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2012-2013 Annual Report

GlobeMed at Princeton University



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About GlobeMed Mission

GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.


We envision a world in which health – the ability to not only survive but thrive – is possible for all people, regardless of where they call home.

We believe every human life has equal worth and every person deserves the chance to thrive. This belief has drawn together our network of students, communities, and supporters from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Health for all is within our grasp, but we can only achieve it by working together.

GlobeMed at Princeton University Dear Friends, This past year has been one of great growth and learning for our chapter, and we are so grateful for your support in making our gains possible. From our staff recruitment at the Princeton student orientation in September to our individual giving campaign before the winter holidays, from our delicious cookie campaigns to the “Global Health in the U.S.A.” awareness panel, we have all worked so hard to ensure that Medical AIDS Outreach receives the aid they need in order to achieve their goals. Your helping us to achieve ours translates directly to us helping MAO to achieve theirs, and we couldn’t be more honored to take on this incredible responsibility. Dr. Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health and inarguably one of the leading humanitarians of our age once stated, “A social justice approach should be central to medicine and utilized to be central to public health.” It is this approach that the members of GlobeMed and the global health world at large have adopted as their own, upholding the conviction that health is an unquestionable human right. Often, however, many Americans committed to global health efforts neglect to see the dire health inequities pervading their own backyard. To be sure, just as developing countries are plagued by health and social justice problems, so is the United States of America. Every 9.5 minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with HIV. This burden is nowhere greater felt than in the South, home to the highest rate of new HIV infection, the most AIDS deaths, and the largest number of adults and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS. What worsens this burden in the South is the lack of access to healthcare, with fewer and fewer medical practitioners able to provide treatment and care to the thousands affected. Our partner organization, Medical AIDS Outreach of Montgomery, Alabama, has set itself apart by recognizing this need for care, embarking on a massive Alabama eHealth: Access to Care Initiative to establish several cutting-edge telemedicine clinics throughout rural Alabama. Through its everexpanding program, MAO has been able to make huge differences for people living with HIV/AIDS in rural Alabama. Throughout the year, MAO’s passion and commitment for health equity offered daily motivation for the members of GlobeMed at Princeton as we embarked on a mission of our own—to raise money and spread awareness for MAO’s cause on our university’s campus. Whether by selling chocolate chip cookies, hosting awareness panels for discussion between professors and students about current domestic healthcare issues, or by spreading knowledge via our World Day of Social Justice media campaign, we feel that we did much to achieve our goals. Nevertheless, there is so much yet to be done. Sometimes, the grave situation in our country seems too complex and weighty to handle. With the incredible support of family and friends behind us, however, we know we have the power to make a difference. Again, we thank you so much for all that you have done for us in the past and all that you will do for us in the future. In solidarity, Cornelia Lluberes and Caroline Barry 2012-2013 Co-presidents *Citation: Southern Exposure, State of HIV/AIDS in the South

GlobeMed at princeton university

About Us In 2008, Natalie searched for a way to live out her dedication to social justice and global health equity. Through GlobeMed, she found a way. With guidance and resources from the National Office, Natalie and her co-president Andrew assembled a group of passionate individuals to make a difference. The following year, Cornelia and Amy were appointed as Natalie and Andrew's successors. Cornelia and Amy picked up where Natalie had left off and jumped right into an exciting, insightful, and rewarding journey--a new partnership with Medical AIDS Outreach. This past year, Caroline took Amy’s place and worked with Cornelia to strengthen the chapter even more. With 21 members, 7 projects, and over $2,000 raised in 2012-2013, GlobeMed at Princeton is growing in numbers, enthusiasm, and passion for making a difference in the lives of those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

since our founding in september 2010, our chapter has grown from 08 to 21 members.

Medical aids outreach Montgomery, Alabama Population: 208,182 Lack of access to health care is a more serious problem in the South than in any other region of the U.S. Southerners are far less likely to have health insurance than residents of other regions of the country, and due to the shortage of HIV health specialists--especially in rural areas--those who test positive for HIV have difficulty finding access to care. Also, there is a strong correlation between poverty level and risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS. Alabama is one of the poorest states in the South, and unfortunately, the number of citizens with HIV/AIDS is growing. Our time to help is now!

Medical AIDS Outreach, Inc. Founded in 1987 The Montgomery AIDS Outreach, Inc. (MAO) was established in 1987 as a private, non-profit, Community-Based AIDS Service Organization and recently changed its name to Medical AIDS Outreach. In 26 counties of South Central Alabama, MAO serves as a full-time primary care facility after transitioning from a volunteer education and service organization. MAO covers about a third of Alabama's geography--mostly counties that are very poor and rural. MAO provides clients with medical and social services; HIV treatment, education and mental health counseling are all options offered to patients and their family members. GlobeMed at Princeton began our partnership with Medical AIDS Outreach in 2010. Together, GlobeMed and MAO hope to establish and develop a high-tech solution to Alabama's dire need for healthcare. In developing a network of telemedicine clinics that will connect HIV patients throughout rural Alabama to medical experts based in Alabama's urban centers, we work to help ensure that Alabama's rural residents have the access to care that they deserve.

