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2012-2013 Annual Report

GlobeMed at University of Cincinnati



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About GlobeMed Mission

GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.


We envision a world in which health – the ability to not only survive but thrive – is possible for all people, regardless of where they call home.

We believe every human life has equal worth and every person deserves the chance to thrive. This belief has drawn together our network of students, communities, and supporters from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Health for all is within our grasp, but we can only achieve it by working together.

Presidents’ Message GlobeMed at university of Cincinnati I can recall several moments in the past six months where I have thought to myself - how in the world did we pull this off? In November of 2010 I casually filled out the chapter founder interest form on the GlobeMed website with a simple understanding of the organization that I had gathered from their mission statement. By chance I met GlobeMed's soon-to-be CoPresident, Julia Tasset and we set to work. Countless hours of work and obsessively talking about GlobeMed with everyone we meet has led us to two years later be far more successful than I ever could have dreamed. Who would have thought that such a diverse group of students could achieve so much? GlobeMed has been the most influencial experience of my young life. When people praise us for our achievements, it always takes me by surprise. I have been much more profoundly impacted by our partnership with Social Action for Women than the $23,000 could ever buy and I can only hope that moving forward, GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati continues to provide a similar experience for future global health leaders for years to come. Julia Tasset and Stephanie Lux GlobeMed at University of Cincinnati Co-Presidents 2012-2013

GlobeMed at university of Cincinnati

About Us GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati and our partnership with Social Action for Women in Mae Sot, Thailand was formed in 2011. To date, we have raised over $22,000 for two health education initiatives for Burmese Migrant workers living in Thailand. In December of 2012, we sent six students to intern with SAW and four more will be traveling to Asia in August. We were selected in the Spring of 2013 as the UC Student Organization of the Year for our work on campus and internationally and look forward to continued growth in years to come.

since our founding in september 2011, our chapter has grown from 16 to 50 members.

Our Partnership Social action for women Mae Sot, Thailand Population: 120,569 Since 1962, Burma’s oppressive military regime has crippled Burma’s economic development with isolationist policies and corruption. Human rights violations are widespread as the regime continues to violently suppress democratic movements and ethnic minority opposition groups. To escape the tyranny, many Burmese continue to flee to Mae Sot in search of work and a better life. Fleeing Burmese women and children are extremely vulnerable. They do not benefit from foreign assistance in refugee camps, and without legal status, they live in constant fear of deportation. Poverty, poor sanitation and sexual abuse are widespread.

Social Action for Women Founded in 2000 Social Action for Women (SAW) was founded in June 25, 2000 to assist displaced women from Burma who are in crisis situations after having fled to Mae Sod, Thailand. SAW supports women facing difficulties through the provision of shelter, health education, rights awareness, counseling, and vocational training for unskilled women and has expanded its focus to include caring for and educating orphaned children and children of migrant parents. SAW’s partnership with GlobeMed at UC began in 2011 with the creation of the Community Healthcare Outreach Program(CHOP).

KEY FACT: The Thai- Myanmar border hosts 92,000 registered refugees from Myanmar and an estimated 54,000 unregistered asylum- seekers. KEY FACT: The prevalence of HIV in Thai adults is 1.3%, compared to 0.6% in the United States.

Our Project Social Action for Women


Peer educators will be trained for 10 days and will lead 8 workshops in each of their 10 migrant communities

Why Community Health Education? The 40 Burmese migrant communities of Phop Phra live and work in an isolated, agricultural setting. They lack access to other medical intervention and knowledge to prevent the spread of communicable disease, sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, and clean water. CHOP unites community members with a physician educator to dispel myths, provide facts, instigate positive habits, and identify community members for further training in health education.

