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GlobeMed at the University of Rochester 2016 – 2017 ANNUAL REPORT


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About GlobeMed Mission GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.

Vision We envision a world in which health – the ability to not only survive but thrive – is possible for all people.

We believe every human life has equal value. This belief has drawn us together from all corners of the world. Health for all is within our grasp if we work together.

Message from

The Co-Presidents Dear Friends, We entered this past year with three main goals. The first was to establish and deepen our connections within our University community. Second, we worked to improve the cohesiveness of our members by developing the wide array of individual talents in our chapter and encouraging their use in conjunction with one another. Lastly, we desired to strengthen the partnership between our organization and SOVA. After this year, it is apparent that our relationship with the other clubs, organizations, or communities on campus has never been better. Our successful events like Benefit Dinner and the Date Auction, not to mention our inaugural SOVA awareness week, drew everyone closer, granting exposure to our mission and raising awareness and support of SOVA’s as well. Through numerous co-sponsorships and conversations, we now stand poised to partake in several joint ventures in the upcoming year with other campus organizations and clubs. GlobeMed at the University of Rochester is now a mainstay on campus, and thus, so too is SOVA. Also noteworthy, the talent pool for our chapter is overwhelming with potential. This year we received our annual share of outstanding members, allowing us to build our various committees and teams to best complement our activities for the year. Our members will use the skills and experiences they picked up this year to personally improve, as well as mentor our newest members, arming them to continue our mission of global health and social justice equality. Lastly, this year we pushed for our members to truly understand our partnership with SOVA. Our 2016 GROW team was particularly instrumental to this venture, presenting and providing knowledge and experiences from their trip. Our members now have real world stories and understanding of the program we contribute towards, not to mention the various other efforts SOVA is involved in. We hope to use this year’s GROW trip to further cement this understanding, both for ourselves and for SOVA to better understand our chapter. While we have made great leaps towards accomplishing these goals, our chapter is perpetually moving forward, working to hit these benchmarks and push beyond. We will make this upcoming year one to remember as we reach for the stars and continue our steadfast progression towards our objectives. Sincerely, Vivek Viswanath & Payal Morari 2017-2018 Co-Presidents GlobeMed at the University of Rochester

About our Chapter

GlobeMed at Rochester

GlobeMed at the University of Rochester was founded in 2010. We started off as a small, select group of students committed to channelling our passion for global health and social justice into a viable, action oriented organization. Today, our chapter has over 40 members, with numerous applicants. After a successful five year partnership with Kallpa Iquitos in Peru, we partnered with SOVA Odisha during the 2015-2016 year, and the rest is history. Since then, we’ve hosted two benefit dinners, a date auction, art gala, numerous awareness events, and held countless chapter-wide discussions on topics in global health and social justice.

since our founding in August 2010, our chapter has grown from 12 to 45 members

since our founding in August 2010, our chapter has raised over $44,000.

KEY FACT: Of the 44% of people employed in Dhenkanal, 76% are male, and only 24% are female.

Our Partnership

SOCIAL ORGANIZATION FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION Founded in 2015 SOVA is a legal entity of non-profit, charitable and voluntary social action, based in Odisha, India. SOVA was founded with the intention to alleviate poverty and social justice issues at the heart of its presence - in a community where the NGO could provide an inclusive approach for the members of the community to be their own activists for change. The history of SOVA is truly inspiring. It started in a small community of Bhojadeipur of Dhenkanal district, Odisha, with only two staff members, and growing to 32 members. Now, SOVA serves 1067 villages in Dhenkanal, and Angul. The GlobeMed Partnership with SOVA was created just two years ago, and although our re-partnership involved many conversations within our chapter, in the end, it was easy for all of our members to see that our mission for social justice and global health equity was matched by SOVA’s. SOVA;s mission is to strengthen community based organizations and small institutions to resolve issues of social justice, poverty, lack of education and healthcare. They aim to empower youth and women to attain sustainable development through training and community employment.

Dhenkanal District (Odisha, India) Population: 1.1 million people An unstable government with repeating cycles of conquest have left Odisha with problems that have roots seeded in the 19th century. Since the Na’anka famine of 1886 which occurred during the British rule of India, Odisha’s primarily rural economy is isolated from the rest of the country, and significantly poorer in comparison. In Odisha, 32% of people live below the poverty line; whereas in all of India, 20% of people live below the poverty line.

