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Global Personals / Making new friends Global Personals is an online social discovery network which aims to provide a platform for members to meet and socialise with others in a secure online environment. Since its formation in 2003 Global Personals has experienced exponential growth. Today Global Personals has almost 22 million members across 10,000 sites over four continents, managed by one hundred and thirty full-time members of staff. Unlike many other online introduction sites dedicated to romance and dating, Global Personals focuses on all manner of relationships. Billing itself on its website as ‘the Facebook for people who haven’t met yet’, Global Personals is committed to providing the opportunity for all members to meet and socialise with others primarily with a view to making new friends. A new member signs up to one of the Global Personals sites approximately every three seconds, and there are around eight million interactions between members daily. In a time where many people are increasingly finding themselves sitting in front of a computer screen for the majority of the day, the internet has become the primary form of communication. Emails and social networking sites allow people to interact with friends and family members on a personal level from their homes or offices. Global Personals take this one step further by encouraging members to socialise with people they have not yet met and form new relationships in this manner. With almost a full decade of experience behind them, a lifetime in technological terms, Global Personals are able to maintain their position as market leaders in the world of online social discovery. A dedicated team of innovators work around the clock at Global Personals headquarters to ensure that all members experience the full benefits of everything technology has to offer in terms of meeting and chatting with new people in a manner which is fun and easy to use. Global Personals is committed to providing the best possible user experience at all times, including using and creating the most up to date technology on the market. The technology used by Global Personals is developed and maintained in-house, meaning the team are constantly aware of user interactions and any problems or issues which may make the experience less than ideal.

Global Personals – Making New Friends  

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