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burmese women’s union + GLOBEMED AT st. Edward’s university “I wanted to use the power of my voice to reach out to others by emphasizing how we need to do something to improve the world and lend ourselves to help those in need.” - ASHLEY CAO, FOUNDER, GLOBEMED AT ST. EDWARD’S

MISSION // OVERVIEW ! GlobeMed is a network of university students who partner with grassroots organizations around the world to improve the health of people living in poverty. Through their involvement today, students commit to a life of leadership in global health and social justice. The GlobeMed Network currently includes 55 chapters at university campuses across the United States. The Network is coordinated and supported by our National Office in Evanston, IL. The grassroots health organizations supported by our chapters span the world.

MODEL GlobeMed’s 55 student-led chapters each sustain a long-term partnership with a grassroots health organization. Students do three primary things: 1.

Fundraise for public health projects that partner organizations implement


Learn and educate through GlobeMed’s unique global health and leadership development curriculum, globalhealthU.


Intern on-site with partner organizations


This approach empowers students and grassroots health organizations to work together to improve the lives of people living in poverty.




GlobeMed’s model has shown tangible results: - In the past four years, GlobeMed has grown from 350 students to over 1500 students and from 17 to 55 chapters. - GlobeMed chapters have positively impacted over 50 organizations by supporting public health projects and interning with partner organizations. - Since 2006, our network of chapters has raised over $1,000,000 for health projects in their partner communities. - We have expanded our team at the National Office, currently composed of 6 full-time staff and 20 student staff who each devote up to 10 hours a week.

PARTNERS Currently there are 55 GlobeMed partners in 19 countries around the world, impacting health through prevention programs, treatment, and education.



Ecuador !


El Salvador !




Guatemala !


Haiti !


India !


Kenya !


Laos !


National office There are six full-time staff and 20 student staff members at the GlobeMed National Office in Evanston, Illinois. The six full-time staff are:

Executive Director Maya Cohen

Director of Development Olivia Koshy

Director of Partnerships Alyssa Smaldino

Program Director Anupa Gewali

Based on the great partnership between RVCP and GlobeMed at GWU, we will continue to use knowledge and experience gained through this work to shape our personalities for the better of society.


-- Vincent Ndebwanimana, Former Coordinator, Rwanda Village Concept Project

All of our staff members are here to serve your organization and help enhance your mission. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Keep in touch Program Director Rosalind Dillon

Website: Blog: The Current: GlobeMed’s newsletter sign up on our website! Facebook: pages/GlobeMed/22873938912

GlobeMed Natio

Twitter:!/GlobeMed Program Director Caroline Nguyen

Your globemed chapter ! For your GlobeMed partnership, you will be working with students at St. Edward’s University. Below is more information about the Founder of GlobeMed at St. Edward’s University.

nal Office staff

Ashley and her co-president will work with an Executive Board of ten people and a staff of approximately 25 people. The Executive Board consists of the following positions: • Co-Campaign Coordinators - responsible for fundraising • Co-globalhealthU Coordinators - lead education sessions

Our staff works on five teams. Anupa, Rosalind, and Caroline also actively advise GlobeMed chapters throughout the year.

• GROW Internship Coordinator coordinates and leads internship program • Director of Community Building - plans staff retreats and local activities

Ashley Cao 2nd-year Student Studying Biology

• Director of Finances - manages MOU and fundraising budgets • Director of Communications - manages chapter blog, social media, newsletters

The staff is split up into teams that each work with an Executive Board member.

Frequently asked questions How often should I communicate with my GlobeMed Chapter? You should speak on the phone or skype with your GlobeMed Chapter about twice per month. Usually emails will be sent between these conversations. Historically, the chapters that communicate regularly with their partner organization are the most successful. How do GlobeMed Chapters raise money? How much should I expect my chapter to raise this first year? As students, GlobeMed chapter members work hard each year to raise the money to meet the goals of their partnership. They raise funds through holding events on campus, planning individual giving campaigns, and applying for grants. In their first year, most chapters raise around $3000.

Why do you want to START A GLOBEMED CHAPTER? “I have the growing passion to create an idea that will benefit anybody. My resource of being a complete and thoughtful thinker will contribute to GlobeMed because all that I do is towards helping other people. I will make sure to create a positive outcome for any issues that the organization will focus on to improve the world. This is why I know I will make a contribution to the GlobeMed chapter at St. Edward’s University because I can use my ideas to save lives, help others, and to reduce issues around the world.” -- Ashley Cao, Chapter Founder, GlobeMed at St. Edwards University

When and how should I contact the GlobeMed National Office? Your GlobeMed Chapter Co-Presidents will be your primary point of contact. However, if you ever have questions or Type to enter we text are here to provide concerns, support. Email us at What is the difference between the Partnership Proposal Form and the Memorandum of Understanding? The Partnership Proposal Form, which you have already completed, is the application for the GlobeMed National Office. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is completed with your GlobeMed Chapter and helps guide the partnership. The MOU ensures that you and your chapter both and agree to and understand your responsibilities and expectations. Each year, you and your chapter will work together to complete an MOU.

The changes here in our institution have been very positive. there have been various activities executed that would not have been possible without the help of the students of Globemed.


-jose farinango, jambi huasi otavalo, ecuador

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