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GlobeMed at Brown 2014 – 2015 ANNUAL REPORT


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About GlobeMed Mission GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.

Vision We envision a world in which health – the ability to not only survive but thrive – is possible for all people, regardless of where they call home.

We believe every human life has equal worth and every person deserves the chance to thrive. This belief has drawn together our network of students, communities, and supporters from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Health for all is within our grasp, but we can only achieve it by working together.

Message from

The Co-Presidents Dear Friends, GlobeMed at Brown is four years strong, and strength is something we found in so many places this year. With a senior-heavy E-Board, we were excited to see our staff graced with so many fresh faces this fall. It was reassuring to kick the year off knowing we would couple the inevitable goodbyes at the end of the year with so many hellos from the start. However, even though this was a last year for many of us, it did not stop the momentum, growth, or love that each of us at GlobeMed at Brown shares for a more equitable world. For the first time since our founding, GlobeMed at Brown was able to host staff from our partner organization, Ungano-Tena (U-Tena), on our own campus. After years of dreaming, envisioning, and planning, GlobeMed at Brown was able to fly FOUR members of U-Tena from Nairobi, Kenya to Providence, Rhode Island to meet and interact with our entire chapter. It was truly incredible to be able to open our homes to members of U-Tena, as many of them have done for us during our summer GROW internships in Kenya. Needless to say, it is almost impossible to put into words how lucky we are to have U-Tena as our partner, and as our friends. U-Tena has this infectious passion for their work that forces everyone around them to push for more justice in the world, too -- GlobeMed at Brown used U-Tena’s energy as motivation to create more spaces on campus for much-needed conversation on injustice and inequality. In the spring, we held our first-ever global health benefit dinner titled “Perspectives on Partnership.” This event brought together a panel of notable global health practitioners and researchers from Brown’s campus for an engaging discussion on partnership in global health work. It was also our chapter’s first year of External ghU, which focuses on increasing advocacy in chapters and on campuses. Coupled with Internal ghU’s impactful lesson on critical understanding of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Globemed at Brown hosted our first advocacy event - a candlelight vigil held in partnership with PIH Engage in October, to mourn the thousands of lives lost to ebola. Our External globalhealthU team also put together an interactive workshop, “The Intersection of Art, Health, and Social Justice,” which was led by local artists in social change and featured a guest appearance by none other than U-Tena! And how could we forget Bears vs. Zombies, a campus-wide interactive fundraising spin on Humans vs. Zombies? Or that this was our inaugural year of having a grant writing committee, housed under Finances? GlobeMed at Brown members continued to demonstrate their commitment to the network and attended multiple network wide events, including the Leadership Institute, Summit, Hilltop at Columbia, GROW training, and the annual health conference at MIT. Furthermore, this summer, GlobeMed at Brown sent its third ever GROW team to Nairobi. The GROW team did homestays with various members of U-Tena and continued to strengthen our bond of partnership and collaboration. As our graduating seniors become GlobeMed alums, our chapter is excited to see the wide reach and impact that GlobeMed at Brown will continue to have on each of their lives after graduation. We are continually inspired by the dedication GlobeMed at Brown brings to U-tena, this network, and to the movement for health equity. We could not be more excited to see the next chapter of our story unfold.

GlobeMed Love, Meygan Lackey and Elaine Hsiang 2014-2015 Co-Presidents GlobeMed at Brown

Since our founding in September 2011, our chapter has grown from 4 founding executive board members to 35 members.

About Us

Our Chapter

GlobeMed at Brown was founded in 2011 by a passionate student named Jessica. Jessica Mitter ‘13 was chosen by GlobeMed to found the chapter and enlist the help of others to develop a full executive board and recruit members. Our chapter was connected to our partner in a way that is quite unique. The director of U-Tena met the Executive Director of GlobeMed at a Global Health conference in Washington DC where he presented about sustainable livelihood and how the members of U-Tena use theatre to sustain themselves. GlobeMed was one of the few organizations from the conference that continued to show interest in U-Tena after the onference had ended. After much discussion and collaboration between the two directors, the GlobeMed at Brown and U-Tena partnership was formed. In our first year, GlobeMed at Brown raised $3,600 for U-Tena’s Kuza Project, and has since raised over $25,000. Since our founding year, our chapter has grown from 10 active staff memers to over 25, and we have had three successful GROW internships.

