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Welcome to Hawai’i … Six islands to explore.

Twelve micro-climates.

1,860 miles from the nearest continent.

Hawai’i spells romance, scenery, and pure heaven for the adventurous. Island hop? Or immerse oneself into the pleasures of one island? How does one take the endless possibilities of Hawai’i


create one memorable experience? Call on GlobeBleu. Our award-winning travel planners design and deliver a focused Hawai’i an adventure based on your client’s preferences. Each customized itinerary includes specialized tours, local contacts, exclusive access, and insider info, and always perfectly suited to your most discriminating clientele.

Kaua’i Niihau

KAUA’I The oldest of the islands is lush with gardens and tropical flora. Kaua’i attracts many adventure-seekers with a wide range of microclimates and activities to match. On Kaua’i find the most hiking trails, largest coffee plantation and the state’s only navigable rivers.

OAHU Lively and modern defines Oahu. More than 95% of Hawai’i ’s population lives here. Waikiki Beach is “Surfing Central.” A shopping and dining mecca, active night scene, and notable memorials and museums including Pearl Harbor draw visitors to Oahu.


MOLOKAI’I Rustic Molokai’i is lost in time, perfect for those who seek the quieter side of Hawai’i . Sea cliffs highlight spectacular scenery on little traveled roads accessed mainly by horse, mule or four-wheeler. Kalaupapa National Park is the most visited attraction here. LANAI Tiny, secluded Lanai is off the coast of Maui. Only 3, 000 people live on the island. Honeymooners and others looking for solitude often choose Lanai as home base. Visitors may hike, play golf or enjoy the comforts of one of the two five-star resorts or private villas on the island.

Molokai’i Lanai Maui Kahoolawe

(Big) Island of Hawai’i

MAUI The best beaches in the world, historic seaside towns, and humpback whale watching contribute to Maui’s “Best Island” rating by Conde Nast readers nineteen years in a row. Travelers can take day trips to Molokai’i and Lanai by ferry from here. HAWAI’I Aptly known as the “(Big) Island of Hawai’i,” the largest in the chain is still growing. Bursting with new life there is no place as magically diverse as this island. Home to the tallest sea mountain in the world (33,00 feet!) and most active volcanoes on the islands and featuring all but two of the planet’s climate zones makes for a unparalleled journey of nature in all its glory. With the exception of its two cities, Kona and Hilo Maui is surprisingly underdeveloped.

Hawai’i is synonymous with romance. And GlobeBleu delivers with customized over the top romantic itineraries. Clients celebrating an anniversary, honeymooning, or just wanting to re-connect enjoy a seven-night stay at the heavenly St. Regis Princeville Resort on Kaua’i. The oldest of the islands, and arguably the most scenic, this itinerary takes full advantage of Kaua’i’s dramatic backdrops. The property has all the amenities required for romance — an elegant and spacious guestroom or suite overlooking Hanalei Bay and Mt. Namolokama, an 11,000 square foot spa and a 5,000 square foot infinity pool. Couples are given blessings on the beach, a special ritual for any couple desiring to strengthen their commitments and bring a deeper connection to a relationship. A lomi-lomi massage, the ultimate Hawai’i an stress-reliever, is rooted in love, aloha and prayer and this one takes place in a tree house perched amid the rainforest. Adventure seekers may choose to hike Kaua’i’s legendary Na Pali Coast, but GlobeBleu arranges for the shoreline to be seen in the most romantic style, on a catamaran sailboat, champagne in hand while savoring the scenery and dinner on a private sunset cruise. So much of Kaua’i’s lush wilderness is inaccessible by car, the itinerary calls for an exclusive, private aerial tour by a state-of-the-art helicopter. Soar above all of Kaua’i’s hidden natural wonders while expert pilots describe the geology and native ecosystems that make this island so extraordinary. After a refreshing swim in a secluded pool beneath a waterfall, couples are delivered a catered champagne picnic or gourmet dinner. Activities are added to the itinerary based on client preferences. Couples may opt for snorkeling in private coves, a round of golf, or a horse-drawn carriage ride, all enjoyed in a laid-back setting. Clients seeking seclusion, scenery, luxury, and sensory delights find it all with GlobeBleu-designed romantic itineraries.

Surrounded by ocean, boasting varied terrain and a dozen microclimates, Hawai’i is ‘ground-zero’ for adventure and thrill-seekers. The islands are popular with avid cyclists, sailors, and hikers. Yet, for the most fearless adventure seekers, there’s open-door helicopter touring, cliff diving and thrilling zip-line quests above the lush canopy. On the “softer” side of adventure, GlobeBleu may add guided snorkeling adventures in secret coves, or mule or horseback rides through floral-scented valleys beneath snow-capped mountains. GlobeBleu offers an action-packed seven day adventure itinerary to include four nights in Oahu and three nights on The Big Island. In Oahu arrangements are made for intrepid travelers to head a few miles offshore to swim with sharks. The sea’s most daunting hunters are close enough to touch from the protection of a special cage lowered into the ocean. Make sure clients grab the video camera for the North Shore beach stops on the itinerary. They’ll want to capture each other riding the waves during private surfing lessons from expert instructors. On the Big Island, GlobeBleu clients stay at The Volcano House Hotel within Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The hotel was just a grass shack when it first opened to visitors in 1846. Today it’s restored to greet a new travel era with 33 historic guest rooms overlooking the Halemaumau Crater. The park covers 333,000 acres from the top of the world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa, to the sea. The 150 miles of hiking trails pass through volcanic craters, scorched deserts and fertile rainforests. Hikers may walk through a lava tube and examine petroglyphs, ancient artwork etched by native Hawai’i ans centuries earlier. At your clients’ requests itineraries may include the expertise of local archeologists and historians. For your “green-mined” clientele we offer a guided tour by an environmental educator through the only Natural Area Reserve System in Hawai’i .

