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GlobeMed at Bethel University 2013 – 2014 ANNUAL REPORT


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About GlobeMed Mission GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.

Vision We envision a world in which health – the ability to not only survive but thrive – is possible for all people, regardless of where they call home.

We believe every human life has equal worth and every person deserves the chance to thrive. This belief has drawn together our network of students, communities, and supporters from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Health for all is within our grasp, but we can only achieve it by working together.

Message from the Co-Presidents To our dear friends, This year has been nothing short of an adventure. Completing our third year as a chapter at Bethel, we have grown in more ways than imaginable, deepened the roots of our partnership, and sat in the tension surrounding the challenging questions of our institutional image. We believe that through these changes, we as a chapter have become stronger learners and leaders in the field of global health. At the chapter level, we have expanded our chapter infrastructure to include two new departments, External Community Building and Partnerships. In response to the vision we have for our university and partner organization, these new departments have worked to deepen the relationship with the Bethel community and come alongside REDA in creative and strategic ways. We are now thirty-five chapter members strong, a twenty-five percent increase from last year. Insodoing, we have had the opportunity to empower a new generation of GlobeMed leaders on Bethel’s campus to light the fire for the student movement for global health equity. This time of growth has also been marked by intentional reflection upon our identity as it relates to issues of diversity and inclusion. We have begun the process of wrestling with what it means to be culturally humble and understanding of dynamics of power and privilege within our own institution. We believe that these themes are essential to social justice work, as our internal dynamics mirror our capacity for outward impact. As we transition into new leadership, we are excited for the journey ahead. Our success to this point would not be possible without your support. Thank you for envisioning with us a world where fewer children die of water-borne illness, families are economically empowered, and health is a human right secured by all. In solidarity, Andre & Hannah Co-Presidents 2013-2014 GlobeMed at Bethel

About Us

GlobeMed at Bethel University

GlobeMed at Bethel University was founded in March of 2011 by a student who was feeling restless by the the complacency and apathy on his campus toward systemic change. In August of 2011, GlobeMed at Bethel was officially partnered with Rural Economic Development Association in Svay Rieng, Cambodia. Through the past three years of partnership, the chapter has raised over $40,000 for the installation of water pumps, latrines and the disbursement of small business loans to improve the economic, social, and health conditions of the Svay Rieng community. GlobeMed at Bethel University continues to grown without boundaries; this year marks our third GROW internship with REDA as well as the continued development of a water research initiative to assess water quality of the filters being provided to the beneficiaries. REDA and GlobeMed at Bethel's roots continue to grow deep as we continue to change both the Bethel University campus and Svay Rieng community alike under our common belief in health for all.

Our Partnership

Rural Economic Development Association (REDA) Founded in 1993 The Rural Economic Development Association (REDA) works to reduce the adverse effects of job migration, labor and social exploitation in rural families vulnerable to persistent poverty with initiatives that enable families to secure enhanced household, economic, health, social and civic living conditions. Initially established to provide social support and counseling to people with HIV/AIDS, REDA's Integrated Care and Prevention team (ICP) meets with designated families weekly to listen to and support their needs. REDA also houses 33 orphaned and vulnerable children, providing food, shelter, and education.

Svay Rieng, Cambodia Population: 129,573 Cambodia is a country that has been plagued with incredible disparity in the recent decades. From 1975 to 1978, the communist Khmer Rouge initiated a nationwide genocide that destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure, deflating the spirit of the khmer people and setting the country years back in development. HIV/AIDS, poor sanitation and hygiene, and lack of economic and educational opportunity are the constant struggles that have oppressed the people of the Svay Rieng. While access to free antiretrovirals has been provided by the government for most of the community, there still is incredible need.

91% of people in Svay Rieng lack access to a sanitary toilet. 50% of children living in Svay Rieng show stunted growth due to poor nutrition.

Our Project Installation of water pumps, water filters, and latrines; disbursement of small business grants; agriculture and business training sessions; support for REDA center orphanage.