GlobeMed at University of Cincinnati aims to raise $15,000 to support the training of 20 Peer Educators from 10 different migrant communities in Phop Phra, Tak, Thailand in order to provide these isolated communities a consistent and sustainable source of knowledge about effective health practices. CHOP II will provide two, ďŹ ve-day trainings for the PEs. The trainings will take place in Phop Phra, as some of the PE might be undocumented and therefore unable to travel. It will take several days for them to become skilled PEs for the project. Topics to be addressed in the trainings include reproductive health and group facilitation skills. Afterwards, Yi Yi Win and other SAW sta involved in the project will work closely with PEs. Once the training is complete, PEs will have the opportunity to practice their skills by conducting one community workshop each month (eight total in each community) for 15-20 people. SAW sta will be present to provide assistance and monitor the quality of the training.

Campaigns Campaigns are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description


Hops for Health

Collaborated with Engineers Without Borders - UC to hold a fundraiser at a local pizza pub with live entertainment and food/drink specials


GlobalGiving Winter Open Challenge

Competed in the GlobalGiving Contest to raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors in 4 weeks


Helping Hands

Sold popcorn/candy corn hands during the week of Halloween


Individual Giving

Sent out letters to family and friends asking for a donation to our partner in lieu of a holiday gift


Charity Date Auction Collaborated with the Asian American


Gift Wrapping


Association to hold a date auction at a local bar Wrapped books for a local charity at St. Monica - St. George Parish Newman Center.

E-Week Date Auction Selected as the beneďŹ ciary of the

Engineers Week Date Auction hosted by the Engineering Tribunal

Puppy Chow Sale

Made and sold puppy chow on campus

$2,500 $950

Since 2011, GlobeMed at UC has raised a total of over $22,000 to implement SAW's Community Health Outreach Program for Burmese migrant workers in Mae Sot, Thailand.

Campaigns Campaigns are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description


A Toast to Thailand

Held another fundraiser with live entertainment and food/drink specials at a local pizza pub


Sandwiches that Save

Fundraiser night with our local Potbelly's


Party for a Cause

Selected as the beneďŹ ciary of the Nursing, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Allied Health Sciences Tribunals' rae.


Summit Merchandise Sale

Sold bags and scarves made by our parter organization Social Action for Women and tshirts made by our members at Summit.


Total funds raised for SAW in 2012-2013

$14,251.45 Since 2011, GlobeMed at UC has raised a total of over $22,000 to implement SAW's Community Health Outreach Program for Burmese migrant workers in Mae Sot, Thailand.

globalhealthU globalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health.

I feel that the theme of human rights throughout the year gave our chapter a better grasp of human rights and what they mean in general, but more specifically, helped them relate the issues to our partner. The theme of human rights tied in perfectly with the human rights abuses people face under the oppression of the Burmese military, as well as the continuing abuses they face after entering Thailand. Our chapter as a whole became extremely familiar with the everyday struggles of Burmese migrant workers as well as refugees. Perhaps one of the most impactful lessons was understanding and recognizing the actual difference between migrant workers and refugees, which wasn’t truly understood until after GROW. I also think that the rural vs. urban healthcare lesson provided insight into how human rights are viewed and practiced in various health and social environments.

2012-2013 CURRICULUM

Expanding the Dialogue on Health and Human Rights


Why do human rights exist?

Is health a human right? Who has more rights than others? How are rights influenced by one’s environment? How do we translate human rights into action?

globalhealthU Highlights from the year

World AIDS Day Expert Panel December 1, 2012

Experts from local and global HIV/AIDS prevention and support organizations came to UC to present to 43 students about their work in the community. Speakers include Caracole, a Cincinnati-based organization that provides housing and support services for people living with AIDS in urban Cincinnati. Dr. Judith Feinberg from the University of Cincinnati spoke about prevention of HIV among college students and SOTENI International, a Cincinnati-based non-proďŹ t spoke about HIV/AIDS and their AIDS Barefoot Doctors Program in rural Kenya.

