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Changed Lives. Big Destinies. Special Inaugural Issue Born Here But Not A Citizen Spring 2019

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Born Here But Not a Citizen


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A Message From The President





s I look back over the decades it amazes me what the Lord has done with this ministry. Those humble beginnings certainly gave no hint that it would amount to anything much. I was thirty and Alison was twenty-eight, the day we “launched out into the deep.” It all started in 1977. I wrote a letter to a small number of friends and invited them to meet me in the fellowship hall of Oak Grove UMC in Decatur, Georgia. About thirty or forty precious folks gathered on the Saturday before Easter to hear my vision. I told them I had a burden for an evangelism and mission ministry. The affirmation I received from that small group was the launching pad for what Global Servants has become. Several men volunteered to serve as the organizing board of directors and Mr. Jim Moye Sr. was chosen as the first chairman. It was suggested, quite logically, that we call ourselves the Mark Rutland Evangelistic Association but I did not want the ministry named for me. We finally settled on Trinity Foundation (It was not to become Global Servants until the 1990’s). One lady in the room asked what it would cost to file as a 501-C-3 non-profit agency. I told her the fee was $125 and she wrote the first check for that amount. An attorney volunteered to file the papers pro bono and just like that we were underway. From that inauspicious beginning until now Alison and I have been witnesses of God’s faithfulness. He has led us to levels of fruitfulness I never imagined on that Saturday in 1977. My dream at the beginning was limited to preaching the message of Holy Spirit empowerment in United Methodist churches. God’s dream was considerably bigger. God’s dream was about churches planted and girl’s homes built and books written and wells dug and schools opened and ministry in dozens of countries across the world. Global Servants began as a preaching ministry and God quickly opened more doors of opportunity faster and wider than we ever imagined. Soon my preaching calendar was full and, by God’s grace, it has stayed full all these years. Eventually, of course, God began to reveal His wider plan. It did not all happen at once but place by place, work by work, calling by calling. What has happened and what has been accomplished is perhaps more surprising to Alison and me than to anyone else. We were young and

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inexperienced but we were clear on what we were to do, when God opened a door we went through it. That was it. There was no grand, long-term plan. There was just a great and merciful God and two young folks willing to walk through whatever doors He opened. So, what is next for Global Servants and for me and Alison? Both the Rutlands and Global Servants will keep right on doing what we have done since the beginning. We will go through the doors God opens. That’s the short and important answer. An explanation takes a bit longer. I have been sensing for some time it was important to prepare for Global Servants’ future. Over the last couple of years, the board of directors and I discussed this at several meetings. When I finally informed them that it was time to make the transition, all the lengthy discussions paid off and they were ready. I stepped down and they elected our son, Travis Rutland, as president. Travis has been an employee of Global Servants since 1997. He is the only employee, including me, who has been to every piece of property Global Servants owns

including every African church in five countries. He is the only one, including me, who has met in person with every Global Servants employee in every country. He has preached completely around the world, he knows all our overseas employees, and he has senior pastoral experience at two churches. Currently, he serves as the lead pastor at Restoration Church in Bethlehem, Georgia and was formerly an executive pastor at a large church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Before coming to Restoration Church, he was the National Director of Communications for the IPHC denomination. Following Travis’ election as president, the board at Global Servants gave me the title of Founder. I will also serve as an employee under Travis, as the director of The National Institute of Christian Leadership. I continue to keep a rigorous preaching schedule including 6 different countries in 2019 and I am working on a new book. Someone asked me how long I can keep traveling and preaching at this pace. That is up to God. My part of the equation is what it has always been; to walk through the doors that He opens. The board has placed in Travis’ capable hands all the administration and leadership, all the budget issues, and all the oversight for our overseas work. Including, the where and when of expansions and new directions. In other words, it is time for me to let go. Travis has fresh vision and youthful energy and I am excited to see where he takes this ministry. The plans he has shared with me, especially for both Houses of Grace, sound wonderful.