KEY FACT: Kenya has the fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world. Women are disproportionately affected -- and young women are almost three times as likely to be living with HIV than men of the same age.

Our Partnership Ungano Tena (U-Tena)

Founded in 2006 U-Tena is a grassroots community-based organization that aims to educate on topics related to HIV/AIDS, STIs, sexual health, and reproductive health through music, dance, puppetry, and theater. Through performing arts, UTena dispels myths about HIV transmission and encourages condom use and STI testing and treatment.

Nairobi, Kenya Population: 3.138 million (2009) U-Tena operates in the Viwandani-Mukuru Slum in East Nairobi, Kenya. The Mukuru slum is home to 527, 526 people living in extreme poverty. Sixty percent of residents live on less than fifty cents per day, and the poorest residents live on less than twenty-five cents per day.

The Kuza Project BY THE NUMBERS: Key metric: 75 Participants, 6 mentor stipends, 6 crafters and crafting supplies, 1 exposure visit Cost of project: $9,772 What the money directly funded: Crafting sessions, sanitary pads, monthly bashes

GlobeMed at Brown University raised over $5,000 to fund the 20142015 year of the Kuza Project -- a mentorship program for girls in the Viwandani-Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The Kuza Project matches girls ages 12-17 with female mentors in the community who educate the girls about sexual and reproductive health, selfesteem, life skills, crafting, and financial literacy. In the 2014-2015 school year, GlobeMed at Brown funded various aspects of the Kuza project that collectively allowed it to function and thrive. Some of the funds went towards crafting supplies and transportation for guest crafters to visit and introduce new crafts to the girls. Other funds went towards supplies for the monthly bashes, including transportation for guest speakers who give motivational speeches at the bashes. Funding also went towards sanitary pads for all of the girls, a scholarship stipend granted to a few of the girls, and stipends for the project manager and mentors.

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Campaigns Campaigns are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description


Global Health Benefit Dinner

A dinner with a panel of knowledgeable professors who discussed partnership and how to have successful collaboration.


Bears vs. Zombies Raised awareness of GlobeMed around


campus by inviting others to participate in a multi-day campus-wide game of tag.

Waffles in the SciLi

Made and sold waffles in the lobby of one of Brown’s libraries during finals period.


Spring Weekend Tanks

Designed tank tops to sell at Brown’s annual spring concert.


Trash Talking

Took out people’s trash in the dormitories in exchange for spare change and donations.


Cookie Craze

Baked cookies together in one of the dorms and sold cookies door to door.


Individual Giving

Members reached out to family and friends.

Total funds raised for U-Tena in 2014-2015:



Since 2011, GlobeMed at Brown University has raised over $25,000 to support U-Tena in creating and running the Kuza Project, as well as build the Kuza Hall, which acts as a safe space for the Kuza girls to spend time, learn, and craft.

Campaign Highlights Perspectives on Partnership: An Exploration in Global Health On March 5th, we hosted a benefit dinner that included a panel of many of Brown’s experts in global health. The five panelists spoke about their own experiences with partnership and how to have successful collaboration between people.

BEARS VS. ZOMBIES Our chapter invited all Brown students to participate in a campus-wide, multi-day game of tag, in which “zombies” tried to tag the “bears” and turn them into zombies. The bears and zombies could be told apart by their red bandanas, which we sold as our campaign.

Community Building Through service and team-building events, community and camaraderie is fostered around global health and social justice within GlobeMed chapters, the GlobeMed network and surrounding communities.