World Day of Social Justice February 14-16 & 20, 2013

Our chapter taped printed "footprint facts" about global health speciďŹ c to our partner along one of the main walkways on campus. Our school has 43k students, so probably a few thousand saw these footprints. We also embarked on a photo taking campaign, designed to get students to think about what is a human right. Each student that participated answered the question "(blank) is a human right" on a chalkboard, then got their picture taken next to their answer. We then gathered the photos of about 100 students. Finally, we showed the documentary "Half the Sky" where approximately 25 people showed up. We discussed some of the points brought up in the movie afterward.

Community Building Through service and team-building events, community and camaraderie is fostered around global health and social justice within GlobeMed chapters, the GlobeMed network and surrounding communities.


Community building started o strong this year with a whole-chapter sta retreat that featured canoeing on the Little Miami river. The whole chapter felt closer, more in touch with our mission, and inspired to take on the year! Community building remained an important facet of our chapter for the rest of the year, with regular potlucks and social events (laser tag!) making sure we remembered that, while we our discussions and meetings are sometimes serious, we can still just be students bonding over a shared mission.

GROW Internship Grassroots On-site Work

06 LENGTH OF STAY: 3 weeks




Our first ever GlobeMed at UC GROW Internship was spent exploring and strengthening our partnership with Social Action for Women (SAW) in Mae Sot, Thailand. During our trip, we were able to meet and interact with our SAW contact, Ko Myo, and several other members of our partner organization. We visited and learned much about SAW’s different programs including: safe houses, migrant schools, the income generation project and mobile medical team. We also observed a session from the Community Health Outreach Program (CHOP), for which we fundraised, and spent much time in rural Phrop Phra, where the migrant camps are located. It was an eye-opening experience for all and gave us a deeper understanding and connection to take back to our chapter.

Through Grassroots On-site Work (GROW) internships, students build capacity of their partner organization, engage in mutual learning, and ensure long-term stability of their partnership. During the trip, it was easy to see the stark differences between their lives and ours. What was more interesting yet was how similar life is as well: the problems and needs, the life and the laughter. We are all human and we can all lend a hand and grow together.– Erin Slater, c/o 2014

World Day of Social Justice “INJUSTICE anywhere is a THREAT to JUSTICE everywhere.”


GLOBEMED AT UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI joined 49 other GlobeMed chapters across the nation in a network-wide commemoration of the 5rd Annual World Day of Social Justice on February 20, 2013, by asking students, professors, and community members on campus an open-ended, thought provoking question relating to social justice. OUR QUESTION

“________________” is a human right. BEHIND THE SCENES: We chose this simple question because it forces people to look at some of their most fundamental beliefs about not just health, but life as a whole. We hoped it would provide answers that might help refocus every aspect of our groups operations. If your actions are not aligned with your values and beliefs you cannot possibly be on the right path. MORE WDSJ ACTION – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – HALF THE SKY DOCUMENTARY SCREENING + DISCUSSION: We held a public screening of Half the Sky on campus to raise awareness about sex-trafficking in Cambodia and discuss what we believe are the causes, potential solutions, and problems that need addressed regarding this topic and others related to global health and social justice. After the excerpt from the documentary, we posed questions to spur reactions from the viewers and make everyone think about the social injustices happening all over the world and here in the United States. We also discussed the opportunities for students in the movement for global health equity and social justice and the impact they could have.

We asked over people.


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 20th as World Day of Social Justice in 2007. Observation of WDSJ supports efforts of the international community in poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.

2013 Summit The student momentum The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit brings together university students from across the nation for three days of intensive lectures and workshops with representatives from grassroots global health organizations and a range of experts.

