reflect Curries and Graham Manufacturing, Sukup, approach that unites supported that belief. Our mission is more relevant employment, a model we’ve used for than ever and we’ll keep changing to Ag Data, TruStile and many others. They many years with customized employment, ensure that it stays that way. have helped us become more financially a newer in-depth career development independent and reduce our reliance on government funding. We help people with strategy. While some people may SUPPORTING COMMUNITY still benefit from work experiences at disabilities become more self-sufficient SINCE 1956 the Work Center or Affordables, the and we have that same expectation as a majority of the services will focus on company. community experiences to promote career development and preparation. We’ll Does this mean people with disabilities won’t be able to work for need the help of area businesses and organizations to offer meaningful shortNIVC? In the past our workforce was comprised term opportunities so please consider giving people a chance. of people with disabilities. They rode


Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016

When Everybody Works, Everybody Wins!

Veronica Hernandez

Tammy Kiefer Walmart Bakery Assistant

Walmart, Custodial Services/NIVC Supported Community Living Services

“We had been married for 36 years,” Veronica Hernandez says of her husband, Ledo. “After he died in 2014, it was really overwhelming for me. I needed to learn to be the provider.” Veronica has been a client with NIVC Services since 2009, and is now working in custodial services at Walmart. Through the challenging experience of losing her husband, she was able to get connected with NIVC Services’ Supported Community Living service. “There were so many things that I needed help figuring out,” she says, listing a few: “my taxes, legal aid, Social Security, all of the paperwork that needed to be turned in. I wouldn’t have known who to call or what to ask, and I wouldn’t have done it on my own because I was so overwhelmed. I needed someone to guide me through.” NIVC Services’ Supported Community Living services staff assisted Veronica with a wide range of skills and services to ensure that she was able to continue living independently. “Emily and I worked on writing a budget, making sure I turned in paperwork and forms


on time, and she helped explain everything so that I understood what I needed to do.” Throughout these difficult times, Veronica was able to maintain her employment and continued to do an excellent job. “All of this was so stressful that sometimes it was hard to keep going to work. It really helped to have my job coach to talk to. I’ve never been comfortable with talking to people, or sharing concerns, or asking for help, but my team listened to me and helped me work through things. They helped me stay on track when things were really hard for me, and I am a lot more confident and independent because of that.”

“I’ve been working at Walmart for almost three years now. First I was a cashier, then courtesy staff, and now I work in the bakery.” Tammy Kiefer is an excellent example of how NIVC Services clients can achieve career advancement in their jobs. “I’d always been interested in the bakery area, and the manager asked me to help in there during graduation season one year because it was so busy,” she explains. “I found out that I really liked it, and they asked me to transfer to the bakery staff!” Tammy is able to work fast and do a good job at her tasks, earning her a special nickname: “My manager calls me the “Cupcake Queen” because I can frost and package about 500 cupcakes during my shift.” She also helps with packaging and stocking bread and other bakery items throughout the department. When asked

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is proud to partner with NIVC

about her favorite part of her job, Tammy compliments her coworkers. “We’re like family, and going to work is like coming to a second home. My manager is always available to talk and I can be open and honest with them.” Tammy continues to receive job coaching support to help her maintain her success. “It’s been important for me to have a job coach to talk to. She meets with me during my break time or after work, and we talk about my shifts. She helps me talk through problems or things that are bothering me, and I always feel encouraged. I know she is there to help me if there is something I don’t understand.”

Thank you NIVC services for making a

difference in our community!



NIVC Services – Helping People Work

Tom Tetrault

City of Webster City Graceland Cemetery Caretaker

job because I get to work by myself, so it’s easy for me to focus and stay productive,” he says. Joblink’s supported employment job coaching services continue to reinforce his success. “My job coach stops out while I am working to review my tasks with me and talk about my progress. I’m glad I got hired here, this job fits me really well.”

