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mediterranean diet and landscapes Miguel Hernรกndez University of Elche Description | Participants are introduced to Alicante agriculture, food diversity, and Mediterranean landscapes. This includes traditional cheeses, salted fishery products, traditional pastries and breads, turrรณn and ice creams, traditional meat products, olive oil, citrus fruits, vegetables, fruits with Apellation of Origin (cherries, pomegranates, persimmons, medlars, table grapes, etc.), wines, and traditional liqueurs. Visits to our farms and practical tastings are the way to experience this sensory land. DurAtion | 100 hours distributed over two weeks during July or January.

creDits | 4 study abroad credits, which correspond to 2 required courses (1 credit/25 h). The credits include both classroom instruction and field work. official certification given by the Miguel Hernรกndez University of Elche. LAnguAge recoMMenDAtions | Intermediate level of Spanish. LocAtion | Alicante, spain.

inforMAtion | - The program includes 100 hours of instruction, accommodations, meals, transportation, 24-hour assistance from program coordinators and personnel, and administrative expenses. - Airfare between the USA and Spain, medical insurance, personal expenses, and some optional activities are not included. contAct |

Participants may tailor their program!

program 1. trADitionAL cheeses | Discover the main unique characteristics of small ruminant cheese making science and technology and visit an artisanal cheese making facility. Included is a tasting of cheeses by a renowned specialist.

2. sALteD fish science AnD technoLogy | La Vega Baja is one of the few regions in the world where the production and consumption of salted fishery products, salazones de pescado, have been preserved. Insight into fish salting science and technology is provided, as well as a visit to an artisanal facility and a tasting of salted fishes.

3. WAter in MeDiterrAneAn cuLture AnD LAnDscApes | Learn about the agronomic and hydraulic design of surface irrigation and pressure irrigation through theoretical classes, practical classes, and field visits to irrigation communities along the Segura River.

4. trADitionAL pAstries AnD trADitionAL breADs | Discover different perspectives of traditional pastries and bakeries, seeing firsthand the economic relevance of this sector and the importance of innovation. It includes a visit to a traditional bakery where you can directly learn about the elaboration of traditional pastry and bakery products.

5. Agro-fooD LAnDscApes AnD sustAinAbiLity | Delve into agricultural activity and sustainability: implications for soil conservation, climate change, and a circular economy. This includes two laboratory sessions and a practical workshop.

6. turrón AnD ice creAMs | The tradition of these two products is directly linked with a small village of Alicante, Xixona, which is located about 30 km from the city of Alicante. Students gain the opportunity to learn about and prepare all types of turrón, and analyze them using sensory evaluation.

7. trADitionAL MeDiterrAneAn MeAt proDucts | In the present activity, the characteristics of traditional Mediterranean sausages, its science, and technology are presented. The activity includes a visit to an artisanal meat industry facility and a tasting of these traditional products. 8. oLiVe oiL extrAction AnD QuALity | Virgin olive oil is the one of the most important components of the universally recognized Mediterranean diet. In the present activity, insight on olive oil quality and technology is provided, as well a visit to an oil industry and a sampling of different types of virgin olive oils.

9. citrus | Go into detail about the current situation of citriculture in Spain, as well as the most cultivated varieties of citrus and applied cultivation techniques. Included are visits to various commercial properties where the varietal structure is verified firsthand.

10. fruits AnD VegetAbLes | Visits to seedbeds, horticultural exploitations, greenhouse crops, and centers of horticultural products provide you with the necessary knowledge about the processes of planting, managing climate of greenhouses, quality control systems, and much more.

11. fruits With pDo/pgi | Southeast Spain is home to an incredible variety of fruits. Many of them are protected by quality figures of the european union, PDO, and PGI given their uniqueness and excellence. Discover different types of crops, visit farms, try the fruits... and learn to appreciate and savor them! 12. Wines AnD trADitionAL LiQueurs | Our history and experience related to wine goes back more than 3,000 years. Study, visit, and enjoy several designations of origin and taste one of the most special wines in the world, Fondillón. What’s more, learn about four traditional liqueurs known in Spain as IGP - protected geographical identification.

Mediterranean Diet and Landscapes  

Study Abroad UMH

Mediterranean Diet and Landscapes  

Study Abroad UMH