2013 DELEGATES: Ceejay Boyce, Codee Boyce, Charles Ebersbacher, Kathe Pocker, Sruthi Sundaram, Radhika Teli, Stephanie Lux, Adam Voegele, Erin Slater, Mahima Venkatesh

My experience at the 2013 GlobeMed National Health Summit was an extremely enriching experience. What struck me most about Summit was the large variety of ways in which the theme was expressed, with the amazing panel discussions, small group sessions, the two documentaries we viewed, and the speakers. Personally, I was inspired most by the speakers, all of whom have achieved great heights in social service throughout the world. They made me realize my own potential and also the value of leadership and companionship that GlobeMed offers. I am very honored to be part of University of Cincinnati’s chapter and to have been able to attend the Summit this year.— Sruthi Sundaram, c/o 2016

Our Future GlobeMed at university of Cincinnati GlobeMed at UC is the single most influential experience of my undergraduate experience. This organization has touched me, educated me, changed me, challenged me, and empowered me, and made me into the person I am today. I am choosing to dedicate my career to health and social justice because of my experience in GlobeMed. – Julia Tasset, c/o 2013

During the summer of 2013, GlobeMed at UC will be sending their second GROW team to Mae Sot, Thailand to help Social Action for Women implement Phase II of the Community Health Outreach Program. We will also be having an overnight retreat for the 2013-2014 Executive Board at a member’s bison ranch. GlobeMed at UC’s plans for the 2013-2014 academic year include a $15,000 fundraising goal ($20,000 stretch goal), several campuswide ghU events planned and executed by our External ghU Coordinator, a benefit dinner to broaden our network of donors, a retreat for nearby chapters to increase regional community building, campaigns and events to raise awareness for our organization, partner, and mission on campus and in the community, and solidifying a local partnership for our chapter. To help us accomplish our goals for the 2013-2014 school year, you can donate to our project with SAW on our GlobalGiving page ( projects/globemedatcincinnati) and make a difference in the rural Burmese migrant communities in Thailand.

Finances In 2012 – 2013, GlobeMed at UC raised $15,000 for Social Action for Women to support projects in Mae Sot, Thailand. Revenue Events (Campaigns)










Internal Chapter Revenue


National Office Launch Grant




Expenses Campaigns






Sent to Partner Total sent to partner that was fundraised in the 2012-2013 academic year Total sent to partner that was fundraised prior to the 2012-2013 academic year TOTAL SENT TO PARTNER IN 2012-2013 Current Cash Position

$12550 $2450 $15000 $1165.13

Stay Connected Read more about our partner and project, and the GlobeMed network: “Like” us on Facebook to find out about upcoming events.

Follow us on twitter at @GlobeMedAtUC Follow our blog and join in on the discussion.

Check out our photos on Find our chapter on make a donation to support our partner and project today. Email us at to find out how you can get involved!

Executive Board Co-President

Julia Tasset



Stephanie Lux


GROW Coordinator

Adam Voegele


Zef Vessel


Campaign Coordinator

Ceejay Boyce


Campaign Coordinator

Shanelle Denver


Campaign Coordinator

Mahima Venkatesh


Radhika Teli


Director of Community Building

Alyssa Vah


Director of Community Building

Brittany Prijatel


Director of Finances

Christine Mideli


Emily Ziegelmeyer


Jarred Campbell


globalhealthU Coordinator

Director of Communications

Director of Design Director of Partnerships

Supporters INDIVIDUALS Ko Myo, Dr. Htin Zaw, Dr. Jason Blackard, Anupa Gewali, Alyssa Smaldino, Maya Cohen, Olivia Koshi, Sarah Endres, Thwin Linn Aung, Yee Yee Win, Dr. Raj Mehta, Dr. Judith Feinberg, Randie Marsh, Caracole Representative

A sincere thanks to the following advocates, mentors, donors, and colleagues for making our 2012 – 2013 year a great success:

ORGANIZATIONS GlobeMed National Office, University of Cincinnati Funding Board, Engineering Tribunal, Nursing Tribunal, College of Allied Health Sciences Tribunal, University Honors Program, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences Tribunal


GlobeMed National Office 620 Library Place Evanston, IL 60201 847-467-2143

Copyright 2013 © GlobeMed. All rights reserved.

GlobeMed at UCIn Annual Report 2012-2013  
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