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Mason City, Iowa ✦ Sunday, January 25, 2009

50th Anniversary

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Lloyd “Whitey” and Alice Joy (Skjeie) Olson of Mason City were married Feb. 6, 1959, at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Forest City.

Thank you Stacy and Roberta, from AEA 267, Four Oaks. We love shopping every year. You are the best. Thank you to ALL who donated and worked. “The Kids”

60th Anniversary

42nd Anniversary Lowell and Virginia (Ueker) Walk of Grafton were married Jan. 23, 1949, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Grafton.

Phil and Carolyn (Boutelle) Johnson of Mason City were united in marriage Jan. 29, 1967, at the Northwood Methodist Church, Northwood.

E2 ✦ SUNDAY, JAN 25, 2009

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Garner-Hayfield honor rolls

Terence Henley, Kami Jass, Cody Joynt, Kendra Kadrlik, Kevin Kozisek, Laddie Kozisek, Jana Kramer, GARNER — The second Courtney Lange, Morgan quarter and first semester Larson, Cody Mace, Chris honor rolls were released at Noty, Skylar Oborny, Ashley Garner-Hayfield High Pettit, Damon Quandt, John School. Ringham, Diana VanLaningSecond Quarter ham, Jenna Wellik. “A” Honor Roll 11th Grade 9th Grade Ashley Anderson, Kevin Ellen Bertilson, Jordan Breister, Alexander BruggeBlank, Stuart Blank, Jasman, Laura McGuire, Timomine Doble, Jace Engstler, thy Molencamp, Ethan NanLaura Formanek, Christina nenga, Cass Nedved, Jordan Furman, Kassidy Hanson, Paulsen, Levi Paulsen, KateKarah Huinker, Sarah Legge, Morgan Ricke, Rachel lynn Peterson, Anna PinRicke, Alicia Savoy, Brittany neke, Caleb Prohaska, LauSchleusner, Kristin Stromer, ren Prohaska, Janessa Reding, Stephanie Ricke, Amber Elizabeth Tusha, Megan Sankey, Tyler Scholl, Lucas Waddingham, Kelli Weaver. Stromer, Angela Thiedeman, 10th Grade Jacobey Anderson, Wesley Jacey Wood. 12th Grade Bier, Michael Boehnke, Cassidy Albertson, Emily Michael Brown, Zachary Bertilson, Jay Campbell, Greiman, Matthew Kenney, Benjamin Lau, Lauren Opp, Trevor Carolus, Lindsey Cornick, Travis Dodd, Kortney Kelsi Pringnitz, Taryn ProFormanek, Kyle Greiman, haska, Blake Risius, AmanMathew Haberkamp, Maggie da Rosendahl, Breanna Scott, Amy Skogerboe, Eliza- Hughes, Alan Juhl, Amy Jutting, Danelle Kohlmeyer, beth Snyder, Andrew SonKatie Lonneman, Felicia quist, Joshua Thompson, Maas, Kaitlyn Savoy, Bradley Young. Nicholas Stromer, Matthew 11th Grade Swanson, Caitlin Sykes, Hillary Hayes, Libby Evan Zrostlik. Kropp. First Semester 12th Grade “A” Honor Roll Jade Engstler, Janelle 9th Grade Flatebo, Sara Formanek, Ellen Bertilson, Jordan Renee Greiman, Brittni Blank, Stuart Blank, JasHaag, Sadie Hayes, Courtmine Doble, Jace Engstler, ney Jass, Erik Jolivette, Meredith Kalkwarf, Kathryn Laura Formanek, Christina Furman, Kassidy Hanson, Kenney, Jeffrey Kramer, Karah Huinker, Sarah Austin McGuire, Aaron Legge, Nathan Opp, Morgan Nedved, Leslie Noty, Mark Ricke, Rachel Ricke, Alicia Opp, Mary Pistek, Landon Savoy, Brittany Schleusner, Quandt, Miranda Schwickerath, Jaclyn Studer, Morgan Kristin Stromer, Elizabeth Tusha, Megan Waddingham, Tue, Jacob Young. Kelli Weaver, Rick Young. “B” Honor Roll 10th Grade 9th Grade Jacobey Anderson, Wesley Melody Baxter, Krista Bier, Michael Boehnke, Bitker, Joseph Ermer, Michael Brown, Zachary Autumn Glidden, Andrew Greiman, Matthew Kenney, Haag, Benjamin Hadacek, Benjamin Lau, Lauren Opp, Jessica Hejlik, Brianne Kelsi Pringnitz, Taryn ProJohnson, Michael Jolivette, haska, John Ringham, Blake Kayla Krogman, Jenna Risius, Breanna Scott, Amy Maben, Jori Meints, Cody Skogerboe, Elizabeth SnyMiller, Taylor Nelson, der, Andrew Sonquist, Nathan Opp, Kourtney Roberts, Drake Stadtlander, Joshua Thompson, Bradley Young. Amanda Winters, Rick 11th Grade Young. Hillary Hayes, Libby 10th Grade Kropp. Kaylie Anderson, Cody 12th Grade Fandel, Cole Greiman, LauEmily Bertilson, Jade ren Hammitt, Drew Henely,

Engstler, Janelle Flatebo, Sara Formanek, Renee Greiman, Brittni Haag, Sadie Hayes, Courtney Jass, Erik Jolivette, Meredith Kalkwarf, Kathryn Kenney, Danelle Kohlmeyer, Jeffrey Kramer, Katie Lonneman, Aaron Nedved, Leslie Noty, Mark Opp, Jaclyn Studer, Mary Pistek, Landon Quandt, Nicholas Stromer, Morgan Tue, Jacob Young, Evan Zrostlik. “B” Honor Roll 9th Grade Krista Bitker, Joseph Ermer, Autumn Glidden, Tristin Glidden, Andrew Haag, Benjamin Hadacek, Jessica Hejlik, Dylan Hughes, Brianne Johnson, Michael Jolivette, Kayla Krogman, Jenna Maben, Jori Meints, Cody Miller, Taylor Nelson, Kourtney Roberts, Drake Stadtlander, Amanda Winters. 10th Grade Kaylie Anderson, Cody Fandel, Cole Greiman, Drew Henely, Terence Henley, Kami Jass, Cody Joynt, Kendra Kadrlik, Kevin Kozisek, Laddie Kozisek, Courtney Lange, Morgan Larson, Cody Mace, Chris Noty, Skylar Oborny, Ashley Pettit, Damon Quandt, Elizabeth Rasmuson, Andrea Rigsbee, Amanda Rosendahl, Diana VanLaningham, Jenna Wellik. 11th Grade Ashley Anderson, Kevin Breister, Alexander Bruggeman, Laura McGuire, Cassandra Molencamp, Timothy Molencamp, Jason Monson, Ethan Nannenga, Cass Nedved, Jordan Paulsen, Levi Paulsen, Katelynn Peterson, Anna Pinneke, Caleb Prohaska, Lauren Prohaska, Janessa Reding, Stephanie Ricke, Amber Sankey, Tyler Scholl, Lucas Stromer, Angela Thiedeman. 12th Grade Cassidy Albertson, Jay Campbell, Trevor Carolus, Travis Dodd, Kortney Formanek, Kylie Ginapp, Kyle Greiman, Mathew Haberkamp, Maggie Hughes, Alan Juhl, Felicia Maas, Austin McGuire, Kaitlyn Savoy, Miranda Schwickerath, Matthew Swanson, Caitlin Sykes, Colby Weber.