Our Project

BY THE NUMBERS: Key metric: 23 Odian Youth (Girls aged 18-22) graduated from the program and went on to be employed by their community. Cost of project: $6500 What the money directly funded: Tuition, Supplies

GlobeMed at the University of Rochester raised $6500 to fund a medical vocational training program for young adult females in the Dhenkanal district of Odisha, India.

In Dhenkanal, SOVA is conducting a health and medicine training program led by professional medical staff at the Srimula Public Health Center. Last year, this program provided free medical education for 23 young adults not only to bridge the medical gap, but also to break the cycle of poverty faced by providing employment opportunities within local communities. SOVA administered hands on training in basic medical tasks, emergency medical services, prenatal care and community based health approaches in the Srimula village.

Projects Projects are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description

Benefit Dinner

Our 6th Annual Gala Dinner. Features presentations on global health while reaffirming our chapter’s mission with the rest of the university community.

Date Auction

Our inaugural event, complete with bidding on dates over dinner, exciting games, and awareness about our mission and partnership with SOVA.

Kaplan Auction

We auctioned off an MCAT tutoring course for admission into American medical universities. In recognition of our past efforts, Kaplan had given this to use for free.

All Food Sales

Our members sold donuts, pizza, and other goodies at various gatherings on campus to punctuate the festivities with a little dose of GlobeMed.

Sweets for SOVA

Final event of the year. A weeklong awareness presentation, involving selling sweets while advocating for SOVA’s work.

Individual Giving

Members reached out to family and friends.

Operational Budget

This consisted of all leftover funds from the previous year.

Total funds raised for SOVA in 2016-2017:


Campaign Highlights Benefit Dinner

Sweets for SOVA

With over 200 attending members, our chapter held its 6th annual benefit dinner in the Feldman Ballroom. We raised awareness and funds for SOVA< as well as featured guest speakers involved in cleft palate surgery in India. Ultimately, we connected our own work with SOVA with the other good work done by our community to improve global health.

This week-long campaign brought awareness to many of SOVA’s programs regarding women’s education and empowerment, sexual health awareness, and mental health awareness. We used resources from our University’s Health center to draw people in with giveaways in our week of tabling in one of the most central buildings in student life - Wilson Commons.

Community Building Through service and team-building events, community and camaraderie is fostered around global health and social justice within GlobeMed chapters, the GlobeMed network and surrounding communities.

Total number of chapter members in 2015 – 2016: 45 Number of community-building events: 15 Community Building this year focused on building a real network within and outside our chapter. We started by strengthening our chapter from within which increased camaraderie to encourage involvement in different communities - our campus community, and the Rochester community. Our member retreats consisting of different presentations served to introduce our new members to how our chapter worked, and to make them feel comfortable enough to become a part of the organization. Chapter bonding activities such as movie nights, dinners, yoga nights, holiday specials such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations, and gatherings following our large scaled events created an atmosphere of friendship and comfort that in turn encouraged a network of collaboration. We also explored different partnerships in the Rochester area with Digital Literacy Programs, Children’s Mentorship programs, and Social Justice Organizations and Women’s homes in the city by providing help in any way that we could, whether that meant training individual members to work in such settings, or just being present during community events such as vigils.

globalhealthU globalhealthU is GlobeMedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health.

As university students, it almost seems like we exist in a transitional bubble. For four years of our life we are engrossed in studies and activities, almost to the exclusion of all else. But this does not mirror reality. We also live in the real world. What happens out there does affect us. And consequently, what we choose to do with our skills, abilities, and passions while in college can pay off in the long run. ghU is this conduit. Through our various workshops, discussions, presentations, and lessons, individuals can identify with issues or ideas and then connect their own beliefs and skills to them. At a chapter level, this allows our members to see how best they can contribute to our university, our chapter, and our partner. Additionally, ghU provides students with the ability to really explore what health equity and social justice means to them. At a time when we young adults are first learning to actively take steps toward change in our communities, GlobeMed and specifically the ghU discussions, provide a platform for students to find their passions, and even further, fosters their creativity on how to translate that passion into change. To be able to bounce ideas off peers, expand horizons and worldviews, as well as continue to learn something new each timeâ&#x20AC;Ś this is the essence of ghU. We must move onwards, persistently and determinedly, towards understanding and action for even those issues that exist beyond our current grasp. -