BY THE NUMBERS: Cost of project: $20,000 Key Metric: 20 water pumps 30 latrines 7 upgrades to old latrines 50 water filters 30 attendees for water filter training sessions 30 attendees for small business training sessions

This year's project will continue to focus on supporting the installation of water pumps and latrines to families in the Svay Chrum and Svay Rieng Districts of Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia. Families who receive the water pumps and latrines will receive appropriate training from REDA staff on managing and maintaining the given infrastructures to minimize damages and repairs. GlobeMed at Bethel will raise the necessary funds to cover the costs of materials and installation, as well as the cost of a large, ceramic pot water filter ("Rabbit Water Purifier") for each beneficiary family. The water pumps that are installed will be metal (an upgrade from last year's project), as it has found that the plastic water pumps tend to change shape in high temperatures and cause malfunctions. Each metal water pump costs $170.00 USD (including installation). Each latrine, including the building, roof and tiled interior (to one meter high) and ceramic toilet costs $250.00 USD (including installation). Each ceramic pot water filter costs $16.00 USD (including delivery). Every family who

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Our Project Continued...

receives a water filter will be invited to attend a "Filter Training Session" held at the REDA office to learn about proper use and care of their filter in order to have safe, potable water for their family. The cost of this training session will include transportation to and from REDA for each attendee, and educational materials. The training session will cost $350.00 USD based on 50 attendees. Additionally, this year's project will continue to include an income generation component. Beneficiary families will receive a small credit ($150.00 USD) to be used for a small, agricultural business. In order to receive a small business grant, families must demonstrate both need (based on REDA's criteria described later) and previous experience with running a small business (small farm, grocery store, etc.). The credit will provide the capital necessary for the families to grow a vegetable garden, raise livestock (chicken, pig, fish), or purchase items to sell in a small grocery store. The REDA agricultural team will provide basic training upon disbursement of the grant, with an additional "Small Business Training Session" on�site at the REDA office. Each grant recipient will be invited to attend a 4�day training session at REDA that will provide education and tips for success pertaining to their specific type of business. Separate training sessions will held based upon the type of business (e.g., a pig farming session, a chicken farming session, etc.). The cost of these training sessions will include transportation to and from REDA for each attendee, lunch each day for each attendee, and educational materials. The training sessions will cost $1425.00 USD based on 50 attendees. Beneficiaries for all the previously mentioned project aspects will be selected based upon the following criteria: PLHIV (people living with HIV), families living under $1 per day, families with

Our Project Continued...

vulnerable children, widows/single mothers, and families affected by disability. Additionally, it has been noted by REDA staff and GROW interns that the structures of the latrines installed in 2012 (zinc walls supported by wooden beams) are quickly becoming ineffective due to termite infestation of the wooden beams. Therefore, an additional portion of this year's funding will be allocated to upgrading the 7 latrines with zinc walls to the better quality cement structure. Each upgrade costs $200.00 USD, coming to a total of $1400.00 USD (including supplies and installation). Lastly, $500 USD of total funding will help to serve the orphanage of 35 (soon to increase to 40) children at the REDA center. This money will be allocated to the purchasing of clothes, educational materials, bicycles, and/or food to secure the needs of the children. It is intended that the project work should commence as soon as funding is available (as early as October 2013) in order that materials may be transported to beneficiary families before the roads are inaccessible due to the rainy season in Cambodia lasting from approximately May to October. It is intended that the project work should be completed by September 2014.

Campaigns Campaigns are on-campus events and initiatives that raise funds for GlobeMed partner organizations' grassroots projects abroad.

Event Title

Event Description


Vacation Bible School

In June, GlobeMed@BU partnered with the children of Westwood VBS who collected money for REDA through the course of a week.


GlobeMed Staff Shirts

When it came time to purchase staff shirts each member contributed a few extra dollars.


Fall Brat Fry

Our staff set up a grill in the Wal-Mart parking lot and sold brats and hot dogs.


J. Arthur’s Coffee House

Local artists donated their talent for a relaxing night of music with all proceeds benefitting REDA.


Benefit Dinner

Friends, family, faculty and other professionals gathered for our second annual Benefit Dinner. This year’s theme was Starting at the Roots, Growing in Partnership.


No-Shave Novembeard

We organized a beard growing competition during the month of November and the winner was chosen via change-jar voting.