Total number of chapter members in 2014 – 2015: 35 Number of community-building events: 7 For the 2014-2015 year, we had several community building events, including: Fall Staff Retreat, Blackout Party, Ugly Sweater Party, Prom, and Spring Retreat. During these events, we worked on building stronger relationships with one another as a club. The turnout for these events in terms of numbers and enthusiasm was wonderful. Instead of a division between old and new members, we have formed a close community that is both welcoming and cooperative.

globalhealthU globalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health. At our weekly ghU sessions, one member of the internal ghU committee introduced a topic relating to global health with a presentation, often supplemented with various videos or handouts. Afterwards, the remaining committee members facilitated discussions in smaller groups. At the end of each meeting, we regrouped and debriefed the day’s topic. The weekly ghU sessions fostered meaningful discussions and debates amongst our chapter members, and were a casual way to learn about relevant issues in global health. This was especially helpful for new members or those who had little prior exposure to the field. Some of the topics covered throughout the year include: the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, the controversy surrounding “voluntourism”, and the Garrissa University College attack and recent violence in Kenya. A lot of these topics were new for chapter members, and learning about them through ghU hopefully encouraged some to take more classes in Brown’s public health department.

globalhealthU globalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health.

INTERSECTION OF ART, HEALTH, & SOCIAL JUSTICE This event was a series of interactive workshops and performances, including a workshop on social justice through art and a performance by four members of U-Tena. The purpose of this event was to display different ways that art can be used to promote social justice.

EBOLA CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL Our chapter partnered with Partners in Health Engage to hold a vigil to pay respects to victims of the Ebola outbreak for Article 25’s Global Day of Action for the Right to Health. One of our members, Lily Cohen, gave a speach about Article 25. A chaplain from our University spoke and led a moment of silence for victims.

World Day of Social Justice February 20, 2015

“Today, I’m fighting for…” Our chapter celebrated WDSJ 2015 by asking members to answer one of the following prompts: (1) “Justice is …” (2) “Today, I’m fighting for…” (3) “Health is a human right because…”. These questions provoked very thoughtful responses from our staff. We had our staff write their response on a white board and then took a picture of them holding the board. These photos were then shared on social media, which allowed others outside of GlobeMed to think about these prompts and spread awareness about World Day of Social Justice.

World Day of Social Justice February 20, 2015

2015 Summit

Facing Injustice: Partnering for Systemic Change

The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit brings together university students from across the nation for three days of intensive lectures and workshops with representatives from grassroots global health organizations and a range of experts. “Listening to the senior speeches at the end of the 2015 Summit, and hearing about GlobeMed’s tremendous impact on these individuals’ lives, made me excited about the next three years and my role in GlobeMed at Brown’s future.” -- Prateek Joshi, Class of 2018

List of 2015 Summit delegates: Meygan Lackey & Prateek Joshi

[4] LENGTH OF STAY: [6 weeks] DATES OF TRAVEL: [6/15-7/31] # OF GROW INTERNS:

GROW Internship Grassroots Onsite Work

Through Grassroots On-site Work (GROW) internships, students build capacity of their partner organization, engage in mutual learning, and ensure long-term stability of their partnership. The 2015 GROW Interns spent their time getting to know U-Tena and the Kuza girls, analyzing the previous year of partnership, and planning for the upcoming year. They implemented a midline survey for the Kuza girls and created an M&E report to analyze both the baseline and midline results and gauge the effectiveness of the program thus far. They also edited and consolidated the two mentor manuals into one improved manual, and modified the budget and three year plan. Most important were the lasting friendships formed between the GROW Team and U-Tena.

