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Shopping and Dining at Asiatique in Bangkok Shopaholics from around the world book Bangkok flights to experience the contrast of luxury and roadside shopping. Another aspect that brings millions of visitors to the city is shopping at night. Asiatique is among the most prominent night markets in Bangkok. This is one of the most recently developed night markets in Bangkok. Besides shopping, the market is also famous for variety of dining options as well. Following are the most popular dining and shopping options in Asiatique: By Myself The small yet striking store is known for offering high quality leather products especially bags. Most of the items are imported from Australia and Argentina. While checking the soft and supple leather items, you’d also come across several items with an unparalleled vintage feel. They have wide range of chunky straps that can add a unique charm to your classy wristwatch. Bann Khanitha If you are striving to satiate your appetite with traditional Thai meal, Bann Khanitha in Asiatique is the place you should be at. They open at 1700 hrs and serve till midnight. While going through their menu, you would come across mouthwatering chicken dishes and seafood items. Food lovers booking flights to Bangkok, must consider dining at the restaurant to taste tiger prawn tom yum, massaman curry and fried fish cakes. Qualy For shopping lovers, Qualy is a must visit store in Asiatique. The Thai homeware store features items for daily use. While checking the items, you would find few must have items that you never bothered to buy. Creativity has made the daily use items so enticing that it’d be quite tough to leave them on the shelves. Few unique items are a salt and pepper shaker which is shaped like a small chick and a log and a toilet brush which looks like an oversized cherry. Checkmate Checkmate is one of the most prominent dining spots in the night market. The black and white theme complements that name of the restaurant very well. Live music discerns it from other restaurants at Asiatique. A bizarre aspect of the restaurant is neon-lit chess board. They are open from 1700 hrs till 0100 hrs. Popular dishes on their menu are sea bass with a spicy northern Thai sauce and crispy pork and tomato salad. Le Petid Print Shirts can be bought from numerous stores in the city. However, this store is known for stocks of 100% organic cotton shirts. You can get shirts for both men and women. You can choose from

hundreds of prints. Popular prints include Disney characters, The Beatles, Che Guevara, Tintin and number of vintage posters. You can easily spot the store as it has a tuk tuk parked by the entrance.

Shopping and Dining at Asiatique in Bangkok