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GlobeMed at Tufts 2011-2012 Quarterly Report

Table of Contents Message from Co-presidents GROW Domestic GROW International Fundraising/Reach/Impact Looking Ahead Who we are Upcoming Events

Our Team Co-Presidents Kanu Tewari & Hafsa Chaudhry & Laura Corlin Directors of Communications Kate Collins & Zach Silver Campaign Coordinators Caitlin Dane & Malina Filkins GlobalhealthU Coordinators Fiona Weeks & Anushay Mistry Director of Community Building Jackie Ochoa GROW Coordinator David Meyers Director of Finances Sally Pratt

Dear Friends of GlobeMed at Tufts, Over the past few months, we have made significant strides as a chapter towards strengthening our partnership with Nyaya Health and increasing our chapter’s impact for the Achham community. The dedication, passion, and pragmatic solidarity that perfuses all of Nyaya’s work continues to impress and inspire us. We are especially honored to have the opportunity to work alongside Achhami community members who model strength of character in spirit each day.. This summer, between Boston and Achham, six of our chapter members interned for Nyaya Health. Beyond the work our interns accomplished, we bonded with the Nyaya staff in a profound way. Perhaps the best part of the internships was the increased engagement with our partner. We learned about how Nyaya truly lives by its core values as it achieves tangible successes. Looking ahead, we have laid out a 3-year vision in our 10,000 promises campaign that details our commitments to spreading Nyaya’s message, raising money to support Nyaya’s programs, and developing leaders for the global health movement. We have already raised $660 to begin funding the installation of new solar panels in Bayalpata Hospital to power on-site operations. On a chapter level, we produced our first annual report and made strides in our efforts to ensure better accountability, transparency, and efficiency. We are quite excited to share these and other accomplishments with you in our first quarterly report. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to a strong second year together. With lots of GlobeMed love, Laura Corlin, Hafsa Chaudhry, and Kanu Tewari

Our Impact...


Travel/Living Expenses

$11,900 in Grants


Medic Mobile Pilot Project


Volunteer Hours | Nepal





Volunteer Hours | Boston

For Future Grow Expenses



Our Reach... 19



Interested Freshmen

People Touched By Our Work

Our Fundraising... $635 from 18 donors Hafsa’s birthday



$8451.31 Total for Nyaya 2011-2012

Our Work... Grow Domestic

Implemented New Social Media Platforms Prepared for Chase Community Giving Campaign Coordinated Partnership with Nepal ko Yuwa for Walk for Nepal Boston Event

Grow International

Organized Donor Database Transfer and Finance Management Planned Nepal + Ball | Boulder Contributed to Website Remodeling and Rebranding Managed Partnership with Laughing Moon Chocolates for Holiday Campaign

Implemented medic mobile system for community data collection

Created curriculum for community health worker trainings

Initiated HIV collaborative initiative

Spearheaded grant initiatives for EMR and social innovation tools

Created data visualization templates and began the data communication programs Created quality improvement tools Assisted in evaluation of clinical education and community health programming

Helped streamline hospital systems and organize physical resources Helped prepare for the hospital’s 3rd anniversary and VIP guests visit Bonded with Nyaya-Nepal staff and Achhami community members Â

Our summer in Achham.... 6/11 6/13 6/16 6/18 6/27

| | | | |

6/29 | 7/9


7/16 |

7/23 |

7/28 | 8/4 8/5

| |

Reached Nepal Help with Community Health Program audit First intern site visit to the local communities Bayalpata Hospital handles a food poisoning epidemic Medic Mobile project begins with first training for community health worker leaders Bayalpata’s 3rd anniversary and inauguration of the surgical center and microbiology lab with Paul Farmer A healthy newborn girl dies because the power is out and she cannot receive oxygen - a tragic sequence that our 2012-2013 project seeks to end GROW interns submit large scale grants this week to fund an electronic medical record system and to strengthen the community health program First Data meeting to communicate clinical and community health data back to the clinicians and administrators at Bayalpata Hospital First Community Partners Meeting for organizations working to combat HIV GlobeMed Meetings in Kathmandu Leave Nepal

10,000 Promises

GlobeMed at Tufts is committed to growing and evolving with Nyaya Health. We have many internal operational goals for the coming year that we hope will serve to increase the impact we can ultimately have for the people of Achham. Scaling up from our initial 12 for 12 for 12 individual giving campaign, we have set a new challenge for ourselves –10,000 Promises: · Within the next year, GlobeMed at Tufts members will give at least 10,000 cumulative hours working for Nyaya Health. · Within next two years, we will spread Nyaya’s message to at least 10,000 people. · Within the next three years, we will reach the $10,000 annual fundraising mark. Our greatest strength as a chapter is our partnership with Nyaya Health. We would like to thank Nyaya Health for making us part of their team and for their inspiration, passion, and dedication. We are looking forward to our continued partnership.

Looking Ahead... Fundraising Project Overview: This year, our chapter will be helping to fund Nyaya’s Phase II Solar Power project that will provide the necessary power for the new surgical center, microbiology lab, and blood bank. Cost:


x 18 panels

Need: Nyaya has only

= $6,480

12 solar panels that pow-

er the inpatient department, outpatient department, emergency room, administrative offices, staff quarters, and microbiology lab. These few panels are


There are times when the hospital cannot provide even basic, life-saving procedures due to lack of power. By moving forward on Phase II Solar, Nyaya will have the consistent and necessary power to provide quality patient care.

Additional Contributions

Internal Goals 2012-2013

3 Nyaya Research


Additional support from previous interns



Epidemiological analysis of information from Nyaya’s continuing medical education curriculum for health assistants and nurses Data briefs using Nyaya’s clinical and community health databases to inform Nyaya’s programming

BIG Engagement Enhance

community building


social media platforms

Large-scale campaigns

GlobeMed at Tufts Upcoming Events GIM for Freshmen | Sat, Sept. 1st 3pm Chase Community Giving Voting | 9/6-9/19 GIM | Sun, Sept. 9th 8:30pm Activities Fair | Tues, Sept. 11th 5pm Informal GIM | Wed, Sept. 12th 12pm Eboard Retreat | Weekend of 9/13 Millennium Campus Conference | 9/14-15 New and Returning Staff Apps Due | 9/14 First Staff Meeting | Sun, Sept. 16th 8:30pm Walk for Nepal | Sat, Sept. 22nd 10-2pm Chapter Retreat | Sun, Sept. 23rd 12-6pm

Introducing our new Eboard.... Co-Presidents | Kanu Tewari & Hafsa Chaudhry Directors of Communications | Michelle Shah & Marie Schow Campaign Coordinators | Caitlin Dane & Malina Filkins GlobalhealthU Coordinators | David Meyers & Rachel Weinstock Director of Community Building | Kate Collins & Anushay Mistry GROW Coordinator | Alon Slutzky Director of Finances | Sally Pratt Director of Development | Laura Corlin

Check Out .... • • • •

A revamped and A new 3-pager to explain our partnerships The Internal GlobeMed at Tufts handbook (Coming Soon!) The first phase of a biography project to allow chapter members and Nepal based staff members get to know each other on a more personal level

Quarterly Report  

Summer 2012

Quarterly Report  

Summer 2012