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Unlock Instructions for Blackberry 9930

Blackberry 9930 Unlock Instructions How To Unlock A Blackberry 9930: 1. Insert not accepted SIM card in your phone and turn it on. 2. You will be prompted to enter an unlock code (aka MEP or MEP2 or MEP4 Code) (if you don't have unlock code for bold 9900 you can get your unlock code here) 3. Click Yes 4. Enter the unlock code and press enter 5. Phone is now UNLOCKED! 6. Reboot device by pulling battery out 7. Go to "Manage Connections" and turn Mobile network on Method 2 on How to Unlock BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 1. Ensure a SIM Card is inserted 2. Go to 'Manage Connections' 3. Click on 'Turn All Connections Off' 4. Go to 'Options' 5. Click on 'Device' 6. Click on 'Advanced System Settings' 7. Click on 'SIM Card' 8. Type 'MEPD' (NOTE: you might need to type in caps, also letters will not appear on-screen but you will be presented with personalization screen, that will display 5 locks such as network, service provider etc) 9. Type 'MEP2' (make sure to hold ALT for 2) or hold ALT and type MEPE (NOTE: user will be prompted to enter MEP code) 10. Enter the MEP2 code numbers only (CONFIRM you get "Code Accepted" message)* *If you also have a MEP4 code, type 'MEP4' (you will be prompted to enter MEP code)* Enter the MEP4 code (CONFIRM you get "Code Accepted" message)

11. Reboot device by pulling battery out 12. Go to 'Manage Connections' 13. Click on 'Restore Connections' 14. Device is now unlocked Verizon phones only: You might need to remove "Activation Required" on the screen or change the Phone Number to yours by following steps below: •

Press Call (Green Button) as you would to place a call

Type on the screen: ##000000

Press the Call Button

You will be prompted to the screen with the phone number, change existing phone number to yours

Press the Menu Button to Save the options and the phone will automatically restart

After restarting, it will be updated

IMPORTANT: If you get a 'Code Error' message DO NOT keep trying, you only have limited attempts. Please check IMEI #, Network is right then contact us.

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