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SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009 âœŚ E3

Kayden Jessie Andersen August 1

Abigail Emily Beard June 24

Jakobe Anderson January 20

Welcomed by Corey & Cortney (Cory) Andersen. Grandparents: Dave & LuLonie Nitcher and Mike & Kathy Andersen

Welcomed by Jennifer Anderson Grandparents: Geoff & Jodie Anderson

Welcomed by Caitlin True & Dustin Anderson. Grandparents: Don & Ericka True, Jerry & Lisen McCoy, Deb Anderson and Mark Lovik

Ava Safia Benson September 17

Daniel Cullen Bergdale September 8

Bria Elizabeth Bruns January 15

Welcomed by Trevor & Emily Beard. Sibling: Evelynn. Grandparents: Dick & Pat Kammrad and Sandy & Ron Beard

Welcomed by Jason & Tafeeta Benson. Sibling: Brooklyn. Grandparents: Bensons, Beshir, Schermer & Hill

Caden Michael Clark March 26

Kaley Crooks March 29

Welcomed by Jeremiah & Abbie Bergdale. Grandparents: Paul & Aleta Leavens, Denny & Vicky Mayes, Jerry & CeCe Bergdale. Sibling: Dillon Kirksey

Ty Lloyd Duckert May 11

Welcomed by Nick & Lyndsay Clark. Grandparents: Gary & Lori Mehmen, Mike & Kathy Clark and Jon & Nancy Flannery

Welcomed by Ryan & Mindy Crooks. Grandparents: Jan & Craig Crooks and Jeff & Mary Rosenberg

Welcomed by Chad & Tammi Duckert. Grandparents: Merle & Dorothy Duckert and Bev Downs

Caiden James Dean Gansen November 8

Wyatt Thompson & Isabella Garner June 5 & July 29

Cooper James Garrison April 18

Welcomed by Jeremy & Angie (Teachout) Gansen Grandparents: Frank & Ruthann Brekke

Lyla Renee Anderson October 28

Welcomed by Amber Rock & Jay Thompson and Emily Garner Grandparents: Grandpa Rock & Grandma and Grandma Lindsy

Welcomed by David & Shari Garrison. Grandparents: Jim & Janice Kirschbaum, Jerry & Jeanne Sable

Hayden Ann Banken March 5 Welcomed by Randy & Carrie Banken, Brooke & Morgan

Braylan Mark Bull May 26

Welcomed by Dawn & Kevin Bruns. Siblings: Jacob & Riley. Grandparents: Alice Bruns, Keith Hall and Margaret Hall

Welcomed by Brian Bull & Beth Smith. Grandparents: Mark & Karen Bull and Mike & Terry Smith

Jack Hayden Dwyer September 11

Jack Frieden January 22

Welcomed by Mike & Shelby Dwyer. Grandparents: Kim & Sue Dwyer, Larry & Nancy Gallagher. Sibling: Quintin Masteller

Hannah Sue Garza April 22

Welcomed by Ryan & Melissa Garza. Grandparents: Todd & Sue Shipman, Connie & Duane Losee & Richard Garza

Welcomed by Blaine & Becky Frieden. Siblings: Kenli & Jacob. Grandparents: Ron & Varina Eason and Chuck & Deb Frieden

Kathleen Grover April 30 Welcomed by Becky Grover. Grandparents: Kelly Keating and Bruce Fournier

E4 âœŚ SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009


Micah Russell Gustafson December 20 Welcomed by Dan & Karisa Gustafson. Sibling: Gabriella. Grandparents: Pete Faust and Larry & Jan Gustafson

Keegan Christopher James April 22 Welcomed by Jeremy & Lindsey James. Grandparents: Steve & Deb James, Arnie & Sheila Stroberg and Tracy & Cynthia Johnson

Oliver Gene Klatt March 1

Rhys Michael James Correll August 22

Cordell Charles Hoeft May 27 Welcomed by Matt & Tina Hoeft. Siblings: Ashlyn & Aubrey. Grandparents: Brad & Rachel Meier, Mary & the late David Hoeft, Albert Oudekerk, Martin Meier, Hoop Burgart

Hayden Adam Johnson January 18

Jackson Stephen Hummel December 2 Welcomed by Nate & Megan Hummel. Grandparents: Jeff & Diane Hummel and Steve & Cindy Hatzky

Paxton Bruce Johnson March 9

Berlin Alice Iles December 12 Welcomed by Joe & Liz Iles. Sibling: Kyra. Grandparents: Darrell & Connie Iles and John & Donna Fischbeck

Welcomed by Travis & Emma Corell. Grandparents: Donna Correll, John Correll, Tim & Michelle Cummuia

Welcomed by Andy & Sarah Johnson. Siblings: Olivia & Paige. Grandparents: Gary & Sheryl Weiner and Tom & Barb Johnson

Welcomed by Jade & Michelle Johnson. Grandparents: Sherry Johnson and the late Tony Johnson, Bruce & Robin Wubben

Welcomed by Bryon & Elicia Jones. Sibling: Olivia

Delayna Kay Klukow October 5

Jace Knorr September 7

Kate Laura Kotta September 6

Caleb Kruger December 3

Brooks Bryon Jones August 14

Welcomed by Amanda & Joe Klatt. Sibling: Owen. Grandparents: Nancy and the late Terry Theilen, Susan and the late Jerry Klatt

Welcomed by Joe & Erica Klukow. Grandparents: Doug & Nancy Klukow, Carla Langfald and Doug Langfald, Cindy Henn

Welcomed by Michael & Jamie Knorr. Grandparents: Kent & Janet Knorr, Randy Hinton, Rod & Jodi Smith

