How To Get the Best Prices For Catalytic Converters

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How To Get the Best Prices For Catalytic Converters Scrap catalytic converter prices are subject to the trace quantities of precious metals that are enclosed within the unit. To receive the best possible price, you must know what quantity of each precious metal your particular unit comprises. It is also essential to see that the recycling process for the catalytic converters can be an intense process, so unless you can remove the metals yourself, the safest bet is to turn your unit into an auto scrapper. You will want to withdraw scrap yards that extend one generic price for all catalytic converters. Unless the general price is better than your model price. You should also need to know whether or not your catalytic converter is a company model or an aftermarket model. Factory units always offer a better price because there is a good percentage of each precious metal that the catalytic converter contains. If your local scrap yard is not an auto salvage yard, you might receive a better overall price for your catalytic converter. You will have to make the unit to get them paid. Though, that might not be possible depending on the vehicle's condition or processing unit that owns a catalytic converter. Always ask ahead to make sure your scrap yard will take half or full units and what rate you can expect. Then examine that quote with other local yards and local rates found online to know if you are getting the best price.