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So we asked the question, “What ministry shared ooking at our mission’s display, I saw dozens of faces, each one representing a dream, a passion, those values, while impacting lives outside the US?” The answer, Global Servants! a God given, Holy Spirit birthed ministry. With that we began to develop a Each face had a name, and each name partnership. At first, we simply sent had a story. Yet over the years, most monthly support. Then we sent of the stories had been lost. I knew needed supplies and gifts to we could do better, I just wasn’t the girls at House of Grace sure how. Thailand. Over time, we had Like many churches, different members of the staff Hickory Ridge supported a of Global Servants come and variety of missionaries. Their speak. Eventually we began connection to the church had sending teams to serve and begun relationally, but over connect with the girls. And time those connections had something amazing happened. been stretched liked a rubber We no longer simply had a band… still there, but about to mission’s budget, we were making break. The only thing holding us a difference in the lives of people together was the monthly support around the world. we sent. While I never doubted the good these men and women of God were doing, I knew, in my spirit we, as a church, we could do better. Through much prayer and discussion, we came • These girls are experiencing family like to the conclusion. Rather than spreading our mission they had never had before. dollars across more than a dozen missionaries, we would forge a strategic partnership with a single organization. One which we could develop a long-term • These girls are finding a faith in Christ they never knew. relationship. One with which we would feel a sense of connection, well beyond the dollars invested. But where? At Hickory Ridge we want to be known • These girls are developing friendships by what we are for… and what we are for is simple: which will last a lifetime.

We are for families We are for faith We are for friendships We are for freedom

• These girls are living in freedom from the fear of human trafficking and we were playing a part in it! Not long after we began our partnership with Global Servants, someone asked me, why would

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