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Luxury hotel awards adding “feather in the cap” for hospitality players Nowadays, “luxury” has become a widely used term in every sector, ranging from coffee, soaps, perfume etc. to real estate which includes residential complexes and hotels. The definition of luxury, too, has also evolved from expense to experience. Many brands and marketers are using this jargon to sell their idea and attract the customers.

However, in the hospitality sector, the “luxury” term is an experience driven commodity. Today, renowned hotels are continuously striving to upgrade their value proposition by infusing up-todate technologies and competing with each other to win the luxury hotel awards to strengthen their brand presence globally. Defining luxury hotels Usually, the hospitality industry accepts accreditations or star ratings from Forbes, AAA and other organisations which critically examine such hotels for their quality. However, there is no such standard set for branding luxury hotels, hence, many 4 and 5-star hotels generally tag them as “luxury”. What sets them apart? There a number of factors which matter to any hotel matter to a greater degree and scale when it comes to luxury hotels. Some of the important factors include: • • • • •

Amenities Facilities Location Dining Service

What differentiates a luxury hotel apart is the nature of the above-mentioned factors. With luxury hotels, a customer expects a high and distinguishable standard. However, one particular factor which truly creates an exceptional customer satisfaction in a luxury hotel is the “service”. Personalisation always plays a key role in making the stay or event successful.

Key things to look out are: • • • • •

Were the hotel authorities expecting your arrival? Did they greet you by name (not just at the time of check-in, but also during the entire course of your stay? Did they understood and acknowledged your preferences?? Did they offer you the loyalty program to ensure you return back? Did they solve your queries in a timely manner?

Honouring the achievers Winning an award at a prestigious event is always a dream for every individual as well as a hotel. For instance, during the 10th Annual World Luxury Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony, 2016 on 29th Oct 2016 in The St. Regis, Doha, ART Rotana (Amwaj Islands, Bahrain) won the award in Luxury Art Hotel category. Similarly, Nagaworld (Cambodia) bagged the Luxury Casino Hotel award. In addition to strengthening their brand, these awards also help in expanding their business network not only locally, but also globally. About Globe Luxurie Awards 2017 Globe Luxurie Decode will be hosting GLOBE LUXURIÉ AWARDS 2017, which will be summit achieved by a hotel in a luxury hospitality landscape, recognising hotels which have earned huge respect from guests and industry experts. The winners will be shortlisted in 2 award categories, namely, The Lords of Luxury and The Leading Luxury Labels. These luxury hotel awards will not only help the hotel retain the loyal clients, but also stimulate incessant growth and development of the hotels.

World luxury hotel awards  

Luxury hotel awards adding “feather in the cap” for hospitality players Nowadays, “luxury” has become a widely used term in every sector, ra...

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