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2013 GROW Interns!


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Interviews for our chapter’s GROW team were held on November 4th, and by the end of the day, four new interns were selected. Zach Adams, Josh Bradley, Clara Williams and Julia Baker will be representing GlobeMed at UNC this Summer in Gulu, Uganda!

Left to Right: Zach Adams, Clara Williams, Julia Baker, Josh Bradley

The team is currently working with Susan Violet All of the interns are unbelievably excited to travel to and other former GROW Gulu this Summer and work with staff members at interns to prepare for the Health Alert Uganda! trip.

New Fundraising total = $2348.04 We are working towards our goal of $10,000 for HAU, and have recently achieved $2,348.04 from the following events.  $43 from the Tomato Jake's benefit night  $250 from the facebook contest (Kumbaya)  $15 selling beads/bags at Eminence  $5 on t-shirts at the meeting last week  $735 so far from Alecia’s birthday fundraiser



New Finance Chair week’s staff meeting, Yasemin Cole was named as the new finance chair! We wanted to get to know our newest exec member a little better, so we had a little chat with Yasemin. To Right: Yasemin Cole, our new finance chair!

Globemed at UNC’s beloved finance chair, Kaitlin Quallen, is off to study abroad for the Spring 2013 semester. So while she’s off adventuring in South America, a new finance chair will be taking care of our finances for us. After reviewing several great applications, a decision was made. At this past

She is a first year student, having graduated earlier this year from Wakefield HighvSchool in Raleigh, NC. Her major is currently biology, but it may change further down the college road. Although this is just her first year as a GlobeMedder, she applied to be finance chair so she could

be more involved in our GlobeMed family and take on the duties of an executive board member. She believes that the finance chair’s responsibility is “to ensure that all money raised and used is accounted for,” and she plans on fulfilling this responsibility by keeping our group well informed of the account balances. In addition, she hopes to provide more resources to help us reach our fundraising goal. Lastly, a couple fun facts: Yasemin is double-jointed and she has a twin brother at NC State. We are so happy to have Yasemin as one of ourGlobeMed leaders, and we wish our former finance chair Kaitlin a great time next semester!

Individual Giving Update!

To right: 2011 Summer GROW team

Individual Giving is currently working on writing several grants. These include: The Ronald W. Hyatt Rotary Public Ser-




vice Award, Gillings Student Organization Service Project Award, and The Projects for Peace Grant, all of which are due in January. Last year, GlobeMed was awarded the Ronald W. Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award, so we are hopeful of winning it again. They are also auctioning off some photos taken in Uganda and a painting “that’s really awesome.” Individual Giving has also worked on a let-

ter writing campaign to encourage friends and family of GlobeMed members to donate during the holiday season. If you’d like to learn about the grants Individual Giving is applying for please see the following links: Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award Gillings Student Organization Service Project Award Projects for Peace Grant


Eminence Recap Several weekends ago, on November 17-18, GlobeMed at UNC hosted an inter-chapter retreat titled “Eminence: Essence of Self”. A total of 34 students from UNC, Duke, and USC came together for 2 days of panels, discussions, and various other activities to bond and discover, amongst other things, that which motivates us, our passions, and our values. With a glut of food to power our brains, we embarked on a journey that involved advice from GlobeMed alumni, who spoke of how their GlobeMed experiences affected their lives today, and gave us advice and lessons from their own mistakes, like:

Red Tie Affair The Red Tie Affair is our largest annual fundraising/ awareness event that's being held this year on Thursday night, November 29th. The event aims to bring people together to raise awareness on the severity of HIV around the world today, as well as to discuss the hope of an HIV/AIDSfree future. It will take

life takes a lot of turns, be careful what face you put to the world, and most importantly, be all that you can be. We held 2 discussions, the first of which we discussed our values and how they influenced our lives, and conversely, how our lives influenced our values. In our second round, we discussed what our passions were and how they define us, and the steps we are taking to either find or achieve this passion. The “Power Shuffle” is what many will admit was the deepest and most place in the Hitchcock room of the Stone Center from 7-9. For entertainment, there will be seven different performance groups coming as well as two amazing guest speakers. The performers will include Opeyo, Walk ons, Misconception Dance Group, Harmonyx, Words miths, Priscilla Townsend, and Born2Step.


Eminence Attendees from UNC, USC, and Duke

reflective activity. In complete silence, we presented physical representations of our agreement (or lack thereof) with statements of our beliefs and life experiences. An introspective discussion followed, along with a roundtable of people’s personal stories. All in all, it was a fantastic bonding experience forced us all to examine our lives much more closely.

The speakers will be Dr. Van Der Horst, a UNC Medical School professor and the Associate Chief in the Division of Infectious Disease, and Josh, a local speaker that will be discussing what it is like to "live positively" with HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Week is a time to celebrate, reflect, and learn. HIV/AIDS is a devastating pandemic, but there is still so much hope for the future.

AIDS ribbon constructed out of 2011 Red Tie Affair attendees

GlobeMed at UNC November 2012 Newsletter  

November Newsletter

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