“GROW was a time of making meaningful connections -- both with UTena members and the young women they helped in the slums. I learned from their strong sense of community and support, and I think that’s what makes U-Tena such an effective and valuable organization.” -- Jonelle Ahiligwo, Class of 2016

GlobeMed at Brown

Our Future Dear Friends, Last year was an incredible year--maybe our best yet-- filled with informative and meaningful campaigns, community building activities, and even a guest appearance by U-Tena! We hope to continue facilitating this enthusiasm and passion in our chapter through the upcoming year. This year we are establishing a global health coalition among health-related campus organizations at Brown. We are very excited about how we can integrate the Brown and GlobeMed community to advocate for health care and access for all! Our external ghU coordinator, Lily Cohen, is also working closely with David Egilman’s GHETS organization, and is even speaking in South Africa about the GlobeMed advocacy curriculum from a student perspective. Additionally, the GROW ‘15-’16 team had an incredible summer getting to know U-Tena and the Kuza girls, administering and analyzing midline surveys, creating a new manual for the mentors, and exploring Nairobi. U-Tena is gearing up for the second year of mentorship for the 2015-2016 Kuza girls, with a greater emphasis on crafting and an exposure visit for the girls. We plan to raise $10,000 for the Kuza project, including funds for a laptop and refresher training for the mentors, and printing for the new manual. We also plan to begin a pen pal exchange between staff members and the Kuza girls, so that staff members and the Kuza girls can become more connected. Please visit us at if you would like to make a donation and help us reach our goal! Sincerely, Rebecca Forman and Olivia Recabo 2015-2016 Co-Presidents GlobeMed at Brown

“Working with U-Tena introduced me to some of the most inspiring change-makers I have ever encountered. U-Tena taught me what it means to live your work -- to enact the change that you imagine for yourself and for your community in your every action and your every word. U-Tena taught me that partnership is a lifestyle.”-- Meygan Lackey, Class of 2015

Finances In 2014-2015, GlobeMed at Brown raised $5,364.75 for U-Tena to support projects in the Viwandani-Mukuru Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Revenue Events (Campaigns)










Internal Chapter Revenue National Office Launch Grant TOTAL REVENUE

NO $6,585.05

Expenses Campaigns






Sent to Partner Total sent to partner that was fundraised in the 20142015 academic year


Total sent to partner that was fundraised prior to the 2014-2015 academic year




Current Cash Position


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Executive Board GlobeMed at Brown

External Co-President

Meygan Lackey


Internal Co-President

Elaine Hsiang


GROW Coordinator

Olivia Recabo


Internal globalhealthU Coordinator

Daniel Coppersmith


External globalhealthU Coordinator

Ilkania Paulino Cenit


Betty Peng


Rebecca Forman


Christina Ngo


KC Caine


Campaign Coordinator Director of Communications Director of Community Building Director of Finances

Supporters A sincere thanks to the following advocates, mentors, donors, and colleagues for making our 2014 – 2015 year a great success:

INDIVIDUALS To our 2014-2015 E-Board and staff: Yokabed Ashenafi, Soumitri Barua, Julianna Brown, Katherine Caine, Madeline Chin, Christina Chu, Lily Cohen, Daniel Coppersmith, Adrija Darsha, Shyam Desai, Sierra Fisher, Rebecca Forman, Catherine Gannage , Roja Garimella, Camille Garnsey, Brianne Gilkes, Lily Hayes, Kyle Holzgruber, Elaine Hsiang, Taylin Im, Prateek Joshi, Megan Kelly, Margot Kempczynski, Jackie Kim, Meygan Lackey, Erica Lee, Lauren Lee, Rico Lizbinski, Megan Marshall, Marisa Millenson, Meg Mori, Idara Ndon, Christina Ngo, Christopher Noyes, Katy Park, Carly Paul, Ilkania Paulino, Betty Peng, Olivia Recabo, Leah Rivard, Ivan Samayoa, Kelsey Smith, Ashley Truong, Nikisha Vaghjiani, Piervito Williams, Brian Yang, Jessica Yu

A huge thank you to all of our Individual Giving donors. Without your generous support, this would not have all been possible.

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GlobeMed at Brown Annual Report 2014-2015  
GlobeMed at Brown Annual Report 2014-2015