A group of our staff went Christmas caroling in some nearby neighborhoods where they received many goodwill donations and a couple cookies as well.

Broomball Hot Chocolate

On intramural broomball nights our staff sold hot chocolate out of the back of their cars. We were a little disappointed with the outcome of this one.




Campaigns Continued...

Event Title

Event Description

Spring Break Tanks

In February, we designed and sold tank tops featuring ever popular Bethel president, Jay Barnes atop a surfboard.


March Madness

Each department in our chapter organized a micro-campaign ranging from clothing donation to boxing classes.


Silent Auction

Donated goods including everything from YMCA workout passes to hand-carved bird statues were auctioned off on Bethel’s campus.


Spring Brat Fry

We could not pass up the opportunity to host another brat fry once the weather got warmer.


Celeb Splash

Well known Bethel faces allowed students to purchase and throw water balloons at them wielding a plunger as their only defense.

Total funds raised for REDA in 2013-2014:




Since 2011, GlobeMed at Bethel University has raised $38,765.40 to support REDA as they empower the poor and HIV-afflicted in Svay Rieng, Cambodia.

J. Arthur’s Coffee House October 9, 2013 One fall evening we hosted a small concert at a local coffee shop. Two acoustic artists donated their time to perform and between sets we talked a little bit about who we were, our partner and our project. We wanted to create a relaxed, friendly, free event for our community so our staff scattered themselves around the shop, sat with people and talked with them about GlobeMed, Cambodia, social justice etc. The donations we received that night were just a bonus.

Silent Auction April 25, 2014 For our spring staple fundraiser, we decided to try a silent auction. The entire chapter spent the two months leading up to the event collecting donations from local businesses and other GlobeMed supporters. The donations collected included gift certificates, artwork, food, and clothing. The auction took place on a Friday, and ran from 11am to 5pm in the commons area. In total, we auctioned off nearly 75 items for a total of $1,584.20.

Community Building Through service and team-building events, community and camaraderie is fostered around global health and social justice within GlobeMed chapters, the GlobeMed network and surrounding communities.

Total number of chapter members in 2013 – 2014: 39 Number of community-building events: 6 Number of hours volunteered in the community: 72 The Directors of Community Building strove towards the following goals this year: ● Help maintain our chapter’s connection to Pastoral and GlobeMed philosophy ● Foster a sense of community through inspiration, conversations, working together, shared goals/ideas, and fun events ● Use the sense of community/shared goals to motivate our chapter ● Be a resource to provide support for new members and old members alike

globalhealthU GlobalhealthU is GlobeMed’s signature year-long global health curriculum. This student-designed and driven program equips students with the critical thinking skills that will inform a life of leadership for global health. GlobalhealthU is the fuel for our action. Engaging in discussions about the challenges and opportunities in global health allows us to work in a way that is based in understanding and critical thinking. I have especially loved the opportunity to hear perspectives and voices from all of our chapter members as we discover new things together about social justice. --Chapter member

World Day of Social Justice February 20, 2014

What is something everyone deserves? 29 responses We chose the statement 'Everyone deserves _____' so as to provoke thought towards what people may deserve in life and what people actually have. Water -- it's something that we all take for granted when it's readily available and clean. In an effort to make WDSJ more impactful, we had each member of GlobeMed at Bethel carry around a plastic water bottle of dirty water and a ziploc bag of uncooked rice, to demonstrate the water and amount of rice our partner's beneficiaries have each day. Our attempts here were to group together the question of WDSJ along with the visual image in order that the students on our campus may begin to think more profoundly about what exactly each person deserves.

2014 Summit

“Breaking Barriers, Building Connections� The annual GlobeMed Global Health Summit brings together university students from across the nation for three days of intensive lectures and workshops with representatives from grassroots global health organizations and a range of experts. It was incredible to see the vastness of the GlobeMed network. How powerful - hundreds of students banding together, united by the common desire for improving global health. --Emily Anderson, 2014

List of 2014 Summit delegates: Emily Anderson Katy Polakoski Michelle Rabedeaux Andre Scarlato Hannah Thomas


GROW Internship Grassroots Onsite Work

Through Grassroots On-site Work (GROW) internships, students build capacity of their partner organization, engage in mutual learning, and ensure long-term stability of their partnership. This summer the GROW interns worked on the evaluation of the projects that REDA has been implementing over the last year. This was done through beneficiary interviews and data collection on the water quality of the pumps that were installed. They also spent time learning about the way of life and culture in Cambodia.

