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Independent Sports It is time student-athletes take the athlete with them when they go abroad. After sending over a hundred student-athletes overseas, Global Players is launching an Independent Sports option for any sport that wants to go abroad but was not previously offered. Rising college freshmen to recent grads will have weekly trainings, international competition where available, a gym membership and more IN ADDITION TO earning 6-8 credits or gaining work experience with an international internship. Early bird pricing expires February 15. Applications due March 15. Apply today.



• Prague- Courses in Business, Marketing + History at University of Economics • AmsterdamCourses in History + Social Sciences • BOTH- Internships at Euro firms and multinationals

• Weekly strength + conditioning sessions • Sport-specific training session w/ local clubcoordinated on an individual or small group basis where available • Gym membership at state of the art fitness facility

TRAVEL SERVE • Orientation and City Tour in Berlin (first week) • Travel by Train to host city • University housing • Local cultural activities, music festivals, excursions and more • 1-2 free weekends to experience Europe

For more information on funding and program details: VISIT.

• Leadership and coaching opportunities • Chance to grow your sport abroad • Cultural immersion through community service • Additional local volunteer options in a variety of fields for the serviceoriented athlete


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