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There had been several luxury exhibitions and events held in the past in different places of the world which we have heard about. But this time an event named GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017 is going to take place at the heart of Gulf. This event will acknowledge the most accomplished luxury brands of all times. It will also encourage those who are striving to leave an impression on the luxury segment. GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017 is going to take place at Dubai. The lavish two-day affair in one of the most posh area in Dubai will give a perfect arrangement to the event. We all know the importance of Dubai. It is one of the most innovative cities in the world. Dubai can also be called as the luxury capital of the world. Talking about the grandeur of the city, it is no less than a land of luxury in the Middle East, the GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017 will bring all the colours of luxury to satisfy the hunger for luxury in the most desiring set of audience. Dubai’s main attractions are its man-made islands, Palm Islands and Burj Khalifa - the tallest tower in the world. People come to see the magnificence of Dubai skylines and the wealth of the Middle East culture.

Dubai, with its scores of malls and atmospheric markets is still the world’s king of shopping. It is world’s largest gold market. It is also a nice place for socializing, for hanging out with the family at a fun fair or eatery, for slipping on the skis to swoosh down the slopes in preparation for winter, or heading to the gym, spa or beauty salon to get into shape. You can also swim with sharks in the world's largest mall. It is having the world's only 7-star hotel – Burj Al Arab.

Dubai has an unmatched desire for luxurious lifestyle. It has become the most aspiring travel destination for luxury lovers. This once in a lifetime event in the City of Gold, Dubai, is indicating a positive sign. The luxury brands from all over the world will be presented here under one roof. According to a latest report published by Deloitte, there is great potential in the future growth of luxury goods market of the Middle East. That is why Dubai is going to be a perfect venue for the GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ.

A perfect destination for globe luxurie decode 2017