“The Cambodian people see every little gift as a blessing and they live their lives expecting that things will get better. That is how we are to live amidst this crazy and chaotic world--in hope. Hope that one day the brokenness will be restored and that every person’s story can be heard. Let us never stop until that day comes.” --Rachel Walton, 2014

Our Future

GlobeMed at Bethel University

Dear Friends, Plans are in the works for another exciting year! We have set the following goals for our upcoming year as we grow into all that we can be as a chapter. ● ●

● ● ● ●

● ● ●

Compassionate Thinking: Seeing “Critical Thinking” and “Compassion” as two sides of the same coin. Embracing the Journey: Recognizing that each chapter member is in a different place on different journey while discovering new things about social justice, global health, life, etc. We will be an anti-assumption group. Inclusion: Developing a collective lens for seeing exclusion within our chapter dynamics. Ensuring that this is an ongoing conversation. Passion: Utilizing the various modes of expressing excitement and energy for our work to propel it. Meeting Our Fundraising Goal. Clear Communication: With our chapter, with REDA, with our advisor, to our donors, with the Bethel community, the local community, and with the GlobeMed National Office. Communication should not be a task, but a continual action. Delegation: Every chapter member is entrusted with responsibilities, and can take ownership for our work. Personal Motivation: Why are we doing this? Is our motivation in the right place? Handing Over Leadership: Are people excited about taking ownership of this?

As in the past, if you’d like to donate towards the implementation of our project visit our Razoo page. Sincerely, Chris & Hannah Co-Presidents 2014-2015 GlobeMed at Bethel

Finances In 2013-2014, GlobeMed at Bethel University raised $23,453.26 for REDA to support projects in Svay Rieng, Cambodia.

Revenue Events (Campaigns)










Internal Chapter Revenue


National Office Launch Grant TOTAL REVENUE

NO $28,337.43

Expenses Campaigns






Sent to Partner Total sent to partner that was fundraised in the 2012-2013 academic year Total sent to partner that was fundraised prior to the 2012-2013 academic year TOTAL SENT TO PARTNER IN 2012-2013 Current Cash Position

$23,453.26 $0.00 $23,453.26 $150.00

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Executive Board GlobeMed at Bethel University External Co-President

Andre Scarlato


Internal Co-President

Hannah Thomas


Ryan Nichols


globalhealthU Coordinator

Rebecca Schultz


globalhealthU Coordinator

Ellen Potts


GROW Coordinator

Campaign Coordinator Campaign Coordinator (Fall)

Laura Rasmussen | Chris Christenson | Chad Prescher


Director of Communications

Emily Anderson


Director of Communications

Carly Crowley


Director of Community Building (Internal)

Drea Chalmers


Director of Community Building (External)

Kelsey Schlichting |

Campaign Coordinator (Spring)

Director of Finances

Nick Quam


Supporters A sincere thanks to the following advocates, mentors, donors, and colleagues for making our 2013 – 2014 year a great success:

INDIVIDUALS Dr. Naomi Ludeman Smith, Laura Sanchez, Chris Lund, The Zapata family, Lynn and Richard Scarlato, Matt Runion, Donna and John Thomas, Patty Schlichting, Steven Rabedeaux, Tim Anderson, Lisa Rasmussen

ORGANIZATIONS Veris Technologies, TITLE Boxing Club in Arden Hills, Peter Paul Pottery, Wine and Canvas, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Dunn Brothers in Roseville, The Tin Fish, The Breadsmith, J Arthur's, Columbia Golf Course, Lindy's Steakhouse, Half Price Books, Punch Pizza, Trader Joe's, Axel's, Lexington Floral, YMCA in Roseville, Har Mar Elements Massage

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GlobeMed at Bethel Annual Report 2013-2014  
GlobeMed at Bethel Annual Report 2013-2014