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Beaches are the Most Refreshing Attractions in Sydney Sydney, a dazzling city in Australia is home to magnificent contemporary architecture and vibrant cosmopolitan culture. Refreshing beaches are another highlight in the intriguing city. If you want to spend your next vacation by revitalizing waters while basking under the sun, book flights to Sydney. No matter whether you are on honeymoon or looking to feel the thrill of aquatic adventures, the city has a beach for every interest. Following are some of the most prominent beaches in Sydney: Tamarana Beach Nature lovers and romantic couples cannot find better option than Tamarana Beach while holidaying in Sydney. Its scenic beauty is well complemented by peaceful surroundings. A gully and a park are the recreational areas. If you want to experience a busy day at the beach, drive to Bondi Beach which is just a kilometer away from Tamarana. Bondi Beach Arguably, this is the most popular beach in Australia. Bondi is not only famous for its lively beach culture but for its rich history as well. It is the closest beach to the centre of the city. Major highlight of the beach is the migration seasons of sharks and dolphins. While visiting the beach, you can indulge in variety of activities such as scuba diving, swimming and surfing. For brave swimmers Bondi Icebergs will be a test. It is a rock swimming pool where professionals compete during winter months. The pool has an adjoining restaurant from where you can admire the breathtaking view of the beach. Clontarf Reserve Clontarf Reserve has emerged as an incredible family beach destination in Australia. Stunning beauty and top rated facilities keep families coming to the beach time and again. The beach features a swimming enclosure for young kids with shallow waters. A shaded playground makes the beach a perfect place for families with kids. In the middle of the reserve, you would come across a kiosk that does not only sell ice-cream and coffee but delicious food as well. The picnic area is full of tables, benches and BBQs. Manly Beach Manly Beach is known for its blend of breathtaking natural beauty and thrilling marine activities. Take a walk through the Historical Walk and feel the refreshing breeze. Be a part of the aquatic adventure with activities like swimming, kayaking and scuba diving. Whale watching at Manly Beach entices people from around the world. The beach is surrounded by few magnificent hotels. In other words, finding accommodation near Manly Beach won’t be tough. Shelly Beach Shelly Beach is just a walk away from Manly Beach. If you love collecting sea shells, Shelly Beach needs to be there on your priority list. While strolling around the beach, you would

come across spectacular sand and shell art on the beach. The protected beach features plenty of shade and has no waves. Hence, it is a perfect beach for those who don’t know swimming but want to feel the calmness of water. Families visit the beach during weekends to enjoy picnics in the grassy area. Carss Bush Park & Beach It is one of the most preferred family beaches in and around Sydney. Apart from flamboyant beach, you’d also find a large playground, special BBQ area, and numerous picnic tables. The playground has Variety swing for kids on wheel chairs. The brown sand of the beach creates a mesmerizing view when waves crash at the shore. At times, the park becomes windy, so it is advisable to carry a sweater or a jacket.

Beaches are the Most Refreshing Attractions in Sydney