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2012-2013 Annual Report

GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina



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About GlobeMed Mission

GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.


We envision a world in which health – the ability to not only survive but thrive – is possible for all people, regardless of where they call home.

We believe every human life has equal worth and every person deserves the chance to thrive. This belief has drawn together our network of students, communities, and supporters from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Health for all is within our grasp, but we can only achieve it by working together.

Presidents’ Message GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina Friends of GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina: In my mind, our chapter began during our exec retreat on a beautiful Carolina summer day: it began in the canoes we rented out for two dollars, in our communal attempts to light a barbecue with wet coal, and in our icebreaker games. Somehow, through these little tasks and distractions, we built our own little community. In the past year, successful campaigns, awareness events, and our newsletter has expanded and strengthened on the spirit of this first success. We raised $1200 selling t-shirts in cold November. Our World Day of Social Justice panel, with more than 60 attendees, explored how our community at USC and in Columbia works for human rights. We finished off the year with two successful campaigns-- a banquet and a bowling night, raising more than $3,200 between the two. This summer, the GROW team strengthened our relationship with ARM, collected media for a documentary, and did research. Our chapter's greatest success, however, is still our sense of community: the personal relationships that we have built amongst ourselves and locally, with the staff of ARM, and now, at Healthy Columbia. After a successful first year, we asked ourselves how we could make GlobeMed into a more cohesive experience that engaged its members in the local and global community. Our vision for the future is a GlobeMed where each staff member uses his or her unique skills and talents for global health through volunteering with Healthy Columbia, working remotely for both our local partner and ARM, and through community-focused GHU sessions. GlobeMed will become a stronger community of people welded together by shared passions, goals, and experiences. Yours in solidarity, Runjhun Bhatia and Angela Kao 2012-2013 Co-Presidents

GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina

About Us GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina was founded in spring of 2012. It all began in a physics class when Runjhun Bhatia asked her classmates if they would support her eorts to start a GlobeMed chapter. A group of six students all agreed that there was a global health-sized hole at the university. GlobeMed USC then formed a strong partnership with Alternative for Rural Movement in the summer of 2012. Since then, the chapter has assembled a group of six GROW interns to travel to India in June of 2013, published a quarterly newsletter, and raised $4,617 for several projects.

since our founding in june 2012 , our chapter has grown from 10 to 45 members.

Our Partnership Alternative for Rural Movement Balasore District, Baliapal, India Population: 2,317,419

Odisha has a rich culture and heritage. It is home to many breathtaking Buddhist and Hindu temples and Odissi dance, one of six forms of classical dance in India. Despite the many problems that Odisha faces, it has shown tremendous growth over the past five years, with a 21% reduction in poverty. However, it still has a long way to go. The status and literacy of women is low. Rural populations struggle with a shortage of health care providers, distance from facilities, access to medicine, and basic water and sanitation issues. The significant population of untouchables faces social exclusion with worse health outcomes and higher levels of poverty than the rest of the population. Naxalites (Maoist insurgents) active in the area, flooding, and tornadoes cause destruction and, as such, are obstacles to greater improvement in Odisha.

Alternative for Rural Movement Founded in 1989

ARM was created to combat many of the problems faced by rural Odisha. The Indian government classifies Odisha as "economically backward," and ARM's mission is to move it forward through initiatives that are both sustainable and empowering. ARM thus targets every aspect of rural life, casting a wide net over agriculture, health, education, and woman and child welfare. GlobeMed at USC began a partnership with ARM in the year 2012. Since then, we have become familiar with ARM's impressive and extensive works. It's projects include sanitation through the building of latrines, running a Primary Health Center, conducting immunizations camps, running a school, teaming up with an agricultural university to promote agricultural innovation, and advocating for women and children's rights and fighting trafficking.

KEY FACT: Odisha's maternal mortality ratio is 258 per 100,000, one of India's highest. KEY FACT:  Less than 50% of mothers in rural areas of Odisha had a “safe birth” attended by skilled health personnel.

Our Project

Impact Areas:

Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Maternal Health & Capacity Building


18,000 people will be impacted


to fund the construction of 8 latrines, a baby warmer and health delivery

Why water sanitation & hygiene maternal health and capacity building? Latrines will combat water and sanitation related illnesses such as cholera. Provisions such as a generator and water purifier for the Primary Health Center will allow for safe health care delivery. Addressing such basics is important and oft neglected; it shows a dedication to securing community trust and providing quality care. The safety and upkeep of primary health centers have been identified. Health check-up and awareness camps will allow ARM to directly impact the health of the community

Funding latrine construction, a baby warmer, and a delivery room stand light to combat water and sanitation related illnesses and improve maternal and child health in Odisha, India: !

Currently, ARM has constructed nine latrines and needs our assistance to help install eight more latrines for local families. They also requested funding for a baby warmer to care for premature babies and a light stand for the primary health care clinic they run in Pachimabad. ARM received the baby warmer from their government. However, because our chapter exceeded its goal, we agreed to fund several health camps and a generator and water purifier for the primary health care clinic (PHC). This project will impact several families without latrines. Furthermore, it will impact the entire population of 18,000 people served by the PHC.