Welcomed by Jeremy & Jodi Kotta. Siblings: Ellie Kotta Grandparents: Ray & Kathy Kotta, Mike & Diane Roufs

Welcomed by Aaron & Ashley Kruger. Grandparents: Larry & Pam Kruger and Tammy & Thomas Barr

Keston Cole Lambertsen June 10

Hudson Joseph Lewerke September 2

Charleigh Madsen September 2

Lily Jo Mayer October 5

Ava Grace Meinders July 15

Welcomed by Cory & Melissa Lambertsen. Grandparents: Mike & Mary Lauffer and Buck & Pat Lambertsen. Sibling: Kinsey

Welcomed by Ben & Julie Lewerke. Grandparents: Jon & JoEllen Lewerke and Dallas & Diane Robinson

Welcomed by Becky & Aaron Madsen. Siblings: Carter & Makayla. Grandparents: Mike & Linda Hawk and Mark & Sharon Zuehilke

Welcomed by Christy & Andy Mayer. Siblings: Eboni & Zoe. Grandparents: Betty Jo Calaway and Chuck & CeCe Mayer

Welcomed by Bruce & Stacie Meinders. Grandparents: Bruce & Robin Wubben, Wilbert & Gert Meinders, Great-Grandpa Dale Olson

SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009 ✦ E5


Addison Menke July 29 Welcomed by Chris & Danika Menke, Gary & Carole Hoffman & Bonnie Menke

Elizabeth “Izzie” Rae Nonnweiler April 5

Kylie Novak May 19

Cohen Bradley Meyer November 14 Welcomed by Brad & Rachel Meyer. Sibling: Kenley. Grandparents: Pat & Wanda McLaughlin, David & Pam Meyer and Larry & Julie Fredrickson

Sonja Ostmo April 6

Welcomed by Jeff & Tiffany Nonnweiler. Grandparents: Dan & Jill Nonnweiler and Tim & Lori Thies

Welcomed by Chad & Amy Novak. Sibling: Andrew Novak. Grandparents: JoJo & Judy Novak, and Tom & Deb Herrod

Welcomed by Kevin & Melanie Ostmo. Grandparents: Gene & Charlene Ostmo and Joe & Marlene Marolf

Dalton Reid Peterson October 11

Lila Mae Powers February 28

Desarea Rick March 11

Welcomed by Reid & Ginger Peterson. Siblings: Dominic Reinhardt. Grandparents: Virginia & Gary Griga and Kermit & Shirley Peterson

Ryan Joseph Shimek May 1 Welcomed by Chad & Tanya Shimek. Sibling: Austin. Grandparents: Jim & Melissa Fisher, Ronnie & Connie Shimek

Welcomed by Derrick & Amy Powers. Siblings: Braden & Drew Powers. Grandparents: Troy & Sandy Powers and Neil & Donna Hackbart

Lukas Michael Shipman January 28 Welcomed by Tracy Boehmer & Scott Shipman. Siblings: Zachary & Alexander. Grandparents: John & Mary Willier and Gladys Shipman

Avery RaeLynn Moritz May 28

Ava Maree Mussman February 13

Welcomed by Jon & Terry Moritz, Parker, Lynn & Darlene Moritz and the late Larry & Judy Benson

Welcomed by Aimee & Casey Mussman. Grandparents: Cheryl Zeien & Brian Ziesman, Russ & Lisa Smith, Carlene Grosland, Gary & Bette Mussman

Jazzlyn Jo Pate July 29

Kyler William Pedersen October 23

Welcomed by Joseph Pate & Jamie DeBell. Grandparents: David & Becky Pate, Dawn DeBell, Great Grandma Donna Jamison & Todd Dutcher

Welcomed by Art & Molly Pedersen. Siblings: Dylan & Kelton. Grandparents: Paul & Yvonne Rowson, Jane & Delroy McKee

Jase Rood April 7

Carly Rose Shafer May 6

Welcomed by Melissa Rick. Siblings: Devin, Destiny & Dylan. Grandparents: Brad & Marlene Rick

Welcomed by Brian & Traci Rood. Grandparents: Linda & Ken Jahncke and Judy Rood

Welcomed by Bill & Barb Shafer. Siblings: Jacob & Ava. Grandparents: Cliff & Carlene Shafer, Mervin & Marilyn Nelson

Tegan Craig Shirk June 21

Aiden Ray Simmer June 16

Blair Smith June 22

Welcomed by Mason & Amanda Shirk. Grandparents: Craig & Nancy Richey and Randy & Carol Shirk

Welcomed by Jeremy & Erica Simmer, Kathy Francis and Steve Elliff, Tom Simmer & Michelle Simmer

Welcomed by James & Maggie Smith. Grandparents: Mike & Terry Smith and Bob & Donna Buol

E6 ✦ SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009



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Thank you Stacy and Roberta, from AEA 267, Four Oaks. We love shopping every year. You are the best. Thank you to ALL who donated and worked. “The Kids”

Grace Elizabath Murray September 3 Welcomed by Tim & Abby Murray. Grandparents: Cay Folsom and Rich & Joan Murray

Alexander Joseph Tiedemann March 28 Welcomed by Chad & Tiffany Tiedemann. Siblings: Jason, Drake, Trent & Taylor. Grandparents: Merle & Julie Tiedemann, Carolyn & Dean Athey, and the late Robert Hickey

Claire Lillian Smith January 29 Welcomed by Steve & Brenda Smith. Siblings: Jordan, Connor & Kylee. Grandparents: Jan Draper, Bob & Pat Frayne and Jim & Judy Smith

East Town Mason City 423-6029

Lake Town Clear Lake 357-7277

Kinley Rae Stambaugh October 8 Welcomed by Kenny & Kara Stambaugh. Grandparents: Jerry & Roxann Young and William & Faye Stambaugh

Ethan James True May 11

Logan James Vaske December 24

Welcomed by Don & Ericka True. Siblings: Tim & Caitlin. Grandparents: Lee & Linda Dravis, the late Carl & Clara True

Welcomed by Mike & Jenny Vaske. Grandparents: Kent & Janet Knorr and Brian & Judy Vaske

West Town Mason City 424-0065

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Child Care Center

Tysen Robert Stangel April 30

Brian Paul Steenblock December 17

Welcomed by Rob & Tara Stangel. Siblings: Talia & Tucker. Grandparents: Tracy & Terri Kleckner, Dale & Darla Winter and Rob & Sherrie Stangel

