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Notable Attractions in Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles is the most glamorous city in the USA. LA is widely known for Hollywood, performing arts and spectacular culture. If you want to experience an incredible blend of variety of facets of the city, Downtown is the place. Following are some of the most notable attractions in the Downtown area to visit if you are booking flights to Los Angeles: Walt Disney Concert Hall Community Park It was opened in 2003 and in a span of 10 years, it has become an integral part of holiday attractions in LA. The park is located in the premises of Walt Disney Concert Hall and covers an area of an acre. A visit to the park allows you to feel a new sense of serenity. The park features a performance amphitheatre. However, the main highlight of the park is Blue Ribbon Garden where you would come across blue lotus flower fountain which is made from porcelain vases and tiles. If you are looking to spend some time away from the bustling city life of Los Angeles, the park is an apt alternate. LA Fashion District The fashion district is a must visit attraction for those booking Los Angeles flights. It is located in the eastern section of the Downtown area. If you are looking for cheap but trendy clothes, Santee Alley is the place to visit. However, be aware of the counterfeit items. Other popular stores or shopping areas in the district are The New Mart, Cooper Design Space, California Market Center and The Gerry Building. LA Flower District Are you fond of flowers? Even if you are not, don’t miss out on visiting the district which is the largest flower market in the country. It is one of the main highlights in Los Angeles Fashion District and Business Improvement District. Today, the flower market features floral designers, wholesalers, shippers, flower growers, retail florists and event planners. Little Tokyo District Looking to add an oriental tinge to your visit to LA? If yes, make sure you are adding Little Tokyo District to the itinerary while booking flights to Los Angeles. Take a walk through the district to get a feel of Japanese ambience created by authentic restaurants, ethnic Japanese markets and gift shops. Other highlights in the district are few historical monuments and two museums known as the Geffen Contemporary Museum and Japanese American National Museum. If you want to buy ethnic items and groceries Japanese Village Plaza Mall is the place to visit. Book Los Angeles flights and visit the Downtown area to know more about the multi-ethnic culture of the city. Plethora of entertainment, shopping and dining options are there in the area.

Notable Attractions in Downtown Los Angeles