I know God told me that now is the right time for presidential succession. I also know the board had the mind of Christ by selecting Travis as my successor. Global Servants is right where it has always been and right where it is supposed to be; in the center of God’s will. Sheltered in God’s hands and guided by Travis Rutland’s capable leadership, I am happy to say what I have said for more than forty years. The best is yet to come!

Global Servants began as a preaching ministry and God quickly opened more doors of opportunity faster and wider than we ever imagined.”



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Coming This Fall NEW BOOK BY DR. Mark Rutland

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from the ground overseas


s we discuss in the USA what constitutes citizenship, legal and illegal immigration and how that is obtained, countries around the world have been struggling with the same situation for centuries. In Thailand where Myanmar borders to the west and Laos to the east, there has been a constant question of national identity. Hill tribes: Lisu, Lahu, Karen, Hmong, Mien, and Akha, who mostly reside in Chiang Rai province originated from southern China arriving in the early 20th Century. Also, many refugee hill tribes fled later on, from political turmoil and communist uprisings in neighboring Laos and Myanmar. Some families have lived in Thailand for over 100 years, yet are not considered Thai citizens and cannot 12 | We Serve SPRING 2019

obtain a Thai National ID card.


and education outside of your village. You are a sub-citizen and The lack of a national ID card, have zero national rights and which comes with citizenship, is privileges. This situation, obviously, closely related to the system of makes the children in these villages apartheid in South Africa. You are vulnerable to every kind of atrocity. not allowed to leave your village There have been many without permission. Therefore, you cannot work outside of your improvements in the path to village. You are denied healthcare citizenship for hill tribe members.

Thailand has recently passed laws allowing all children without Thai citizenship cards to attend school. You may participate in state-funded universities without citizenship, while you continue to apply for your national ID card. You may graduate college; however, you cannot be employed in a career requiring a college degree without your citizenship. With Thai citizenship comes an ID card which allows travel in all providences of Thailand without prior approval. You are allowed to apply for unilateral employment, not just the labor-intensive nondocumented jobs. You can own property, register vehicles with the Thai government, have state-

provided health insurance and have hope for a future. Once you have citizenship, your children will have a better chance of having citizenship, but it is not guaranteed. The staff at House of Grace works tirelessly navigating the legal system of immigration for the girls at the home. Seventy-five percent of the girls at House of Grace are Thai citizens and afforded all of the rights and benefits of citizenship. In the process of legalization, the staff has secured citizenship for entire families. The process is long and arduous, but there is hope through prayer and persistence. Global Servants remains committed to doing everything we can to improve the lives of these girls.

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So we asked the question, “What ministry shared ooking at our mission’s display, I saw dozens of faces, each one representing a dream, a passion, those values, while impacting lives outside the US?” The answer, Global Servants! a God given, Holy Spirit birthed ministry. With that we began to develop a Each face had a name, and each name partnership. At first, we simply sent had a story. Yet over the years, most monthly support. Then we sent of the stories had been lost. I knew needed supplies and gifts to we could do better, I just wasn’t the girls at House of Grace sure how. Thailand. Over time, we had Like many churches, different members of the staff Hickory Ridge supported a of Global Servants come and variety of missionaries. Their speak. Eventually we began connection to the church had sending teams to serve and begun relationally, but over connect with the girls. And time those connections had something amazing happened. been stretched liked a rubber We no longer simply had a band… still there, but about to mission’s budget, we were making break. The only thing holding us a difference in the lives of people together was the monthly support around the world. we sent. While I never doubted the good these men and women of God were doing, I knew, in my spirit we, as a church, we could do better. Through much prayer and discussion, we came • These girls are experiencing family like to the conclusion. Rather than spreading our mission they had never had before. dollars across more than a dozen missionaries, we would forge a strategic partnership with a single organization. One which we could develop a long-term • These girls are finding a faith in Christ they never knew. relationship. One with which we would feel a sense of connection, well beyond the dollars invested. But where? At Hickory Ridge we want to be known • These girls are developing friendships by what we are for… and what we are for is simple: which will last a lifetime.

