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3rd - 5th June 2013 L’Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France 10th Maghreb-MidEast Strategy Briefing - 3rd June 2013 Separately Bookable

10th Maghreb, Mediterranean - MidEast Upstream Conference - 4th - 5th June 2013 50th PetroArabian-PetroAfricanus Dinner - 4th June 2013

“Future energy potential in North-Africa, the Mediterranean and Middle East”

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4rd - 5th June 2013

Confirmed Speakers

Dexter Krol New Business Development Manager, Upstream International Shell International E&P

Brian O’Cathain Chief Executive Petroceltic International

Hazem Al-Ramini Director of Petroleum & Oil Shale Natural Resources Authority, Jordan

Mustafa Akbaba Head of Department Natural Gas Operations Botas Petroleum Pipeline Corp, Turkey

Haddou Jabour Promotion & Partnership Manager ONHYM, Morocco

Wadie Habboush President & