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GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.

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“GlobeMed is a safe place to investigate all aspects of global health. It allows us to challenge ourselves and really dive in to hard-hitting issues. I also love GlobeMed because you are able to connect to students on campus who are just as passionate and dedicated as you are about the same thing: health equity. It's the best!� --Monica Walls

E-Board Spotlight Nick Majie (Internal Co-President) Year: Junior Major: Political Science and Biomolecular Sciences Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: My favorite thing about GlobeMed is talking about global health issues with my fellow GlobeMedders. I love hearing others' opinions about issues pertaining to current events, theoretical cases, or our partner organizations. This helps me broaden my own perspectives in health, and dig deeper into those tough questions. GlobeMed really opened up my eyes to the role students can play in the movement for global health equity! Fun Fact: I have a hard time narrowing down a favorite, but at this very moment, my favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation! Emily Chiu (Senior Advisor) Year: Senior Major: Economics Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: Our amazing, dedicated members! Fun Fact: When I was a kid, my turtle ran away. Since then, the only pets I care for are of the Chia and rock variety. Hailey Steinhauser (Communications) Year: Junior Major: Movement Science Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: Being surrounded by so many passionate students Fun Fact: I love being outside, drawing, and being crafty!

Audrey Chitkara (Finances) Year: Sophomore Major: Business Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: Meeting people who care about human rights as much as I do! Fun Fact: I love traveling! Next on my list are Brazil and Nepal.

GlobeMed @ UMich

GlobeMed @ UMich Turns Five! GlobeMed at the University of Michigan turns five this year! And the past five years have been amazing. Since 2007, GM at UM has grown from 10 members to 55 members! GM at UM has been partnered with the Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation, located in Detroit, MI, since the beginning. From assisting with weekly Healthy Eating, Activity, and Learning (HEAL) workshops, to developing the Sowing Seeds, Growing Futures Farmer’s Market, to helping to maintain JoySouthfield’s community gardens, GM at UM has been a driving force with their local partner. In 2009, GM at UM formed a new, additional partnership with Tiyatien Health in Liberia. Each year, GM at UM has raised over $10,000 to support TH, first funding their Frontline Health Worker program in 2010, to unrestricted funding in 2011, to supporting their expansion to the isolated Konobo region this year. WOW! But we’re not done yet. We have big plans for the future. So what comes next?

Goals for GlobeMed @ UMich 2012-2013 1. Reaching out to the campus community in order to spread awareness of global health disparities as well as collaborating with other student organizations on various social justice and global health events. 2. Support our partner, Tiyatien Health, by raising at least $10,000 to support their expansion to Konobo, Liberia. We want to expand the number and type of events we have this year in order to diversify our fundraising methods. 3. Continue our strong partnership with Joy-Southfield by assisting with the HEAL workshops and other outreach programs. 4. Engage our staff members by holding dynamic, educational, and exciting staff meetings each week. We're trying to develop strong and educated student leaders who understand their role and the impact they have in the movement for global health equity.

GlobeMed @ UMich Fall 2012 Events! -

“Jog for Justice” 5k Run & Walk Joy-Southfield Garden Day ”Gobble for GlobeMed” Community Dinner Painting “The Rock” Fall Retreat & Skype Call with GlobeMed @ UNC Can Drive ”Urban Roots” Documentary Screening

E-Board Spotlight

Jog for Justice 5k On Saturday, October 27th, the GlobeMed chapter at University of Michigan held the first “Jog for Justice” 5K. This was a fundraiser walk/run for both students and their families. The event made over $500 for our partner Tiyatien Health in Liberia and was hosted at Nichol’s Arboretum in Ann Arbor. We had over 60 people register for the event and we were given several donations. Everyone came dressed in costume in the spirit of Halloween. We gave away prizes for those dressed in best costume and for our top finishers. The prizes consisted of pumpkins, donated from Emily Rheaume’s family farm and gift certificates from RoadID, our sponsor for the event who donated race bibs. Our participants not only got to enjoy the lovely scenery of Nichol’s Arboretum, but were rewarded with Bruegger’s Bagels. It was such as successful event for our first year and we hope to continue this event for years to come. We couldn’t be more grateful for all of the support we saw. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Gobble for GlobeMed The GlobeMed Community Dinner is the second largest fundraising event of the year, and our dinner this year was no different. We raised over $400, the most we have ever earned from this event in the past! We received food donations from local restaurants all around Ann Arbor. For only a small donation of $5, attendees could fill their plates with these food selections in the East Hall Psych Atrium. All proceeds are going towards our chapter's

Emily Rheaume (Campaigns) Year: Senior Major: International Studies: Global Environment and Health Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: The family. The kindest group of people I have ever had the privilege of working with. goal of raising $10,000 for our partner, Tiyatien Health in Liberia.

Fun Fact: I wanted to be Indiana Jones growing up.

Garden Day

Kristin Harden (Campaigns)

Garden Day was Saturday, November 3rd where we got to go tour the clinic at JoySouthfield and help close the Community gardens (for the upcoming chilly winter!). The day went from about 10am to the late afternoon and afterwards a few of our members were able to stay and volunteer in the HEAL workshop that occurred that day as well! It was an awesome time to connect with the our partner, Joy-Southfield and the neighboring Detroit community.

Year: Senior Major: Anthropology Minor: Gender and Health Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: The people! My fellow members of GlobeMed are wonderful and it’s so great to work together to educate ourselves about health equity and social justice issues and to support our partners! Fun Fact: This one time, I walked 500 miles across Spain. Actually, it took 5 weeks and was the greatest experience of my life!

“Urban Roots” Screening Thursday, November 29th, we held a campus-wide screening of “Urban Roots.” The company’s motto is “when everything collapses, plant your field of dreams,” and that’s just what the citizens of Detroit have to do. The Motor City has crumbled and like our own partner, Joy-Southfield, they are persevering and refusing to let the city go. Urban farming brings to mind sights of concrete jungles and rooftop secret gardens, yet in Detroit, they are not glamorous, but a reclaiming of nature and earthly goodness. It’s an interesting transition back to the roots we all came from, and healthy products are now available as well as valuable and priceless community building.This is a look towards a sustainable future and a return from the disconnected world many of us live in.

Haris Sohail (Community Building) Year: Junior Major: International Studies: Global Health and Environment Minor: Biology Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: The chapter community…no pun intended. Fun Fact: I’m the social chair of the snowboard club. I love love love snowboarding.

Tiyatien Health:

A Story From Liberia A Liberian nurse aid, Alphonso, who works for TH as a Frontline Health Worker Supervisor in Zwedru and who was also a founding member, told a powerful story about a trip to Konobo while working on the district health assessment. There was a pregnant woman traveling to the clinic in Konobo. She had been walking for hours, and still had hours left to walk to the health center when the Alphonso and TH’s medical director caught up with her group. Turns out that the woman was already fully dilated and about to give birth. “What would’ve happened to her if TH had not been there on that road?… there are women everywhere dying because they have no access to health services.”

Our Partners: Tiyatien Health

E-Board Spotlight Michael Budros (External Co-President) Year: Senior Major: BCN/German Minor: Anthropology Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: I really enjoy all of the GlobeMed people, both in our chapter and nationally. They are a fascinating group of really inspiring people. I also enjoy working to support our partners. The connections we have been able to establish with JSCDC and Tiyatien Health are really special and I hope I can maintain a life-long relationship with these organizations. Fun Fact: One of my favorite movies is Forrest Gump, for sure. I also really like to ski and hopefully will be going to Utah or Colorado this winter break. Riley Pfeifer (Individual Givings) Year: Junior Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: My favorite thing about GlobeMed is that I get to make a difference by helping people both within our country and abroad. Not to mention the lovely people in the club. :) Fun Fact: I’m a water bug! I wakeboard, waterski, knee board, scuba dive, kayak, and pretty much do any activity that involves Lake Huron.

GlobeMed @ UMich 2012 GROW Internships This year, GlobeMed at the University of Michigan had a somewhat un-traditional GROW internship compared to other GlobeMed chapters in the United States – one without the pricey airfare, the cumbersome luggage, the occasional language barrier, and the out-of-the-ordinary food. One of our GROW internships was in Detroit, Michigan with our partner, the Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation; the other GROW internship was located in Boston, MA with our international partner, Tiyatien Health. Our non-traditional and more domestically-focused GROW internships, however, was still strikingly similar to all other GROW internships. The interns played an instrumental role in the development and growth of our chapter; their perspectives help mold the future of the chapter, and on a larger scale, public health. The interns were able to use their experiences to help grow the chapter and grow as an individual. Like the other GROW internships happening concurrently across the globe, our goals for GROW were: 1. To strengthen, add to, and expand programs, resources, and knowledge of the partner organization for the purpose of having a positive impact on their community 2. To engage in mutual learning in order to strengthen all aspects of the partnership 3. To ensure long-term stability through evaluation and strategic planning

Tiyatien Health GROW Internship in Boston Tiyatien Health is a small, startup organization, but it is nevertheless expanding and growing in immense and inspiring ways that became extremely evident to me during my GROW trip in Boston. They are scaling up, blazing new trails, and hiring more staff in Boston and Liberia than ever before. Along with their success as an organization, I was overwhelmingly impressed by their immutable partnership with the most remote, rural poor of Liberia. Tiyatien Health is more than just a non – profit organization; it is a vehicle for hope, health, and development in Southeastern Liberia and they taught me quite a few important lessons this past summer. Konobo, a district in the same county as TH’s home in Zwedru, is a new focal point for the global TH team. Tiyatien Health in Liberia is currently preparing to expand their model and programs from Zwedru to Konobo. A health assessment was conducted by members of the TH team in Liberia, in concert with the Liberian government across the country, and this assessment revealed that Konobo was one of the worst served and most remote areas in Liberia. The Konobo Health Center was the only health facility for the entire district and some people would have to walk 8 hours or more to get to that clinic. Despite the daunting nature of Konobo’s remoteness and its overgrown “roads”, Tiyatien Health is out slashing down trees and once again forging the new road for health delivery in resource poor areas of Liberia. If not already, their Frontline Health Worker model could fundamentally alter the very history of Liberia’s recovery from the civil war that leveled the country’s health infrastructure. My GROW internship was a fantastic experience and I was able to be involved in a lot of different aspects of Tiyatien Health. I learned a lot about the technical details about Tiyatien Health and getting the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and whatnot off the ground earlier than in the past, but I was also able to form a personal relationship with our partner, which is incredibly important for maintaining a partnership and ensuring that we move along in solidarity by keeping the partnership a two way street.

E-Board Spotlight Lily Bonadonna (Joy-Southfield) Year: Junior Major: Anthropology Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: Going to Detroit [for Joy-Southfield] Fun Fact: I’m Canadian!

Nick Rydzewski (Joy-Southfield)

Our Partners: Joy-Southfield JS GROW Internships 2012 Our domestic partner in Detroit, Joy-Southfield, provided several Grassroots On-Site Work (GROW) internships this summer for a few of our own GlobeMed members Nick, Sam, and Kristin. Nick and Sam’s six-week internships focused on planning and facilitating the Health Eating, Activity and Learning (HEAL) family workshops. This is an incredible outreach program that puts an emphasis on healthy eating, nutrition, and physical activity to empower and educate Detroit resident participants (children, parents, and caregivers) about the importance of healthy lifestyles. To assist with the HEAL workshops, Nick bought and prepared fresh food for the families, advertised the workshops, and facilitated the 2-hour long workshops. Some of the workshop activities included: a grocery shopping game, measuring sugar in beverages, food pyramid activities, portion size activities, fruit and vegetable collages, relay races, stretching exercises, and jump rope competitions. These workshops aren’t diet programs; they are focused on introducing a healthier alternative lifestyle.

their own. The JS farmer’s market also had cooking demonstrations and a live DJ to entertain customers. Kristin also tended the community gardens by harvesting crops to sell at the farmer’s market and water the garden.

Quotes From the Interns Nick: “The HEAL workshops foster a trusting and community-centered environment, which is essential to any community-based development program.” Nick: “Communicating with people on a face-toface basis brings to light that powerful human connection strung between all of us. The workshops create a welcoming atmosphere where conversation and learning is a two-way street.” Nick: “I was able to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating from many of the participants. At times, my limited knowledge on certain areas of nutrition was replenished by many of the participants’ experiences with certain foods. We all learned together.” Sam: “It's hard to imagine that one workshop could take an entire day of preparation, but there are many details to attend to: food to buy and cook, families to call, worksheets to copy, and so on.” Sam: “Joy-Southfield is a wonderful place to spend time; the friendly, laughing atmosphere made me feel comfortable and at home. Sam: The amount of attendance didn't matter; working with people who want to make a positive difference in their life is satisfying regardless of the size of the group. Kristin (farmer’s market): “It was a really great way to meet people from around the neighborhood, who have such an amazing spirit and tell the greatest stories, and give lots of hugs!”

Highlight e-board!

Kristin’s two month internship as the coordinator of the Joy-Southfield farmer’s market and clinic’s two community gardens. For the JS farmer’s market days, Kristin bought produce from the Eastern Market (Detroit's main farmer's market) to sell at the HEY (Healthy Empowered Youth) stand at the JS market, since the gardens weren't producing enough to sell on

Year: Senior Major: Neuroscience Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: My favorite part about GlobeMed is our emphasis on forming long term partnerships both locally and abroad. We get to help out and understand how health disparitiesare tackled in two very different communities, and make a difference around the world! Fun Fact: I worked for 2 years in a lab where I dissected fruit fly testes! Sam Cunningham (ghU) Year: Junior Major: Economics My Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: Being around really fun people with whom I can be goofy and have real conversations, about things that matter. Fun Fact: When I was little, I solved long division problems in my spare time for fun (and was unbearably cool). Ryan Marina (ghU) Year: Senior Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology Minor: Japanese Studies Favorite Thing About GlobeMed: I love the diversity of GlobeMed. Every single member brings a unique blend of skills and interests to the table, which really helps us to be a consistently strong and well-rounded student organization. Fun Fact: I have played the cello for the past 12 years and would probably be studying music had I not chosen science.

GlobeMed at the University of Michigan Fall 2012 Newsletter  

GlobeMed is a student-driven non-profit organization working toward the goal of social justice and global health equity. Here at the Univers...