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Showering Collections 2010

Shower Trays

Shower Trays Less is more. Our range of new low profile shower trays provides less of almost everything. Wafer thin yet incredibly strong, their slender lines almost vanish into the floor, complementing modern shower enclosures perfectly to complete the minimalist ideal. What’s more, ingenious design and advanced materials help keep cleaning minimal too.



Shower Trays

Daryl Low Profile tray

Daryl Walk-in and Weir trays

Choose from a range of new Daryl Low Profile shower trays to

Two distinctive low level shower trays with clean minimalistic

create your minimalist shower enclosure. The 40mm height makes

aesthetics, designed to complement your individual bathroom

it one of the slimmest shower trays available, giving a sleek almost

design. Choose from the Walk-in with its walk-on waste or the

invisible “wet room” look.

Weir with its flush fitting platform.

The sleek styling flows through to the waste, which is integrated

The addition of BioCote® antibacterial technology into the top

into the design to give a level surface for you to stand on.

surface of your shower tray will keep your new shower tray

We add BioCote® into the top surface, this innovative antibacterial

cleaner than ever before by reducing bacteria and mould growth

technology will keep your new shower tray cleaner than ever

by up to 99.9%.



before by reducing bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%.

Weir tray

See page 148 for product details, prices and options

See page 149 for product details, prices and options Walk-in tray

Clean and fresh forever with innovative BioCote technology ®

Daryl low profile square


Daryl low profile rectangle

Daryl low profile quadrant

Daryl low profile pentagon

Every Daryl low profile, Walk-in and Weir tray stays protected for its whole lifetime, thanks to the antibacterial technology BioCote®, which is incorporated into the manufacturing process.


Showering Systems

Showering Systems Daryl’s elegantly designed water columns cover every angle. With overhead drench and hand-held sprays, you can direct torrents of thermostatically controlled water wherever you choose. And because they’re corner-mounted you face them ‘on the diagonal’, making the most of the elbow room in your enclosure.



Showering Systems

Daryl Amicio showering system 408 ®

The slim and elegant dual-head Amicio shower column is compact, discreet and versatile. Integrating a complete bodywashing system into the fabric of a shower enclosure, combining many features designed to optimise personal choice and make every shower a unique experience. With a choice of corner installation positions, the column provides extra showering space and comfort. Thermostatic controls maintain your preferred temperature delivering the perfect shower every time. • Choice of installation positions to optimise showering space

- Remote position - Adjacent to wall profile for integrated styling • Easy to use innovative magnetic clamp bracket to position the hand-held shower to suit individual showering height • Easy to operate controls • Optional stylish glass shelf Pictured right, Amicio showering system installed adjacent to the wall profile for integrated styling and extra elbow room, with optional glass shelf. Shown within an Iana pivot door enclosure ®

Pictured far right, Amicio showering system with optional glass shelf installed in the remote position providing extra elbow room. Shown within an Iana pivot door enclosure See pages 144 - 145 for product details, prices and options



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