KEY FACT: The highest number of newly diagnosed cases is among people 13-34 years of age. KEY FACT: The South is the poorest region of the United States.

Impact Area:

Capacity Building

Telemedicine Clinics in Rural Alabama


to expand telemedicine clinics in rural Alabama

Why capacity building? Telemedicine is the key to rural Alabamians' access to HIV/AIDS care. The state is woefully short of primary care physicians, especially those certified for HIV-specialized care. In 2010, 17,329 people were infected with HIV/AIDS in Alabama. Over 75% of them live below the poverty line and without opportunity to see a doctor. With telemedicine clinics strategically stationed throughout the rural counties (including Selma, Greenville, and Dothan), patients will be able to interact with doctors based in urban centers through telecommunication. The distance barrier to healthcare for rural citizens can be substantially reduced, if not eliminated. Because of the high rate of STDs and HIV infections in the South, access to care is critically important for the health and wellbeing of our partner community in Alabama. To those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, it can be a matter of life or death. That is why our project's focus area is so critically important.

Supporting the establishment of telemedicine clinics throughout rural Alabama. Globemed at Princeton's goal is to help MAO with its Access to Care Initiative. This initiative focuses on the construction and operation of HIV-specific telemedical clinics throughout Alabama, with the purpose of establishing health equity within the state's HIV care-delivery model. Success will be measured by (1) the number of consumers living with HIV and served by the initiative, (2) the level, quality, and ultimate success of care delivered to consumers living with HIV, and (3) the diminution of HIV-related stigma that pervades the rural Southeastern United States.

Campaigns are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description


Good for Your SOUL, Great for their HEALTH

A bake sale in Frist Center, the hub of student life on campus, to raise money for our partner, awareness for our mission, and a spirit of collaboration among our new chapter members.


Tis the Season!

An individual giving campaign to capitalize on family and friends' incredible generosity around the holiday season.


RCA Cookie Sales

Orders were collected from Residential College Advisers for delicious homemade chocolate chunk cookies. A huge thanks to Sweet Caroline's Cookies for collaborating with us on these campaigns!


Raffle for Mezzaluna Gift Card

The chance to win a $50 gift card to La Mezzaluna off of Nassau Street. Thank you to Mezzaluna for their generous donation and fantastic cuisine!

Cheeburger Cheeburger Night

A fundraising night at Cheeburger Cheeburger on Nassau Street--burgers, fries, and 20% of proceeds benefit Medical AIDS Outreach directly. Thanks so much, Cheeburger!

$106.40 $63.33

Total funds raised for MAO in 2012-2013

$2,004.73 Since 2011, GlobeMed at Princeton has raised a total of over $3,000 to support MAO's eHealth Access to Care Initiative.

Highlights from the year Good for Your SOUL, Great for Their HEALTH October 18-19, 2012

GlobeMed hosted a bake sale in the Frist Center, our campus's hub of student life. We sold chocolate chunk cookies and HIV/AIDS awareness bracelets and enjoyed a great opportunity to get to know the newer members of our chapter. The results of this first fundraiser of the year inspired us to follow the cookie crumb trail of success to our later cookie fundraisers targeted more specifically at residential college advisers, students with University money to spend specifically on food for their peer advisees. Smiles all around!

'Tis the Season!

December 2-25, 2012 On December 2nd, the members of GlobeMed at Princeton launched "Tis the Season!," a month-long letter-writing campaign to raise money for Alabama's eHealth: Access to Care Initiative. For the four weeks of December, we asked our friends and family to think of someone else this holiday season. To replace a Christmas or Hannukah gift that could have been given to us, we asked that our family and friends give to our partner, Medical AIDS Outreach, instead. In terms of donations, this individual giving campaign was our most successful fundraising effort of the year.

globalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health. This year, we sought to couple the GlobalHealthU curriculum with the other goals of our chapter. We planned several weekly discussions on important public health issues during which Princeton GlobeMedders strategized solutions for the current obesity epidemic -- a point of concern in the South where our partner organization is located -- debated potential reforms to the current US vaccination policy, and talked about the difficulties of managing domestic epidemiological disasters. We opened up our discussions from the GlobeMed team to the entire Princeton community at our panel discussion “Global Health in the USA.” AIDS policy and treatment experts, epidemiologists and government health officials discussed the unique challenges of fighting the AIDS epidemic and understanding the current economic and political climate of AIDS treatment and prevention. At the Northwestern Summit, Princeton E-Board members engaged in debates with their fellow GlobeMedders; we proposed ideas for fostering community building and developing campus awareness and enthusiasm for the mission and concerns of the GlobeMed organization. We also learned about the research projects of other chapters and humanitarian organizations, and coordinated with other campuses for fundraising and networking events. Mizzi Gomes & Daniel Sikavi ghU Coordinators 2012-2013

25 globalhealthU Discussions held

01 public

globalhealthU events

2012-2013 CURRICULUM

Expanding the Dialogue on Health and Human Rights KEY QUESTIONS

Why do human rights exist?

Is health a human right? Who has more rights than others?

How are rights influenced by one’s environment? How do we translate human rights into action?