Payal Morari and Vivek Viswanath, Co-Presidents


How do power structures shape our communities? How does our society treat students in underprivileged areas and how can we actively change that? How does our prison system affect the equality and health care of incarcerated individuals? How can we work towards sustainable change? What can we do to foster dialogues of current and relevant issues in our communities?

globalhealthU highlights from the year

POWER STRUCTURES - Who Has Power and How? What is power? How does power become structures in such a way that certain people hold more power than others? How can we identify who has power? Is it good or bad that power structures exist? This in-depth conversation about power structures and how it relates to privilege, challenged members’ perspectives from the get go. We chose to introduce this at the beginning of this year to ultimately set the foundation for the conversation that we would continue to have throughout the year about power and its (sometimes subtle) manifestation in our thoughts.

DESENSITIZATION - Are we Unaffected By Turmoil? This ghU discussion really challenged members as it encouraged us to think about the current climate of the world and more importantly, our reactions to the issues that we face every day. We have grown so accustomed to seeing stories of tragedies, deaths, attacks, and wrongdoings, that sometimes that’s all they become to us - stories. We don’t always realize that when an article features pictures of people, those people are someone’s family, someone’s home.This discussion really shed light on the possibility that maybe we’ve let ourselves become desensitized to the abundance of bad in the world. We react, of course, but to some degree we file it under all the other forms of loss we have seen. To bear witness as members shared their passion and their experiences was truly humbling. This discussion had a lasting impact as it inspired a different perspective to be applied to all future ghUs and discussions.

THE “SYSTEM” - What Needs to Be Changed Most nations have a way of dealing with prisoners, and often, this path leads to a significant loss of opportunity and complete change in the potential outcome of one’s life. This ghU discussion looked at how “the system” treats students in underprivileged areas and how easily it throws them onto this ruthless path without a second glance. A schoolyard fight in a rich neighborhood would result in minor disciplinary action, if anything. In an underprivileged area, that same fight could send a student to jail, ruining a family and stripping any opportunity for change. We listened to a TED talk given by sociologist Alice Goffman, titled, “How we’re priming some kids for college - and others for prison.” She stressed the importance of changing the system and changing it now to give kids in underprivileged areas opportunities to grow from their mistakes instead of waiting to “catch” them and send them to prison. Our chapter took a deeper look at how people’s lives are affected by this system, and why this system needs an immediate and everlasting change in heart and execution.

World Day of Social Justice [February 20, 2017]

Photo Campaigns to Empower Students and Raise Awareness The University of Rochester includes a community of students who love to spread awareness and get people involved. Whether weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re raising money for our philanthropies as a part of greek organizations, fundraising for partners as public health organizations, or trying to spread the word about a range of topics, from relevant issues to awareness for upcoming shows and recitals, Whiteboard Photo Campaigns are our go to option. This year, GlobeMed decided to use this platform to spread the word about public health on multiple occasions. On the World Day of Social Justice, we asked our members what they stood for, then in the central building to our campus, we asked students the same question. We then took their pictures and posted them on Facebook! In our Sweets for SOVA campaign at the end of the year, we decided to bring these back and we asked students where they stood on topics such as mental health awareness, sexual health, and global health equity. We also used this as an opportunity to explain where our partner stood on those same issues and how they actively work to fight for what they believe in, and ultimately, how we can do the same.

2017 Summit

Leading Bravely: Finding Strength in Diversity The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit catalyzes mutual learning and collaboration between 300 students and leaders from a variety of health-related sectors. It provides delegates with the space to form relationships grounded in values of social justice and health equity. “Summit directly positions students with the important work of leaders in global health and international development. I am really inspired by all the connections and memories that I’ve made!” - Giovanna Braganza, Outgoing Co-President “Attending Summit gave me the unique opportunity to hear from leaders during keynotes speeches and meet members of other GlobeMed chapters around the country. We all had the core commitment to social justice and public health, yet the ways we explored those ideas within ourselves and on our campuses were diverse and exciting to learn about. The keynote speakers shared their perspectives on creating a unique social currency. I came back to my chapter ready to share insight I learned from other people and grateful to be part of an organization that fosters such a passionate and insightful community.” - Eleanor Esbrook, Outgoing Director of Communications

List of 2017 Summit delegates: Giovanna Braganza (‘17) Eleanor Esbrook (‘19)

5 Length of Stay: 3 weeks DATES OF TRAVEL: 08/05 - 08/26 # of GROW Interns:

GROW Internship Grassroots Onsite Work

Through Grassroots On-site Work (GROW) internships, students build capacity of their partner organization, engage in mutual learning, and ensure long-term stability of their partnership.