We are for families We are for faith We are for friendships We are for freedom

• These girls are living in freedom from the fear of human trafficking and we were playing a part in it! Not long after we began our partnership with Global Servants, someone asked me, why would

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we invest that much money into a single ministry? Wouldn’t we be better served by reaching more areas? Are the dollars we are giving helping people come to Christ? The person asking was not being critical. They were not opposed to what we were doing. They simply wanted to know. How much of a difference were we making? As I thought about their question, a very different question began to burn in my spirit. The response to what they were asking seemed to hang on the answer. In a sense, every question about why we were doing missions this way rested on this one simply question. Can one girl change the world? If the answer was yes, then anything we did to set a single girl on a path which would be world shaping would be worth every dollar we sent and more. If the answer was yes, then no amount would be too large, because the impact would be greater than could be measured in dollars. If the answer was yes, then nothing would ever draw us away from this and we could move forward with laser like focus. The answer was so simple it is easily missed. One girl can change the world, because one girl has changed the world. At the risk of deifying her, Mary (the mother of Jesus) changed the world. God could have sent Jesus to earth in anyway He chose. Yet He sought out a willing girl. A young lady, perhaps as young as twelve or thirteen. The scriptures tell us that when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman (Galatian 4:4). In other words, when the angel Gabriel stood before Mary and explained God’s plans, when he had answered all her questions, when there was nothing left to say, there was a moment of silence. In that moment, all of heaven stood breathless. Every angel peered over the edge of heaven, eyes fixed on the speck of earth called Nazareth. Then Mary spoke, “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38) and all of heaven rejoiced. In that moment, one girl changed the world. Messiah, Emmanuel, God with us was conceived. God took on flesh, and the rest is history. Yes, one girl can change the world! Through Global Servants we are working to not only help change the destinies of countless lives, we are helping to create world changers. Girls who will say as Mary, “I am the servant of the Lord.” And all of heaven and earth will rejoice!

Through Global Servants we are working to not only help change the destinies of countless lives, we are helping to create world changers.”

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ur involvement with Global Servants has been one in which we have been able to witness a history of quality ministry. After being involved a decade with this ministry we can say that it is some of the most fertile ground we have invested in. I have personally had the opportunity to visit House of Grace - Thailand multiple times through the years. Each and every time we visit, I am overwhelmed by the scope of ministry in Thailand.

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From waking up in the morning to the sounds of girls singing to meals that are prepared with love. Every facet of the ministry is done at a high level. A La and Jutiporn are a rare breed of leaders who have an undeniable heart for the girls at House of Grace - Thailand. They are so well respected within the community and villages that you cannot go far without them knowing someone. They have created a strong network to ensure that girls will not fall

through the cracks in the villages. During the services that are held on campus you can feel the presence of God in a powerful way. One of the most memorable moments was having a final service before we left, and the girls asked us to circle up for prayer. Our team formed an inner circle and the girls formed two circles around us to pray over us. After a time of prayer in their own language they begin to sing “Amazing Grace, Our Chains are Gone” by Chris Tomlin. In that moment it was impossible to not feel the weight of God’s presence. It was one of those rare opportunities where you get a glimpse of the activity of God in a powerful way. We have had the privilege of taking teams from The Assembly to serve on campus over the past few years. We’ve done English Camps, Vacation Bible School, and work projects. Each trip has its own unique dynamics but have all impacted our team for eternity. Every person that has been walks away with a new perspective on what God’s love looks like. Each trip we take our teams to Bangkok to see the alternate reality which could have awaited these girls had it not been for a place like House of Grace - Thailand. The dichotomy between life and

death is a powerful reminder of the value of what Global Servants is doing on a daily basis. It reminds me we must continue to sow into ministries that are confronting these issues. Global Servants has been an organization that sets the standard for what it means to care for those who need it most. It is our privilege to have an opportunity to be associated with an organization and a ministry as life changing as Global Servants. Each year one of the easiest line items to approve is our gift to Global Servants. We know the money will be used to complete necessary ministry opportunities God has placed on their heart. After being involved with House of Grace - Thailand for many years I attest to the life change that happens. Not only in the girl’s lives, but in all that have a chance to see it.