Highlights from the year Global Health in the USA February 14, 2013

Although this was simply an awareness campaign (i.e. it bore no direct effect on our running fundraising total), our "Global Health in the USA" panel discussion was one of the most enlightening and spirited projects of the year. We had our largest turnout yet for a live event, and the professors and students were truly engaged in a meaningful conversation about the current state of the U.S. healthcare system and international factors that have affected it. Educating tomorrow's leaders is what ghU is all about, and this event epitomized this mission and involved students from many different majors and interests.

Through service and team-building events, community and camaraderie is fostered around global health and social justice within GlobeMed chapters, the GlobeMed network and surrounding communities.





Community building at the Princeton chapter of is so vital to teamwork and collaboration throughout the year. The better we know each other, the more comfortable we are sharing new ideas and critiquing others’ before putting plans into action. In October, we had our first community-building event, our staff fall retreat, a great time to integrate our newest members, plan for the year ahead, and just have fun. A day of icebreakers, scavenger hunts in teams, and goal setting set the foundation for an empowered, passionate group of students to begin their work for others. Next year, we’d love to see more engagement with the local Princeton community, too.


GLOBEMED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY joined 49 other GlobeMed chapters across the nation in a network-wide commemoration of the 5rd Annual World Day of Social Justice on February 20, 2013, by asking students, professors, and community members on campus an open-ended, thought provoking question relating to social justice. OUR QUESTION

What's the most unjust thing in the world? BEHIND THE SCENES: We chose this simple question because it makes people think about some of the basic human needs we all share. Unfortunately, there are many places in this world where these needs aren't met, so we had students mark on a world map where exactly the need or injustice is most prevalent. This activity shed great light on all that has yet to be done, all of the people yet to be served, and all that we as students can do to make a difference.


We asked over people at Princeton, here’s how they responded >>>

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 20th as World Day of Social Justice in 2007. Observation of WDSJ supports efforts of the international community in poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.

GlobeMed at Princeton asked 09 people to answer the question ‌

What’s the most unjust thing in the world?

View more photos and quotes at

The student momentum The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit brings together university students from across the nation for three days of intensive lectures and workshops with representatives from grassroots global health organizations and a range of experts.

2013 DELEGATES: Mizzi Gomes, Daniel Sikavi & Melody Qiu

"After attending the Hilltop Summit and the national GlobeMed Summit, I have realized that GlobeMed's mission is one of true impact and substantially improves the healthcare of the communities we work with‌I am now more aware of the issues involved with global health and want to be a part of the solution."

— Melody Qui, c/o 2016

GlobeMed at Princeton University "GlobeMed has been and continues to be a reminder of the existence of great disparities in healthcare around the world. GlobeMed is an important weekly reminder that global health is something I really do care about -- it has reminded me of why I am involved in the organization and what I want to do with my career.“ -- Lauren Piana, c/o 2014

In the coming year, GlobeMed at Princeton would love to raise its fundraising goal by a few thousand dollars, our engagement with the local community, and our presence on campus. We have an ambitious group of students working to help our partner organization in Montgomery, and although we’ve set the bar high this past year, we’d like to see how far we can go, how much we can raise in 2013-2014, and how much of a difference we can make in the lives of those suffering with HIV/AIDS right here in the United States. Already we’ve seen increased awareness on campus of our group and our mission, but we’d like to hold several more campaigns in the coming year to make a bigger name of GlobeMed at Princeton and shed light on the health inequity in our own country. We are blessed with a great group, a great partner, and a great mission, and together we can achieve these goals. Donate today at to support the fight against HIV/AIDS in the rural South. We couldn't do it without YOU!

In 2012 – 2013, GlobeMed at Princeton raised $2,004.73 for Medical AIDS Outreach to support projects in Montgomery, Alabama. Revenue Events (Campaigns) Individuals

$999.73 $1,005







Internal Chapter Revenue National Office Launch Grant TOTAL REVENUE

$210 $0 $2,004.73

Expenses Campaigns






Sent to Partner Total sent to partner that was fundraised in the 2012-2013 academic year Total sent to partner that was fundraised prior to the 2012-2013 academic year TOTAL SENT TO PARTNER IN 2012-2013 Current Cash Position

$2,004.73 $0 $2,004.73 $10

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Executive Board Co-President

Cornelia Lluberes



Caroline Barry


globalhealthU Coordinator

Isabella Gomes


globalhealthU Coordinator

Daniel Sikavi


Campaign Coordinator

Lauren Piana


Campaign Coordinator

Nora Chen


Director of Community Building

Chideraa Ukeje


Director of Finances

Andrea DeLeon


Director of Finances

Samuel Lazerwitz


Omar Jarrett


Director of Communications

Brigitte Malivert


Director of Communications

Isabelle Byers


GROW Coordinator


A sincere thanks to the following advocates, mentors, donors, and colleagues for making our 2012 – 2013 year a great success:

ORGANIZATIONS La Mezzaluna Cheeburger Cheeburger Sweet Caroline's Cookies

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Princeton Annual Report 2012-2013  
Princeton Annual Report 2012-2013