Jonathan Robles

KIMT Production Assistant

“Being up and ready to work by 4:00 am was hard at first, but I’ve gotten used to it!” Jonathan Robles is a production assistant at KIMT, working every morning during the Daybreak newscast. “There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes,” he says. “I help set the desks for the anchors and get the cameras in place. During the newscast, I do time cues and use hand signals to communicate with the anchors. I wear a headset so I can listen and talk to


Nick Olson

Lime Creek Nature Center Maintenance

“It’s a lot of responsibility,” Tom Tetrault says of his position as the maintenance person at Lime Creek Nature Center. “I am the only maintenance person for the nature center building, so it’s important for me to be there every time I am scheduled. Otherwise, the center staff would have to take time out from their jobs to do my responsibilities.” Tom is in charge of cleaning the Nature Center building top to bottom, three times a week, outside of visiting hours. “I like this

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016

the other production staff.” Finding a job that incorporated his hobbies and interests was important to Jonathan. “Photography is one of my hobbies, and I’ve had some photos published in magazines before. I was interested in this job because I felt I would be a little bit familiar with the equipment, and it might help me in my hobby. I’ve learned a lot and I enjoy my job.”

“Nick is one of the hardest workers I know,” says Jaci Banwell, who has worked as a job developer for the Hamilton County area for the past two years. “He has stamina that doesn’t quit, and it takes a lot of physical strength to use a commercial weed-whacker.” Nick Olson smiles at this compliment. In addition to accommodated with a partner his job, he likes to run 5K to work with during each shift. races on weekends and is an entrepreneur. “I have my own He started out working three hours per day, but has been lawn mowing business,” he says. “It’s called Nick’s Happy able to increase his hours to as much as 25 hours per week. Guy Mowing. I wanted extra “It’s very important to work work to earn more money hard together,” he says. though, so I met with Jaci Nick is quick to point out to help me find a job. I’ve the benefits of a good income, been working at Graceland Cemetery since April and I love too: “The extra money helps me out a lot, because I like to my job there!” buy presents for my girlfriend! Nick works with a crew I like that I can make money by of 8-10 city maintenance doing something that’s fun for employees on a wide variety of tasks at the cemetery. “I do me.” Jaci agrees. “He texts me nearly every day, saying ‘work the weed-whacking around the headstones, pick up sticks, is great.’ He really appreciates his job.” plant and water new trees, clean the shop, rake, and help Thank you for all you do level the stones NIVC Services if they’re tipping. There’s always something to do out there, because we want to keep everything looking nice.” Nick is



Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016


Proud Supporter of NIVC Services!


Member FDIC

Coffee & catering at JavaWorks

First Citizens Bank

Mason City • Charles City • New Hampton Osage • Clarion • Kanawha • Latimer • Mora

IVC helps local businesses find reliable employees and provides support for the people we serve working in our local communities. Three years ago we expanded our training site locations through JavaWorks, a coffee shop/ sandwich shop located in the Commons of the Mason City Public Library. This is a great public/ private partnership focused on employment.

Some clients who work at JavaWorks are preparing for open jobs in area businesses in North Iowa. But, other familiar faces will ensure continuity of quality services. It is a fun, inclusive environment for all. JavaWorks has begun catering coffee along with a limited menu using the small kitchen on-site in the Library Commons. The featured menu items of soups and sandwiches


We appreciate all that you do


We appreciate everything you do!


Plumbing & Heating inc. 102 West Main St., Fertile 888-378-9393 |


Pictured from left: manager Marsha Hugo, Aaron Sunde, and Andy Rice. are homemade and delicious! If you have a meeting where a light lunch is needed, think of JavaWorks. Site manager Marsha Hugo will consider special requests when possible. New soups on the menu include potato, chicken noodle, broccoli/


cauliflower cheddar, and chili. It’s best to call ahead with groups of six or more to help trainees prepare your meals. Call Marsha at 641-423-0084.






Thank You For All That You Do! floyd & leonard Auto Elec

510 S. Washington Ave. Mason city, iA



2400 4th St. SW (641) 424-2605 551 S. Illinois (641) 424-9741

875 4th St. SW, Mason City (641) 424-5522

When Everybody Works, Everybody Wins!


Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016


Lights, camera,



NIVC sponsors North Iowa’s first performing arts group starring people with disabilities

he first play, “The Kingdom of No-Where,” was presented in a one-act, one-show performance. On Saturday, April 23rd at 7:00 p.m. at the NIVC Services’ main office location 1225 S. Harrison (industrial park), in Mason City. Refreshments with the cast immediately following the show. The play was written and directed exclusively for Glee North Iowa performers by Mickie Schuessler. Schuessler, a director, teacher, and choreographer, has many years of performance experience, including 25 years as director of the Studio of Performing Arts. The second season of Glee North Iowa performing arts


began in early August and meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Another original production is in the works for next spring. Last season, the actors learned about their speaking voices, expressions, blocking scenes, creating sets, props, and costumes. “It is our belief that participation will increase an individual’s confidence,” said Mickie Schuessler. “There are very few performance groups featuring individuals with disabilities. I am so excited to have another year with these talented actors. A performance group highlighting actors with special abilities has been a dream of mine.”

Clausen Plumbing & Heating Is proud to partner with NIVC.

“SINCE 1993”


Thank you NIVC

for your honorable contributions! Thank You Keep up the great work! NIVC Services! Call Joe For....

MASON CITY ROOFING Roofing • Siding Windows • Gutters

KLeen SweeP ConStruCtion

First cast – back row – Nathan King, Teresa Millard, Aaron Anderson, front row Meredith Dunn.

CLAUSEN PLUMBING & HEATING 519 No. Federal, Mason City


Monday-Friday 8-5 Saturday 8-Noon

• Driveways • Sidewalks • Approaches • Patios • Parking lots • Landscaping boulders 1112 N Federal, Mason City, IA 50401


641-923-2861 800-442-8804 Hwy. 18, Garner, Iowa

rT e Sho h T e Tak e To Driv ingS! av Big S


Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016

NIVC Services – Helping People Work

Dancing for the Dream 2016


hanks to our dancers, sponsors, coaches, auction donors, volunteers, and all of the guests who made the 8th annual dancing for the dream a success! Mark your calendar now for March 25, 2017 for another evening of fun that supports our mission to help people with disabilities work. Brad Harris & Molly Harris of Clear Lake cut loose and won the coveted crystal ball trophy dancing to ‘Footloose.’ Molly and Brad thank their dance coach, Mary Drew, and everyone who supported them. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all of our family and friends for your generous donations to NIVC.

It was just amazing to be part of this event for a great cause and was a night we will never forget,” said Molly Harris. $50,000 was raised from the event to support job training and placement programs for North Iowans with disabilities. Other featured North Iowa “celebrity” dancers and their partners were Brad & Angie Barber; Mike & Jolene Butler; Jon Rivas & Nikki Stoltenberg; Robbie Schick & Melissa Clough; and Tom & Valarie Wollner. Judges helped score the event, Dalena Barz, Alpha Media; Mike Faust, Mercy Medical Center; Al Borchardt, Mercy Pharmacies; Gary Wattnem, Retired General; Jean Marinos, American Realty.


Proud Supporter of

NIVC... Brad Harris & Molly Harris with coach Mary Drew in center.

Thank You

nIVC! 641-423-4200 902 N. Federal, Mason City

Selling Fire Protection Over

56 Years!

Keep up the great work.

1647 N Federal Mason City


A Proud supporter of NIVC and their commitment to helping others

516 2nd St NW Mason City

Robbie Schick & Melissa Clough




Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016


Take your legislator to work day


ast January NIVC launched its first “Take Your Legislator to Work Day” along with other organizations statewide through ID Action, a division of the Iowa Developmental Disability Council.

Rep. Todd Pritchard, BP Employee Ellen Stewart, Rick Lensing and Roy Schwickerath.

expect. employ. empower.

Legislators and county supervisors were invited to visit North Iowans at their worksites and meet their employers. It was a fantastic event that will be expanded in 2017. The pictures say it all.

Ashley Frazen, Russell Wood, McDonalds Employee Frank Nez, Corey Eberling, Sherry Becker, & Senator Amanda Ragan.

Ina Cavin, Hy-Vee West Employee of the Year Jeremy Beavers, and Rep. Sharon Steckman.

A Non-Residential Steel Door and Frame Manufacturer

Photos courtesy of the Globe Gazette

what can yoU do?

Supporting NIVC’s Mission


Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016

When Everybody Works, Everybody Wins!