Welcomed by Andrew & Twyla Steenblock. Sibling: Madison. Grandparents: Roger & Vicki Myhre and Les & Sue Steenblock

Owen Vincent Wedmore November 20

Tristan James Wible December 6

Welcomed by Adam Wedmore and Kristen Myers. Grandparents: Roger & Carla Myers, Marsha Wedmore & the late Terry Wedmore

Welcomed by Lyle & Juli Wible. Grandparents: Jim & Barb Ohden, Lyle Wible, Toni Crotty. GreatGrandparents: Liz Redwine, Bob & Cindy Wiltse and Marge Wible

SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009 ✦ E7



AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Waldorf College Dean’s List FOREST CITY — Waldorf College announced its first semester Dean’s List for the 2008-2009 year. To be named to the list, students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale and carry a minimum class load of 12 credits. IOWA Ames Lisa Balvanz, Deanna Clark. Bancroft Amanda Merron. Belmond Eric Janssen, Ashley Johnson, Steven Pals, Sandra Roberts, Kelley Rouchka, Sarah Sly. Boone Kristina Jones, Molly Lumley. Boyden Stephanie Peterson. Britt Kristina Gast, Anthony Johnson, Kara Kerns, Sarah Swanson, Laura Verbrugge. Cedar Rapids Kody Thompson. Charles City Adam Herrick. Clarinda Amy Nelson. Clarion Sarah Leichsenring, Jennifer Littlejohn, Alison March, Casey Simmons, Reggie Simmons. Denison Jennifer Hansohn. Derby Miranda Miller. Eagle Grove Kati Olson. Eldora Emily Lawler. Forest City Todd Cavell, Mallory Lovik, Amy Prather, Trinity Renchin, Dianne Roisen, Hannah Thompson, Steven VanOverbeke. Ft. Dodge Jordan Hagar. Garner Andrea Miner. Grinnell James Postels. Humboldt Evan Clasen. Huxley Elyse Erickson. Jefferson Bethann Bohnet. Jewell

Chase Dickinson. Joice Cassandra Fjeld. Lake Mills Julie DesPlaines, Toni Erdahl, Karla Renshaw. Lake Park Elena Henriksen. Leland Keri Nyguard. Madrid Amy Onstot. Marshalltown Emily Hedum. Mason City Abbie Bergdale, Janet Hansen, Shaye Johanns, Nathan Lidtke. Moorhead Scott McCandless. Nora Springs Eva Mills. Oskaloosa Autumn McMahan. Postville Rachel Anderson, Jesi Whitley. Riceville Rachel Linkenmeyer. Sheffield Chei Hanig. St. Ansgar Kody Moses. Stanhope Laura Read. State Center Sarah Knott. Story City Alicia Danielson. Stuart Tiffany McNelly. Thornton Elizabeth Bucknell, Emily Bucknell, Amber Janeka. Titonka Elke Withers. Toledo Brianna Gray. Urbandale Jacob Mandziara. Ventura Sabrina DeBoe. Vincent Jessica Ricke. Vinton Laura Follmann. Webster City Kenny Crouthamel. Wellsburg Kristen Nielsen. MINNESOTA Albert Lea Joshua Otterman. Andover Eric Birch. Angus Jessica Aakre. Austin Kevin Herrmann. Blooming Prairie Victoria Kollar.

Blue Earth Mary Dickman, Kathryn Mullaly. Cambridge Brian Schultz. Cannon Falls Brittany Fennern. Canton Caitlin Leitzen. Columbia Heights Angela Boris. Eagan Amy Geffre. Elmore Kate Milbrandt. Fairmont Megan Forster. Hayfield Kasey Krekling. Kasson Erica Jurrens, Ashleigh Betha. Kenyon Amanda Burow. Le Center Andrew Blum. Minneapolis Timothy Mulari, Keilan Williams. Owatonna Matthew Knutson, Brianna Samson. Redwood Falls Annissa Hacker. Spring Grove Tracy Tweeten. St. Charles Anandi Gilseth. Tower Synnove Abrahamson. Waseca Molly Borcherding, Megan Dobberstein. West Concord Elizabeth Hanson. Winona Samantha Kohner. ARIZONA Flagstaff Robert Edel. Morenci Andre Franco. CALIFORNIA Porterville Gabriela Gonzales. Riverside Lorenzo Griffin. COLORADO Loveland Anthony Pecoraro. ILLINOIS Freeport Nefertiti Rasheed. MICHIGAN Detroit Deangelo Ellis. NEBRASKA Blue Hill Karleena Schroeder. Lincoln Scott Schoenleber.

SOUTH DAKOTA Brandon Drew Jackson. TENNESSEE Elizabethon Cassandra Snow. TEXAS Austin Laura Doskocil. UTAH Heber City Mathew Wheatley. VIRGINIA Suffolk Mary Danielle McClellan. WASHINGTON Spokane Brenton Johnson. WISCONSIN Algoma

Brian Qualman. Clintonville Laurel Aderman. Menomonie Rebecca Marty. CANADA Coquitlam, B.C. Jeremy Trach. JAPAN Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Keiko Sudo. MEXICO Orizaba, Veracruz Walter Salgado. TANZANIA Dar es Salaam Lucy Killewo. ZIMBABWE Harare Russel Sisipenzi.


SAT., FEB. 7, 2009 Southbridge Mall 10am-3pm DOWNTOWN MASON CITY




A Special Presentation Of:


E8 ✦ SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009





Your Tuxedo Store

THANK YOU Thank you

Vivian Pletcher, 80

Walk, 60 years GRAFTON — Lowell and Virginia (Ueker) Walk of Grafton were married Jan. 23, 1949, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Grafton. Greetings may be sent to Lowell and Virginia at P.O. Box 343, Grafton, Iowa, 50440. Their daughter, Nancy Walk, also resides in Grafton.


BRITT — A card shower is planned for Vivian Pletcher, of Britt, who will celebrate her 80th birthday Jan. 29. She was born Jan. 29, 1929. Cards may be sent to Vivian at the following address: 289 Second St. S.W., Britt, Iowa 50423. She requests no gifts, please. Wishing our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother a very happy birthday. Love, Diane, Linda, John, Connie, Bonnie, Ron and families.

