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globalhealthU globalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health.

For this previous academic year, our chapter’s internal ghU conversations were very important in unpacking issues that rose up throughout the year. Our internal topics helped relate ideas of global health from the Cincinnati community to our partner community. Our weekly conversations also helped in addressing many issues and discussions concerning the current political administration that our members felt passionate about. These issues frequently impact the work we do with GlobeMed and deserve time to be addressed. This year our chapter held around 20 internal discussions. Some of our most impactful conversations stemmed from election topics. Things such as the travel ban and immigration to the rights of people of color, women, and the lgbtq+ community were discussed at great length. This year and in the past we worked to create an environment in which diverse ideas and perceptions could be shared equally and without judgement. We worked to ensure members and any guests that we hosted at our meetings felt empowered and respected in sharing their ideas and would continue to do so to benefit the whole chapter.

KEY QUESTIONS WE ASKED THIS YEAR Through what forms of media does society set these expectations on people? How would the travel ban effect at risk communities? Do you know the process of becoming a U.S. citizen? What would make a person “illegal”?

GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati Annual Report 2016-17  
GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati Annual Report 2016-17