Campaigns Campaigns are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description


Sandstorm T-shirt Fundraiser

Through sponsorship donations, we created t-shirts and sold them to students in light of the football season.


Serving Global Health Benefit Dinner

This event featured local cuisine, entertainment, and speakers within the chapter and community to raise awareness of our chapter activities.


GlobeMed Birthday Bowling Bash

Tickets were sold to students for three hours of unlimited bowling, in which we received a portion of the profit.


Individual Giving

Funds were raised through online donations from friends, family, and interested individuals.


Total funds raised for Alternative for Rural Movement in 2012-2013


In our first year, GlobeMed at USC has raised almost $5,000 to support Alternative for Rural Movement in meeting sanitation needs, providing medical supplies, and delivering critical medications.

Campaigns Highlights from the year Serving Global Health Benefit Dinner April 6, 2013

Nearly 200 people attended our GlobeMed benefit dinner. Hosted at a local church, the event included entertainment, food, and awareness on our mission and how all money raised would go toward rural villages in northern Odisha, India to improve sanitation and overall health. Almost all of the food and entertainment was given through donations, allowing low overhead costs. By the end of the night, many attendees became passionate about our cause and helped us surpass our original goal of $3,000.

Hearts For Hunger February 14, 2013

In honor of our successful founding year, GlobeMed at USC partnered with AMF Columbia Lanes to host a bowling night to celebrate amongst members and supports alike. Tickets were sold for a discounted rate of $10/person for three hours of unlimited bowling, in which we received a generous portion of the profit. After rallying friends and offering extra credit, we sold over 70 tickets. A few members celebrating their own birthdays brought cake to share and formed lasting memories.

globalhealthU globalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health.

This year, our first year, we were all learning together about who we were as an organization. Our globalhealthU sessions provided a forum for us to explore our identity within the context of the relationship between health and human rights. We have gained a greater perspective on these topics while forming and critically reflecting on our own values and opinions. This strong foundation of education and genuine interest in issues of global health makes us more passionate about our work because we can connect it to the bigger picture. In this way, we found our own roles as students aspiring to do an act of service in the larger framework of global health. At each ghU session, our members demonstrate their motivation and dedication, and the value of ghU becomes clear. Through this experience, we are working to improve ourselves so that we may better serve others.


globalhealthU discussions held


public globalhealthU events

2012-2013 CURRICULUM

Expanding the Dialogue on Health and Human Rights


Why do human rights exist?

Is health a human right? Who has more rights than others? How are rights influenced by one’s environment? How do we translate human rights into action?

Community Building Through service and team-building events, community and camaraderie is fostered around global health and social justice within GlobeMed chapters, the GlobeMed network and surrounding communities.


We had two retreats, both of which were opportunities for us to build a team dynamic. In the fall, we enjoyed a day at the park and in the spring, we all went ice skating. We also had a potluck dinner at the end of our ďŹ rst semester. We had two volunteer events with Healthy Columbia and plan on increasing our volunteer activity next semester. Finally, community building games were played throughout the year after meetings.

GROW Internship Grassroots On-site Work

6 LENGTH OF STAY: 5 ½ weeks

JUNE 3, 2013– JULY 10, 2013


WORK DESCRIPTION: This is our chapter's first ever GROW trip, so much of our trip will be spent building our relationship with our partner and going around to see everything they do and learning about the people they serve. We have two projects going on: one student is planning on doing some preliminary investigations about dental health for a possible project for next year, and two students are helping our partner ARM to assess their capacity to address issues of maternal health in the area and to create a survey to investigate the behavioral and environmental factors that affect local women's perinatal care-seeking behavior. The other three students will be in charge of collecting meaningful media in order to bring our partner back to our chapter and to create a documentary of our experience there.

Through Grassroots Onsite Work (GROW) internships, students build capacity of their partner organization, engage in mutual learning, and ensure long-term stability of their partnership. ""South Carolina and Orissa actually have more in common than you might think. When we stop looking at global health problems as first world vs. third world issues, only then will we start making progress towards fixing them." -- Ryan Tate West, c/o 2014

World Day of Social Justice “INJUSTICE anywhere is a THREAT to JUSTICE everywhere.”


GLOBEMED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA joined 49 other GlobeMed chapters across the nation in a network-wide commemoration of the 5rd Annual World Day of Social Justice on February 20, 2013, by asking students, professors, and community members on campus an openended, thought provoking question relating to social justice. ! OUR QUESTION

What does every human deserve?

! BEHIND THE SCENES: We chose this prompt because we liked that it was broad enough so that anyone could think of a response, and that response could apply to any aspect of life. We also hoped that we could capture just a small sample of the kinds of things that people on our campus value as universal needs. We made sure to give people enough time to respond, since they were kind enough to take it seriously. We got responses ranging from a typical public health response "clean water," to the more abstract "an opportunity."