The family of Harry Cottrell wishes to thank family and friends for the prayers, words of comfort, food and memorials extended to us in our recent loss of our dearly loved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Special thanks to Chaplain Ed Bard and everyone at Hospice. Thank you to the nurses on 4 East at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa. — The family of Harry Cottrell June, Jon, Judy, Jackie, Julie, Joleen and families, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren and greatgreat grandchildren

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CREDIT PROBLEMS? Schroeder, 40 years VENTURA — David Dean and Terri Lea (Cramer) Schroeder of Ventura were married Jan. 25, 1969, at the Vernon Lutheran Church in rural Dows. David and Terri will celebrate 40 years of marriage on Jan. 25, 2009. The couple’s children and their spouses are Captain Michael (Julie) Schroeder of Seaside, Calif., Andi (Damien) DeLozier of Smithville, Mo. They also have three grandchildren.

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721 S. Monroe, Mason City, Iowa

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I wish to express my gratitude for the many kind expressions of sympathy upon the loss of my wife, Pam. A special thanks is given to Pastor Diana Hoover of the United Methodist Church for comfort and spiritual guidance, to the doctors, chaplains and staff of the Hospice of North Iowa for their tender care, to the staff of the Ward-Van Slyke Funeral Home for appreciated guidance, and to the ladies of the United Methodist Church for providing and serving for our nourishment after the service. In addition, I want to thank all of you for the encouraging words I received. May the Lord bless each of you. Sincerely, — Bob Christiansen

Olson, Hofland

GARNER — Airman Corey A. Alden graduated from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill., on Nov. 21, 2008. He is a 2006 graduate of Garner-Hayfield High School and received his associate degree in 2008 from North Iowa Area Community College. He is the son of Rick and Donna Alden. Alden is currently stationed at Pensacola Naval Station, Pensacola, Fla. and is pursuing a career as an aviation rescue swimmer. He is presently attending aviation aircrew school.


WAVERLY — Wartburg College released its fall term 2008 Dean’s List. To qualify for the list, students must earn a 3.5 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) in at least four course credits for the term. North Iowa students recognized include: ALGONA — Wendy Vitzthum; Courtney Westling. BRITT — John Mallen; Lori Tlach. CHARLES CITY — Justin Herrick; Aaron Huegel. CORWITH — Brandon Sohl. DUMONT — Megan Aukes. FOREST CITY — Peggy Armstrong; Andrea Bartlett; Jessica Damm; Abby Hanson. GARNER — Angela Hanson; Kristin Huinker; Monica Popowski. HAMPTON — Danielle

Dohlman. LAKE MILLS — Joshua Bernhard; Katrina Bernhard. MASON CITY — Laura Barkema; Britney Borchardt; Elise Duvall; Christopher Goetzinger; Kyle Jorgensen; Justin Moorman; Brett Mulkey; Ryan Mulkey; Laura Rust; Robert Salmon; Jill Wiebke. MESERVEY — Christopher Meester. NASHUA — Kori Kleinschmidt; Sarah Shoemaker. NORTHWOOD — Katie Braun. OSAGE — Andrew Biederman; Christopher Bushbaum; Daniel Hanson. PLAINFIELD — Jami Frost; Stacy White. PLYMOUTH — Cassady Bolding. ROCKFORD — Megan Lien. RUDD — Jordan Paulus. TITONKA — Thomas Ullmann.

BIRTHDAY Renelda Petersen, 90

AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Wartburg College Fall Dean’s List

at 4 p.m. March 7, 2009, at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Des Moines.

Trusted and

CHRISTINE OLSON, of West Des Moines, is the daughter of Craig and Mary Olson of Des Moines. She is a 2005 graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in education. Christine is employed as a preschool teacher at Tiny Treasures Lutheran Preschool in Urbandale. ROBB HOFLAND, of West Des Moines, is the son of Don and Diane Hofland of St. Ansgar. He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in business management. Robb is employed as a management metrics analyst with Wells Fargo in West Des Moines. The couple will be married


Olson, 50 years MASON CITY — Lloyd “Whitey” and Alice Joy (Skjeie) Olson of Mason City were married Feb. 6, 1959, at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Forest City. They will celebrate 50 years of marriage with a family dinner. Greetings may be sent to them at 282 Belhaven Falls Drive, Ocoee, Fla., 34761-3339. The couple’s children and their spouses are Kim Olson of Jewell, Cheryl and Brian Hansen of Ocoee, Fla., Debbie and Mitch Hegland of Jewell and the late Douglas Olson. They also have five grandchildren, Eric and Isaac Hansen; Danielle Joy, Daisy Kay and Darby Sue Hegland.

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CLEAR LAKE — Renelda Petersen, a lifelong resident of the Clear Lake area, will observe her 90th birthday, Jan. 28, with a card shower. Cards may be sent to her at the following address: 405 27th Ave. S., #21, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428. A family gathering will also be held today, Jan. 25. Renelda was born Jan. 28, 1919 in Clear Lake. She has four children (one deceased), 11 grandchildren, and 28 great-grandchildren.

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AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Buena Vista Dean’s List, Terms 1 and 2

FOREST CITY Elizabeth Klein, Mason City. GARNER STORM LAKE —The fol*Lynn Bruggeman, Mason lowing North Iowa students City. attending Buena Vista UniHAMPTON versity were named to the *Karrie Finnigan, Mason Dean’s list for terms one and City; *Sharon Parks, Iowa two. Falls. Students named to the MANLY Dean’s List must have a miniRegina Krambeer, Mason mum grade point average of City. 3.5 for the two terms, based MASON CITY on a 4.0 grade point system, Veronica Arambula, Mason and must have taken at least City; Kathleen Arp, Mason 12 hours of coursework. Students receiving a 4.0 are indi- City; Shannon Carpenter, Mason City; *Wendy Farringcated with an asterisk (*). ton, Mason City; *Ashley Students are listed by Hansen, Mason City; Melissa hometown, followed by the Hemann, Mason City; Blake Buena Vista College center Henely, Mason City; Jonathan they attended classes. Lem, Mason City; Faye LonALGONA *Wendi Broam, Fort Dodge; ning, Mason City; *Jamie Malek, Mason City; *Lindsay Megan Klemm, Spencer. Sanchez, Mason City; BreanBANCROFT na Sberal, Mason City; Jodee Goche, Estherville. *Natalie Septer, Mason City; BELMOND *Mary Smeby, Mason City; Jaci Gansen, Mason City. *Lisa Worden, Mason City. BRITT NORA SPRINGS Amber Hildman, Mason Dawn Michael, Mason City. City; Jessica Wagner, Mason BURT Kathryn Hauge-Struecker, City. NORTHWOOD Estherville. *Craig Budach, Mason CLARION City. *Tamara EnTin, Fort OSAGE Dodge. *Ashley Machin, Mason CLEAR LAKE City; *Mandy Olson, Mason *Afton Kolar, Mason City; City. Annette Marrero-Smidt, PARKERSBURG Mason City; Christina Mor*Jenna Shurtleff, Iowa mann, Mason City. Falls. DOWS ROCKFORD *Samantha Norris, Iowa *Carole Gallagher, Mason Falls.

