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Combating the Debt Addiction International Seminar organized by the Swedish House of Finance, and Global Utmaning

Date: Thursday 22 May 2014, 13.00-15.45 Venue: Aulan, Handelshรถgskolan, Sweden

The build-up of private debt has continued both in the Western world and in emerging countries after the 2007-08 crisis. Are banks creating money for the wrong purposes? Excessive credit creation risks driving asset inflation and frequent asset bubbles. Have we become addicted to debt? How can we turn recovery into sustained growth? What should be the tasks for the banks and for monetary and fiscal policies? What can a single country do in a global economy with increasingly global financial markets?

Moderator: Dr. Ulf Dahlsten, London School of Economics, Senior Advisor Global Utmaning

Program 13.00

Combating the debt addiction Lord Adair Turner, Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), former Head of the UK Financial services Authority


Challenges with high household debt levels - a Swedish perspective Anders Borg, Finance Minister


Panel debate: The Risks with an Excessive Money Creation for the Wrong Purposes Lord Adair Turner, INET Anders Borg, Finance Minister Prof. Karolina Ekholm, Deputy Governor, the Riksbank Prof. Pehr WissĂŠn, Managing Director, Institute for Financial Research (SIFR) Kristina Persson, Chairman Global Utmaning

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