Hawai’i ans are inspired by their love of the land, a strong cultural identity, and a supreme connection with ancestors. The story of Hawai’i and its people are brought to life in a colorful seven-day itinerary presented by GlobeBleu. Travelers spend four nights in Oahu and three nights in Maui. In Oahu, the journey begins in downtown Honolulu with a tour of the opulent Iolani Palace. Built in the mid 1800’s, the Kings and Queens of Hawai’i lived here with their chiefs and nobles. A private tour chronicles the legacy of the monarchy to include a viewing of the jewels and crowns worn by Hawai’i ’s last royals. The discovery continues at a location considered the most important ancient cultural site in Oahu, the Kukaniloko Birthing Stones State Monument. For 900 years plus, more than 180 sacred stones have marked the fiveacre spot where royals gave birth. Children born at this sacred place were guaranteed a high-ranking status in society. The itinerary includes chapters in Hawai’i ’s more recent past with tours of Pearl Harbor, where the U.S.A. officially entered World War ll in 1941 after the attack on the Naval base. Several monuments commemorate the event. Perhaps the most well-known is the U.S.S Arizona. The actual monument is built above the sunken battleship. A historian details the events of that day while on board the ferry taking passengers to the site, considered hallowed ground by many Americans. In Maui enjoy a traditional luau. Hawai’i ans consider the luau to be a feast of life, to mark milestones: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or to celebrate a successful harvest. The luau centers on a meal of roasted pig prepared in a traditional underground oven and may also include hula dancing, storytelling and a musical performance. Maui’s Arts & Cultural Center features a remarkable fine art collection as well as entrance to lively performances by Polynesian musicians and dance troupes. The GlobeBleu team can reserve preferred seats for Oahu’s acclaimed International Film Festival or tickets to the popular Food and Wine Festivals held each year in Maui and Oahu. Private garden tours led by horticulturalists and day-trips to working farms growing pineapples, vanilla beans or macadamia nuts can also be included in the itinerary.

GlobeBleu travel planners understand each family is unique and builds itineraries accordingly. There are many family centered activities and attractions in Hawai’i . Special care is taken in designing a family vacation to fit the particular interests of each family. To maximize the pleasure of a Hawai’i family vacation, GlobeBleu offers a seven day itinerary with four nights in Oahu and three nights in Maui. In Oahu, Kualoa Ranch is a highlight of the trip. Here families find many amusements compatible with the owner’s dedication to protect and preserve Hawai’i ’s natural beauty. If the scenery seems familiar it’s probably because many TV and movies were filmed here. The valleys and jungles are explored on horse or by ATV, and everyone gets a kick out of seeing where Lost, Jurassic Park, and Godzilla were filmed. Swim, snorkel, and paddle Hawai’i an canoes on the ranch’s Secret Island. Take a break from land action with a short kayak trip to picnic on a remote island. A trip to the Honolulu Zoo and Bishop Museum, noted for its amazing planetarium, is also on the itinerary. In Maui, families enjoy The Hawai’i an Aquarium/ Maui Ocean Center, rated the top family attraction in Hawai’i by Zagat travelers. Popular activities at the state of the art marine park include close encounters with sharks and rays, swimming with dolphins, and observing green sea turtles at play. The peaks and valleys of Maui’s spectacular coastline create numerous waterfalls. A hike to the bottom of these falls to swim in the gigantic pool at the bottom is the most refreshing stop on the itinerary. The ages, lifestyles, interests and preferred activities of each family are considered when creating your private, customized itinerary. Private tours with a marine or park naturalist, tickets to special events and festivals, drivers, chefs and nannies may all be arranged.

GlobeBleu holds the key to Hawai’i accommodations. Our personal contacts at the finest hotels and resorts will ensure that your clients’ every needs are met. For five-star service, we recommend on: • the (Big) Island of Hawai’i: The Fairmont Orchid and the Volcano House • Maui: the Fairmont Kea Lani (traditional) or the Andaz (modern) • Oahu: the Kahala (traditional) or the Modern Honolulu (urban) • Kaua’i: the St Regis Princeville (North) or the Grand Hyatt (South) Magnificent estates and showcase yachts complete GlobeBleu’s Hawai’ian property portfolio. Our private villas come with ocean or mountain views. Our travel concierges can arrange for pre-stocking service, personal chefs, drivers, shoppers and private air, helicopter or yacht charters.

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