City; *Jessica Groven, Mason City; *Kathy Marth, Mason City; Abigayle Rooney, Mason City. ROCKWELL Sherri Hiller-Beckner, Mason City; Lacey Schmitt, Mason City. SCARVILLE *Beth VanRoekel, Mason City. ST. ANSGAR *Beth Jahr, Mason City. THORNTON *Wahneta Follis, Mason City.

NORTHWOOD *Angela Sime. OSAGE *Matthew Nicholson. STACYVILLE *Morgan Smith.

Quiz Bowl Champions

ALGONA — The Bishop Garrigan Quiz Bowl team won the championship in the first-ever Humanities Challenge team competition, held Jan. 10, at Garner-Hayfield High School. The Bears finished the day Buena Vista with a 3-1 record, with wins Fall Dean’s List over Garner-Hayfield, North STORM LAKE — Several Sentral, Kossuth, and West Hancock, of Britt. Their only North Iowa students at Buena Vista University were loss was to Belmond-Klemme. Team members included Joe named to the Dean’s List for Straub, Christopher Schmidt, the 2008 fall semester. Vince Cruise, Jake RosenStudents named to the Dean’s List must have a mini- meyer, Michael Hellman, Philip Detrick, Jenny Broesmum grade point average of 3.5 for the semester, based on der and John Richter. The a 4.0 grade point system, and team is coached by David Burrow. must have taken at least 12 hours of coursework. Students who received a Minnesota State 4.0 grade point average are indicated with an asterisk (*). Honor Lists ALGONA MANKATO, Minn. — The *Carrie Courtney, *Allison Academic High Honor and Even. Honor Lists for the fall semesCLARION *Andrea Ahrendsen, *Eliz- ter at Minnesota State University have been announced. abeth Ahrendsen. Students who qualified for FOREST CITY the High Honor List achieved Liv Anderson. a 4.0 grade point average, GARNER while students qualifying for Marc Legge.

the Honor List earned a 3.5 to 3.99 average. North Iowa students recognized include: ALGONA — Ryan Luedtke, honors; Debra Walker, honors. BUFFALO CENTER — Kristina Elman, honors; Brandon Wiedemeier, honors; Melissa Wubben, high honors. CLARION — Kendra Wanken, honors. CLEAR LAKE — Aria Asbe-Snyder, honors. FOREST CITY — Chelsea Bartleson, honors; Katie Boman, honors. LAKE MILLS — Cole Christianson, honors. MASON CITY — Rachel Busch, high honors; Andrea Sellers, honors. MCINTIRE — Michael Adams, honors. NORTHWOOD — Emily Meyer, honors.

Miller named to Honors List SEWARD, Neb. — Rachel Miller, of Mason City, Iowa, and Betsy Schroeder, of St. Ansgar, Iowa, were named to the honors list for the first semester of the 2008-09 academic year, at Concordia University. The top 25 percent of undergraduate students who complete at least 12 credit hours and compile a grade point aveage of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale qualify for the honors list.

Send a Valentine to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day in the Globe Gazette. Includes 1x2” B&W photo and up to a 25 word message • Deadline: 4:30 Thurs., Feb. 12th

Love Lines

Forever & Always Please Be My Valentine I Love You! With All My Heart, Jon

Send information & payment to: Love Lines c/o Globe Gazette Classifieds, PO Box 271, Mason City, IA 50402-0271 Person Placing ad ______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number _________________________________________________________________________ 25 Word Message ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________


Approx 25 word message with photo or artwork. If you would like photo returned, please submit a self-addressed stamped envelope, or you may pick up your photo after it publishes in the newspaper.




SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009 ✦ E11

Party & Event Planning BRIDAL SHOPS The Bridal Theatre 139 W. 4th St., St. Ansgar, IA 50472 641.713.2303 The Bridal Theatre invites you to join us for our Prom Extravaganza January 29th-February 1st, 2009. We will be featuring gowns from Envi and Wow, Special prices on all prom gowns. Let us help you pick that special gown for your perfect evening. Extended hours call for information. 641-731-2303.

Stadtlander retires BELMOND — Jan Stadtlander, of 1104 3rd Ave. N.E., Belmond, Iowa 50421-1242 will be honored with a card shower, to celebrate her retirement, Jan. 31. Stadtlander is the postmaster at Belmond. She began her postal career in the Belmond Post Office as a clerk in April of 1983 and was promoted to postmaster in March, of 1991.

THANK YOU Thank you My family and I would like to thank everyone for being so kind and supportive with cards, calls, visits, food and memorials after Rod’s death. We feel truly blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and relatives. Thanks to Dr. Dunlay and Dr. Congello and Hospice for such wonderful care, and to the staff at Major Erickson. Special thanks to Pastor Paul Nelson and Pastor Jeni Bohls for their visits, prayers and the wonderful Celebration of Life service. We are so very thankful for each one of you. God bless you all! — Darlene, Jon, Jim and Jeff Wade

Thank you We would like to say thank you for all the beautiful cards that Richard received for his 80th birthday, and for our 60th anniversary. It made our days extra special. Thank you again! — Richard and Janice Dorenkamp

The Bridal Garden 641.585.9333 Miller Photography 641.590.0659 306 South Clark, Forest City The Bridal Garden celebrating our 10th Anniversary. We carry gowns, tiaras, dresses & more. We can assist you with outfitting your entire wedding party (dresses to tuxes). Come experience the personal touch from the Bridal Garden. Weddings made easy. Formalities 641.423-6124 21 2nd St NE, Mason City We’ve been helping brides make their dreams come true for over 50 years. Formalities is your full service boutique with an added personal touch. Sweet Things, etc. 641.822.4918 114 3rd Street, Rockwell Prom Central Trunk Show & Open House February 7th - 10am-4pm and February 8th - 1pm-4pm Sweet Things, etc. is your full service bridal shop offering everything you need for you and your special day. We offer hundreds of gowns in stock in all sizes for you to choose from, and of course in-house alterations. We require appointments for bridal consultations so we can spend one-on-one time helping you choose the perfect gown! Sweet Things, etc... making beautiful weddings, one bride at a time! Check our website for upcoming events!! DJ SERVICES Kirk’s Custom DJ 641.423.1126 or 800.496.1126 Make your wedding reception dreams a reality and your dance truly fun, unique & memorable.

