Catalytic Converter Recycling – Getting A New One? Where Is The Old One?

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CATALYTIC CONVERTER RECYCLING – GETTING A NEW ONE? WHERE IS THE OLD ONE? Got a new catalytic converter? What happens to the old one? You could make some money there! Now the question is who buys catalytic converters scrap? A scrap yard will be interested in buying the catalytic converters scrap, but you need to know how to recycle it. Here are a few tips for you to sell yours: 1. All the information: Be ready to provide the yard guy with all the details of the catalytic converter you have. What is the vehicle that was using it, the year, make, model of the vehicle as well as the catalytic converter. This will make it easier for both you and the yard guy to come to a justified price. 2. Original or aftermarket: The price will depend on the origin of the catalytic converter. If it is the original one from the vehicle, you will get a higher price, but if it is a replaced one, it will be of lower price. To identify if it is original or aftermarket, check for a shiny silver shield wrapped around the catalytic converter. 3. Honeycomb: The honeycomb is a mesh like structure inside the catalytic converter. This helps the yard person to figure out the type of catalytic converter you have and therefore never remove the honeycomb. Removing it will ruin your chance of deciding a good price for the catalytic converter. 4. Exhaust Pipe: Though the honeycomb should never be removed, the exhaust pipe on the other side can be cut as close to the shell as possible. This might just get you a few extra bucks as you reduced the yard guy’s work.