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World Radio Day


In 2011, the Spanish Radio Academy proposed to UNESCO that there be a “World Radio Day”. February 13 was adopted for this observance since February 13, 1946 was when the United Nations Radio was established. In 2019 UNESCO will celebrate the 8th anniversary of World Radio Day.

This day marks a time where people around the world celebrate radio and how it shapes our lives. Radio informs, transforms and unites us. It brings together people and communities from all backgrounds to foster positive dialogue for change. More specifically, radio is the perfect medium to counter the appeals for violence and the spread of conflict, especially in regions potentially more exposed to such realities.

World Radio Day 2019 will celebrate the theme of “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”. In our world today, we need to engage in a dialogue of tolerance and peace. Diversity is to be embraced, freedoms protected, and peace and security required in all countries and for all citizens.

Broadcasts, traditional radio and podcasts, that provide a platform for dialogue and democratic debate over issues, such as migration or violence against women, help raise awareness and inspire understanding for new perspectives in paving the way for positive action.



Radio programming builds acceptance, community, relationships and understanding and surpass the differences separating groups by uniting them under common goals and causes.

Information available throughout the world increases the focus and action taken to increase tolerance and peace.

Join with others around the world, acknowledging the evolution of radio, broadcasting and podcasts this World Radio Day 2019 and to celebrate the impact of radio in pursuing of a more peaceful and tolerant world.