PRINTING PSI - Printing Services, Inc. 641.424.3538 1915 4th St. SW, Mason City Printing for all of your special occasion needs: Weddings, Graduation, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, Baby & More! PostNet 641.423.1980 451 Indian Head Dr., Mason City Between Wal-Mart & Kohl’s Featuring the finest in personalized wedding and social stationary Whether it’s an invitation for a wedding, an anniversary or graduation, depend on PostNet to deliver the perfect message. RECEPTIONS Mason City Country Club 641.424.3014 3331 19th St. SW, Mason City Membership not required! Sit down dinners. Multiple style buffets. Appetizer buffet. Dance floor and more! Call today for more information. Duncan Community Ballroom 641.843.3353 4 miles west of Garner Seating for 500, 40x70 dance floor. Serve your own food/caterers welcome. Meeting room available. MacNider Art Museum 641.421.3666 303 Second Street SE, Mason City Unforgettable weddings, distinguished receptions. An elegant setting to make lasting memories. Grafton Community Center 641.748.2970 or 641.420.3609 202 6th Avenue, Grafton Large facility great for wedding receptions, parties, and anniversaries. Many decorations available at NO extra charge. Meeting room also available. Knights of Columbus 641.424.5300 551 S.Taft, Mason City Beautiful facility to host your wedding, anniversary or meetings. Max capacity of 300. Please call for additional information.

REHEARSAL DINNERS Decker House Bed & Breakfast / Sour Grapes Bistro 641.423.4700 or 888.363.4700 119 2nd street SE, Mason City Elegant surroundings in this Neoclassical 1890’s home. Perfect for intimate weddings, rehearsal dinners, luncheons and cozy receptions. Conveniently located behind Music Man Square. TRAVEL Allen Travel Agency & Cruise Quest 641.357.5223 or 800.475.5223 10 Allens Alley, Clear Lake We are your full time professional travel planners and cruise vacation specialist, in service since 1951. TUXEDOS Moorman Clothiers 641.423.5222 / 2 South Federal, Mason City Your Tuxedo Professionals Sir Knight Formalwear 641.424.6018 19 2nd Street NE, Mason City Formalwear is our specialty. Detailed individualized service. VIDEOGRAPHER Epsilon Productions 641.582.3239 Our expert videographers will capture the emotions and excitement of your special day and create a moving, fun-to-watch DVD for you to treasure. We offer eedding & event videography, photo slide shows with music. Call us today to learn more! WEDDING SITE AND RECEPTION PM Park 15297 Rainy Drive South Shore, Clear Lake 641.357.1991 or 641.529.2222 Wedding site, reception and lodging available all on beautiful Clear Lake.

E12 ✦ SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009





Happy 80th Birthday, Betty

THANK YOU Thank you Many thanks to our families and friends who sent cards and gifts for our 60th wedding anniversary, and also to those who braved the ice to come to the open house. The Malek’s band was great. — Donald and Florence Kudej

John Amos MASON CITY — Matthew, Nicolle, and Olivia Amos celebrated the arrival of John Sullivan Amos at 5:43 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008, at Mercy Medical CenAugust ‘Augie’ Groh, 80 ter — North Iowa, Mason MASON CITY — A card shower is planned for August City. “Augie” Groh, who will observe his 80th birthday, Jan. 27. He weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz., Cards may be sent to him at the following address: 715 S. and was 18 inches long. Fillmore Ave., Mason City, Iowa 50401. Grandparents are John His children celebrated with him over the new year. and Mary Amos, of Clear Love from his wife, Arlene; four children, eight Lake, and Bill and Susie grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Cavanaugh, of Clear Lake, and the late Rudy Medina.

Betty Lowe will turn 80years-old on Jan. 27. A card shower is planned for her. Please wish her a happy birthday by sending your greetings to her at: Betty Lowe 313 29th St. S.W. Mason City, Iowa 50401.

Love from Mike and TerriSue, Becki and Mike, Peggy and Bob, all your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM.

BIRTHDAY Garnet Duryee, 90 IOWA FALLS — Garnet Duryee, of Iowa Falls, will celebrate her 90th birthday at a family dinner on Feb. 8. She was born Jan. 30, 1919. Greetings may be sent to Garnet at the following address: 1121 Ellis Ave., Apt. 2, Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126.

For Home Health Care, You Have a Choice.


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Thank you The families of Robert D. Rush would like to thank everyone who remembered us during our loss. A special thanks to the staff at Good Shepherd Health Center and Hospice of North Iowa. To Pastor Clyde Harvey and the pastor at Good Shepherd for their prayers and visits. To everyone for their prayers, flowers and cards. May God bless each and every one of you. — Charlotte Rush and families

1-800-HOMECARE for local or long distance calls

SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009 ✦ E13




In loving memory of Marlene A. Frein


May 4, 1941 Jan. 20, 2006

Boyd, Maas

Cray, Stanton

NASHUA — Kimberly Maas and Jasper Boyd were married Jan. 3, 2009, at the Little Brown Church in Nashua. The bride’s attendants were Stephanie Maas and Mackenzie Maas. The groom’s attendants were Parker Boyd and Spencer Boyd. Kimberly is employed with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Mason City and Jasper is employed at Mason City By- Products in Mason City. The couple resides in Nora Springs.

St. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Harry and Mary Irene Stanton announce the marriage of their daughter, Sarah, to Ronald Cray, the son of the late James and Ruth Cray of Pittsburgh, Pa. The wedding took place in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Oct. 11, 2008. The couple honeymooned in Jamaica. Sarah graduated from Mason City High School in 1992, from North Iowa Area Community College in 1994 and from the University of Minnesota in 1996. Ron graduated from Taylor Allerdice High School in Pittsburgh in 1982 and from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 1984. Sarah is assistant vice president, director of practice planning with Raymond James Financial Services and Ronald is a senior technical designer with PDS Solutions in St. Petersburg, Fla. The couple resides in Clearwater, Fla.

RETIREMENT Yezek retiring from UPS MASON CITY — Tom Yezek, of 2 Sandstone Court, Mason City, will be retiring on Jan. 30. Tom was a UPS driver at United Parcel Service, Mason City, for 32 years. He is married to Tammi Yezek. Tom and his wife plan to spend the first two months of retirement in Myrtle Beach, and to spend more time with their grandchildren. They have a daughter, Tracey Brock (Jeremy), of Overland Park, Kan., and three grandchildren.