MORE WDSJ ACTION – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – WDSJ Discussion Panel: We asked each of our panelists to give their definition of social justice and how they have incorporated social justice into their lives and how the organizations they represent relate to issues of social justice. The ghU team chose panelists from a wide variety of disciplines/issues: environmental studies/political science, volunteerism and service, public health, and literacy. The organizations that were represented were: Sustainable Carolina, an organization that promotes environmental sustainability on campus; Healthy Columbia, a community health organization; Cocky's Reading Express, a children's literacy organization; and Americorps. We hoped that the broad scope of the topics and speakers would make the point that social justice is not tied to one job or field of study, but that it can be a major focus of your life's work no matter what you do. Furthermore, we hoped this event would show others that social justice is truly interdisciplinary- not only can anyone in any field be involved, but it is necessary to have this diversity.


We asked over people at South Carolina, here’s how they responded >>> The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 20th as World Day of Social Justice in 2007. Observation of WDSJ supports efforts of the international community in poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.

World Day of Social Justice GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina asked 82 people to answer the question‌

What does every human deserve?

View more photos and quotes at

2013 Summit The student momentum The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit brings together university students from across the nation for three days of intensive lectures and workshops with representatives from grassroots global health organizations and a range of experts.

2013 DELEGATES: Runjhun Bhatia, Nidha Khan, Sidrah Khan, Priya Purohit and Shiksha Sharma

"It's so refreshing meeting all these people who are so intelligent and passionate about global health. I feel like I can really connect with them. They're all just really great people!" — Shiksha Sharma, c/o 2014

Our Future GlobeMed at the university of south carolina "GlobeMed gave me the opportunity to act locally and still participate in a greater cause. I feel I’ve personally benefited in that I’m a truly better now than before my involvement with GlobeMed.” -- Darya Kaborda, c/o 2013

A few weeks ago, I was spontaneously inspired to create a map of what GlobeMed would be in the coming year. The page was filled with arrows depicting the ways GlobeMed would engage. There was a little circle in the upper right corner of the page that encompassed three arrows and represented GlobeMed last year. This year, we want so much more than those three arrows. We envision a GlobeMed that is more cohesive in all its pursuits, where fundraising is only a part of the way we engage in our quest for global health. Our vision is an organization that is actually three organizations in one, engaging extensively with the campus, with ARM, and with Healthy Columbia. We want each and every member to interact and form relationships within these three spheres through their talents, skills, and passions. In the coming years, our chapter will become a stronger presence on campus through student media, collaboration for awareness events, and larger campaigns. We will build a strong local partnership with Healthy Columbia, with members volunteering at events and clinics and actively contributing to the expansion and success of this local partner. We will bring ARM to our campus community through the GROW documentary. We will pursue larger fundraising goals and help ARM get a few grants. Finally, we will increase our connection with the Columbia community, because we believe that the pursuit of global health cannot be limited to NGOs and universities.

Finances In 2012 – 2013, GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina raised $4,617.67 for Alternative for Rural Movement to support projects in Baliapal, India. Revenue Events (Campaigns) Individuals

$4,904.94 $254.70







Internal Chapter Revenue National OďŹƒce Launch Grant TOTAL REVENUE

$1,125.00 $0 $6,884.64

Expenses Campaigns






Sent to Partner Total sent to partner that was fundraised in the 2012-2013 academic year Total sent to partner that was fundraised prior to the 2012-2013 academic year TOTAL SENT TO PARTNER IN 2012-2013 Current Cash Position

$4362.00 $0 $4,362.00 $782.59

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Executive Board Co-President

Runjhun Bhatia



Angela Kao


globalhealthU Coordinator

Leila Heidari


globalhealthU Coordinator

Nathan Biyani


Campaign Coordinator

Jas Guram


Campaign Coordinator

Riley Chambers


Campaign Coordinator

Vanessa Hernandez


Sidrah Khan


Michelle Chapman


Sarah Law


Director of Communications

Shiksha Sharma


Director of Communications

Joey Swisher


Director of Community Building Director of Finances GROW Coordinator


A sincere thanks to the following advocates, mentors, donors, and colleagues for making our 2012 – 2013 year a great success:

INDIVIDUALS ORGANIZATIONS Dr. Deborah Billings, Dr. Sara Corwin, Eileen Korpita, Al-Amir Dr. Milind Kunchur, Dr. Myriam Torres AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. Columbia Podiatry Delhi Palace Devine Foods Eagle Storage, LLC George's Southside Restaurant Kulbersh Women's Center Medical Services of America Moe's Southwest Grill Punjabi Dhaba SC Internal Medicine Associates and Rehabilitation Southern Urogynecology St. John's Episcopal Church Za's Brick Oven Pizza Zaxby's


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South Carolina Annual Report 2012-2013  
South Carolina Annual Report 2012-2013