Our GROW team is going into this trip with the intention to work as ethnographers. They are determined to speak to individuals affected by the program, including current students and graduates, and members of SOVA involved in running the program. They will try to collect multiple forms of media that will bring the rest of the chapter as close as possible to sharing their experience. Furthermore, they will work to ensure that any concerns between our two organizations are acknowledged and dealt with before we enter into what we hope will be a fruitful year.

“The group chemistry is great! Everyone here at SOVA is also really attentive and they seem to have a better idea of what we want out of the trip. I’m very optimistic.” - Angela Benson, GROW Coordinator August 7, 2017

Finances In 2016-2017, GlobeMed at University of Rochester raised $6500 for SOVA to support projects in Odisha, India.

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GlobeMed at the University of Rochester

Our Future Dear Friends, We are excited to share our vision and goals for the future, and we hope that when this time comes around next year, we will be writing of a fruitful year in which we were able to reach and even go beyond these goals. Our organization has passion and heart, and in just this year alone, we made great strides towards achieving a more coherent network. This coming year however, we are trying to breathe efficiency and productivity into our organization and our members. We will hold each other accountable and ensure that preparation and execution for all of our committees is done in a timely manner. This summer, we have worked with our EBoard, notably with Partnerships, ghU, and Projects to establish a flexible, but detailed schedule of what this semester will entail. This schedule includes all of our meeting dates, topics, guest speakers, workshops, movie nights, poetry slams, and projects. It’s going to be a busy year, but we are so thrilled to see our younger members grow into themselves, and to welcome new members and foster their search for their global health passion. We’ve also been working with Communications and Community Building to work on getting more involved in three areas - the Rochester City community, the University of Rochester community, and our own chapter community. We are excited to not only learn from other groups on campus, but also spread awareness of what social justice and global health equity means. Speaking of awareness, one major inaugural concept that we are putting into practice this year, is using our entire chapter to plan Awareness Campaigns. These will be separate from our fundraisers, consisting of poetry slams, panels, and other platforms to really bring a true understanding of SOVA to our campus. Our Communications and Community Building teams are already working hard to create lasting partnerships with other social justice organizations on our campus, that we plan to collaborate with, such as She’s the First and Engineers Without Borders. If we had to describe what we are bringing to the table this year, in a word, it would be collaboration. We are excited to maximize the potential of our members, our community, and our partnership with SOVA to strive toward a future in which global health and social justice equity is realized and practiced by all who are willing. Sincerely, Vivek Viswanath & Payal Morari 2016-2017 Co-Presidents GlobeMed at the University of Rochester

“SOVA consists of the true faces of change who have helped to alleviate poverty, health, and gender disparities in Odisha, India over the past few decades. I am proud of all the work they do to socially and financially empower others and I hope that our partnership with them continues to grow.” -- Giovanna Braganza, 2017

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Executive Board

GlobeMed at the University of Rochester Co-President

Vivek Viswanath


Payal Morari

Malu Satheesh

globalhealthU Coordinator

Zaira Lujan

Projects Director

Mahir Khan

Projects Director

Ashima Sharma

Projects Director

Priyanka Srivastava

Director of Communications

Danielle Levin

Director of Communications

Leticia Daruge

Director of Community Building

Mikey Woodbury

Director of Community Building

Leah Sittenfield

Director of Partnerships

Supporters A sincere thanks to Giovanna Braganza (Outgoing President), Eddie Ham (Outgoing Projects Director), and Abby Haslinger (Outgoing Director of Partnerships). Their tireless and inspired work over the course of their tenures with GlobeMed is an example for all members to follow.

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GlobeMed at the University of Rochester Annual Report 2016-17  
GlobeMed at the University of Rochester Annual Report 2016-17