You are in our thoughts daily. Sometimes with tears, other times with laughter, but always with pride and love. Your winning smile, caring touch and laugh will never be forgotten. It is comforting to know you are in His hands with relatives and friends who love you also. “ ’Til we are together again.”

Bob Frein family

NEW ARRIVAL Dashiell Isebrand STORY CITY — Chris and Rachel Isebrand, of Story City, are parents of a son, Dashiell Carter Isebrand, born Jan. 6, 2009 at Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames. He weighed 9 lbs., 2.5 oz., and was 22 inches long.

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Thank you I would like to thank all my family and friends for the birthday cards and telephone calls for my 80th birthday. Thanks everyone! — Marjorie Evans

News, sports, opinion, celebrations, the latest forecast, classified ads, ... It’s all available, all the time, at

Cell-U-Byte “The Home of Exceptional Cellular Service” Call Cell-U-Byte 422-1466 Shop Willowbrook mall for many more fine businesses.

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Granowski, Matson LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Jamie Lyn Matson and Jeffrey Lee Granowski were married Dec. 20, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nev. Jamie is the daughter of Jim and Kathy Watson of Clear Lake. Jeff is the son of Gary Granowski of Farmington, Minn., and Marilyn Scott of Coppell, Texas. The bride’s attendants were her sister, Kim Anzevino, of Jacksonville, N.C., Diana Allen of Denver, Colo., and Kim Hrdlicka, of Lakeville, Minn. The groom’s attendants were Gage Dennison, of St. Louis Park, Minn., Andy Thompson, of Lakeville, Minn., and Scott Stoneking, of Lakeville, Minn. The wedding party also included Jeff’s niece and nephew, Mackenzie and Nathan Larson of Burnsville, Minn., and Jamie’s nephews, Cristiano and Santino Anzevino of Jacksonville, N.C. Jamie is employed with Fairview Southdale Hospital

in Edina, Minn., and Jeff is self-employed and owner of All Craftsmen Exteriors with offices in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud, Minn. The couple will enjoy a wedding dinner and dance for friends and relatives in March, and after a trip to Aruba, Jeff and Jamie will be at home in in Burnsville, Minn.

Did you know that straight teeth contribute to a person’s emotional well-being and health?

Johnson, 42 years MASON CITY — Phil and Carolyn (Boutelle) Johnson of Mason City were united in marriage Jan. 29, 1967, at the Northwood Methodist Church, Northwood. The couple will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary. Their children and spouses are Lance and Tina Johnson, Mason City; Todd and Sarah Johnson, Cedar Falls; Tim and Amy Scheib, Ankeny. They have seven grandchildren.

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News, sports, opinion, celebrations, the latest forecast, classified ads, ... It’s all available, all the time, at

Free Initial Examination! 655 S. Illinois Ave. • Mason City, IA 50401 • 641-424-3375 • Mason City Offices in Mason City, Clear Lake, Forest City and Hampton

CLEAR LAKE — Pfc. Benjamin Hunt, of Clear Lake, graduated Oct. 17, 2008 from Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego, Calif. On Jan. 15, 2009, he graduated from the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, San Diego. He is now stationed at Camp Pendleton. He is a 2008 graduate of Clear Lake High School. Hunt is the son of Jim and Pam Hunt, and grandson of Loren and Elizabeth Hunt, and Darwin and Margie Nelson.

SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 2009 ✦ E15




Happy 15th Birthday Ashley


Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Mom, Dennis, Christopher and Elyssa

In memory

Putnam, 65 years

Abel, Stoffa

OSAGE — Royden and Gladys (Carrison) Putnam, 1108 Walnut St., Osage, Iowa, 50461, were married in the First Lutheran Church in Waterloo on Jan. 29, 1944. No celebration is planned at this time for their 65th wedding anniversary. Their children are Kenneth, Duane, Derrel Putnam, Kathy Tosel and Darla DeForest. They also have six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

BRENNA ABEL, of Belmond, is the daughter of DuWayne and Deb Abel. She is a 2005 graduate of Belmond-Klemme High School and will graduate in May 2009 from Simpson College with a BA degree in corporate communications. JUSTIN STOFFA, of Albia, is the son of Jeff and Margie Stoffa. He is a 2005 graduate of Albia High School and will graduate in May 2009 from Simpson College with a BA degree in business management. The couple will be married on July 25, 2009, at Smith Chapel on the Simpson College campus in Indianola.



Robert K. (Bob) Strickler 1933-2004 Our love for you is still strong. Our memories last on and on.

Joan and family

Thank you I want to thank my wonderful family, friends, neighbors and co-workers for all the cards, memorials, plants, flowers and food during our recent loss. Words can not express how much everything is appreciated. Thank you Jerry and all the Sidewinder crew for getting the luncheon together. And last, but not least, my wonderful stepfather, Earl Morris, for getting me where I needed to go. I could not have done it without him. Jamie at Major Erickson for her personal touch and Chaplain Bard from Hospice for his beautiful sermon. I hope I have not forgotten anyone. If I failed to greet each and all, I’m sorry. It was an overwhelming crowd. Lynn was there in spirit, enjoying every moment of it. — The Lynn Lunning Family


SKI-DOO Snowmobiles & Accessories


JOHN DEERE Consumer Products

Trudy Budlong, 80 TITONKA — A card shower is planned for Trudy Budlong, of Titonka, who observed her 80th birthday, Jan. 22. Cards may be sent to Trudy at the following address: 3730 Pine Brook Circle #201, Bradenton, Fla., 34209.


DOWNTOWN GARNER • 641-923-2761



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Happy Birthday


Happy 95th Birthday Harold ‘Hank’ Dixon, 95 MANLY — Harold “Hank” Dixon was born Jan. 26, 1914. He will celebrate his 95th birthday with family. Hank has three children: Larry (Sharon) Dixon, and Harold (Pat) Dixon, both Mason City, and Donna (Roger) Backhaus, Manly. He has six grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. Please send cards and memories to: 404 West Bosworth, Manly, Iowa 50456.

Aubrey Paige Miller, of Garner, will celebrate her first birthday with a family dinner. She was born Jan. 25, 2008, in Mason City.

THANK YOU Thank You We want to thank everyone for celebrating my 100th birthday at the Homestead on the 12th of January. I enjoyed the day with my friends and family especially, and the cards I received. Thanks for the memories. — Gerald “Red” Knight and Rod and Barb Knight

1-888 GO NIACC

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of Grafton were married Jan. 23, 1949, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Grafton. See the Babies of 2008 of Mason City were married Feb. 6, 195...