Giving is social A note from Lisa Yunek with the Development Office.


his year’s National Disability Employment Awareness theme is #InclusionWorks. We love this theme. There is but one world and everyone is a part of it. NIVC Services was one of the first organizations in North Iowa to provide inclusive employment services for people with disabilities. This is also called integrated employment services. The words inclusion and integration imply membership and belonging. The people we serve belong to families and communities but are often socially isolated. So, to better support their confidence and sense of belonging, we have expanded our community integration social,

We are grateful to our foundation partners

activities when people are not at work. Social inclusion builds social skills and confidence and therefore strengthens everyone’s work environments, too. NIVC Services sponsored the creation of North Iowa’s first performing arts groups for people with disabilities, Glee North Iowa, as another way to build confidence and social skills. Plus it is super fun to participate or just watch. How can you help? We are looking for fun! ● Share tickets to events or sponsor classes, ● Help with transportation, ● Donate to our programs, ● Make sure your events and activities are accessible for people with mental and physical disabilities. Call Sherry at 641-423-3301 for more information.

Find us on Facebook, Central Iowa Community Services Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa NIVC Endowment Fund Farrer Endowment Foundation

Foster and Evelyn Barkema First Citizens National Bank Foundation Charitable Trust Bertha Stebens Charitable Foundation

Floyd County Community Foundation

@NIVCServicesInc. Kinney Lindstrom Foundation Knights of Columbus – Mason City Mason City Clinic Dave & Phyllis Murphy Charitable Foundation Principal Financial Group Foundation Team Quest Foundation United Way of North Central Iowa


Honorariums In Honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Alphs Meredith Dunn Mickie Schuessler Kevin Rachut Frank & Ann Weiner Gary & Sheryl Weiner Tom & Barbara Johnson

Donated by

Marv Alphs Gary & Ann Selva Gary & Ann Selva St John’s Lutheran Church Rock Township Andrew & Sarah Johnson Andrew & Sarah Johnson Andrew & Sarah Johnson

Memorials In Memory of

Gordon Anderson Ross Caniglia William Child David Coddington Dave Crowe John Dodge Wayne Dodge Dr. Jeffrey Dwyer Marsha Funk Larry Herndon Daryl Lamoreaux Deb Lucas Phillip Meyer Ardis Opheim Nick Paape Ruth Paine Jerry Plagge Shari Pohren Dr. Russel Schurtz Ralph Smith Betty Yunek

Donated by

Sharon Anderson Mike & Joni Dunn Donald and Alice Child James and Linda Coddington Lisa Trainer Tim & Sherry Becker Tim & Sherry Becker Doug and Dawn Southwick Adriana Roberts Harlan and Marge Baack Larry & Dixie Lamoreaux Dr. Tim and Betty Lucas Harlan and Marge Baack Arlo and Shirley Movick Tim & Sherry Becker Tim and Sherry Becker Jean Plagge Dean Pohren Tim & Sherry Becker Joel & Lisa Yunek Northwestern Steakhouse Joel & Lisa Yunek

You can contribute to our future goals through the North Iowa Vocational Center Endowment Fund, with the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation. Log on at


NIVC Services – Helping People Work

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016


Thank you dream builders! Your generous gifts, donations to stores, and proceeds from special events stay in North Iowa. Lisa Alexander Marvin Alphs Phil & Kathy Alsher Mark & Tana Anderson Gerald & Jane Askeland Mark & Jill Bale Ken Bales Blake & Nancy Barnes Walter Bate & Martha Ryan Byron & Ann Beasley Raymond & Joan Beebee Jeff & Jean Bergo Bergo Construction Tom & Julie Birdsall Blessings, Inc/Eternity Wireless Darlene Bortle Vern & Linda Bottorf Randy & Cheryl Brenton Robert & Pamela Carlson Cent Credit Union Clausen Plumbing & Heating Tim & Pam Coffey Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa Rustin & Mary Davenport Randy & Brenda Davis Tim & Carol Dettmer Barbara Devary Amy Dixon Jim & Paula Dummet Warren Dunkel Edwards Brandt Randy & Becky Elsbernd Mavis Espinosa Michael & Lana Faust Floyd & Leonard Lenore Forbes Dr. Robert Freidrichs Dave & Mickey Funkhouser Furniture Mattress Outlet