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Change Dynamics

Strategic Growth

Transformational Management

Communication & Worship

Organizational Definition & Balance

Building, Directing & Leading for Quality

Strategic Leadership for Growth

Excellence in Expression

2019 & 2020 Dates Available Now 20 | We Serve SPRING 2019

I highly recommend NICL to all pastors,

leaders, and businessmen whose goal is a greater excellence in their ministry. Dr. Rutland is honest, transparent, engaging, and highly successful. The class size is small enough to be intimate but filled with powerful leaders. If you are seeking to sharpen your leadership skills, spend the money and take the time for NICL. Your life, your ministry, your business, and your career will take a new direction to help you affect your world‌ Rev. Larry Stockstill Director, The Surge Project

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A Message from the president Travis Rutland


here are moments in every life that we do not see coming. The gift that is so surprising. The blessing that seems to materialize out of thin air. This is exactly what becoming the president of Global Servants has been like for me. It is a wonderful opportunity that I never expected and I am honored and blessed that the board of directors asked me. I can also honestly say that I never thought this would happen. Mostly because I assumed my dad would remain the president of Global Servants for his entire life. Also, because I thought my dad would just keep going and going forever. But dad has decided to step down and I am so honored to continue the vision that he and mom began all those years ago. Because of my parents unfailing energy and willingness to obey God, Global Servants has been a force for good in the world for more than 40 years. I am convinced that this will not only continue but increase. I believe that the good that we do has only just begun. I am excited to think about the lives that we have not yet touched, the villages we have not yet helped, and the girls we have not yet rescued. Since the beginning, Global Servants has been defined by my dad’s personal ministry. This is certainly not a bad thing nor in any way is that an insult to my dad. But since 1977, Global Servants has been defined by his leadership, his resources, and his magnificent preaching abilities. I am not trying to duplicate his gifts. I am not trying to be Mark Rutland version 2.0 and furthermore I cannot do that. There is only one Dr. Mark Rutland. Instead, I want the focus to be more and more on what Global Servants does. Not that we have not already been doing that. But as we head into a new season of leadership, Global Servants must become defined less and less by who we are and more and more by what we do. 22 | We Serve SPRING 2019

This is what we do‌

1. We rescue girls in Thailand and Ghana. They are saved from a life of human trafficking. They are given the gift of education. They are provided for physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They are able to return to their villages and become agents for good in their own hometowns.

2. We build schools and daycares. We are able to help transform the next generation of leaders by offering them an education. The science lab at our school in Kumasi, Ghana has been called the best laboratory in the region. We are able to train up teachers and doctors and scientists and businesspeople who will have the education to change their countries.

3. We bring resources to remote villages. We build village hygiene stations (community toilets) in areas of West Africa that have no access to electricity or running water. We are working with local officials in those areas to combat disease. We are committed to seeing children and adults in those areas live long and healthy lives. We provide all these resources while continuing to tell every person, in every village about Jesus Christ. We make it clear that the reason we do what we do is because of Jesus. We show them the love of Christ through every well we dig and every girl we rescue. Our calling to “Do all the good we can, for all

the people we can, for as long as we can� is directly informed by our calling to spread the Good News. This is what we do. We are champions of light and life in a world of darkness. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are His representatives to those remote places. We are more determined than ever before to do more than ever before. Some might say that there is no hope. Others might say you cannot save everyone, so why even try. Still others might say that the world is too far gone. That it is too helpless and too hopeless. But dark times do not call for dark deeds. They call for light. And that is precisely what we do. We are light in the darkness and hope for the desperate. God is already showing us new opportunities to advance Global Servants. I am excited to expand both of our current Houses of Grace. I am also believing that one day we will have Houses of Grace in dozens of countries not just two. I am believing that we will have built thousands of hygiene stations across West Africa. I am believing that God will reveal plans and ideas that we have never thought of or imagined. I hope you have enjoyed our inaugural edition of WeServe. My prayer is that you have been inspired to get involved. We would be honored for you to partner with Global Servants. We would love to help you serve in one of our many areas of ministry. But more than that, we hope this has been a call to you to get involved and help. This world is full of darkness; become light and life.


We are more determined than ever before to do more than ever before.�

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