Richard & Robin Galloway Larry Garcia Mike & Joan Gasaway Dolores Goche Steve & Barb Goetz Fred & Marty Greder Michael & Analisa Haberman Dorothy Hanna Elaine Harman Carolyn Jackel & Heidi Willrett Lloyd Heinselman Matt & Stacy Heinselman James & Norma Heiny Marge Hoel Gary & Carole Hoffman Robert & Ramona Jeffrey Pauline Johnson Rick & Lori Jorgenson Bob & Judy Kessler David & Kelly Kratz Larry & Dixie Lamoreux Karl & Jennifer Langhart Mark & Deb Lassise Wanda Lawthers Lehigh Concession Fund Mary Jo Lorge Dr. Paul & Barbara MacGregor Jim & Sharon Magelssen Bob & Donna Marreel Dick Mathes Cindy McCarthy Frank McLain McLain Golden Valley Farms Mark & Marcia McNulty Mary Meier Brenda Miller Daniel Nedved Raymond & Beverly Nedved Jim & Cheryl Nesbit Emmet Newman

NGT Jeffrey Nicholas Jim & Cindy Niemants North Iowa Golf NSB Bank Margaret Oborny Ozzie & Patty Ohl Rusty & Jennifer Olson Jack & Verna Ouverson Jim & Shannon Paulus PEO Chapter OT Beverly Place Joe & Janis Platts Keith & Audrey Popp Dick Price Ruth Quisley Dennis & Joyce Rachut Jim & Amanda Ragan Rob & Tori Redfern Brandt & Renee Riley River City Communications Roger & Susan Schlitter Gary & Anne Schmit Shelly Schmit Ken & Sharon Schneider Brett & Hollie Schoneman Eldon & Betty Lou Seimers Susan Sieh Norma Skogen Steven Snyder & Louise Cragg

THANK YOU to Emily Dykstra for collaborating with our clients for this year’s featured success stories.

St. John’s Lutheran Church Alan & Sharon Steckman Charles & Mary Sukup Michael & Kimberly Svejda Diana Symonds Joe & Lark Trygstad Daniel & Denise Varnum James & Darlene Vstecka Tom & Sally Waggoner Steve & Jill Weiner Steve & Patti Weiss Wesley United Methodist Women Mike & Julie Willms Ed Wineinger Ed & Sue Wineinger Women of Trinity Patricia Wright

THANK YOU A special note of gratitude to those who donate gently used clothes & furnishing to our stores at Affordables and Affordables on 1st. Your donations create training and job opportunities.



Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016


In-kind donations 1st Insurance Air Choice One Peggy Bang Tim & Sherry Becker Gloria Beeman Bergland & Cram Blackmore Nursery Clausen Plumbing & Heating Pam Coffey Mary Cooley Culvers Cupola Inn Curries Assa Abloy David Lee Jewelry Scott Bultje Diamond Oaks Events Diamond Store Eternity Wireless Fareway

Federal Fire Equip. Co. Fion First Citizens National Bank Floyd & Leonard Fox River Mills Furniture Mattress Outlet Jackie Garlock Steve & Becky Gearhart Helps Drain Cleaning Historic Park Inn Hotel House of Sports Hy-Vee Hy-Vee Drug Iowa Heartland Credit Union Gretchen King Kleen Sweep Construction Vikkie Lansing Mason City Country Club

Mason City Tire Mason City Tire Service MC Youth Center McCloskey Appliance Ruth Miller Minnesota Twins Brenda Nesheim Next Generation Technologies Northwestern Steakhouse Oak Leaf Collectibles Oasis Tan Ollenburg Motors Perkins Princial Financial Group Rib Crib Marg Richards Saxony Tom & Lynda Schmitz

Smithfield Stadheim Jewelry Star Auto Body Sukup Manufacturing Surf Ballroom Bob & Toby VanDensBosch Gary & Vicki Wattnem Wayne’s Ski & Bicycle Chris White Rozendahl Joel & Lisa Yunek Every gift is important to us. We strive to be complete and accurate. Please forgive us if an error or omission occurred and let us know at 641-423-3301.

Over 975 Slot Machines • 23 table games • 7 table poker room 2 award winning restaurants • FREE live entertainment every weekend

777 Diamond Jo Lane, Northwood, IA | Must be 21 or older. If you or someone you know needs gambling treatment, Call 1-800-BETS OFF.

Nivc 2016  
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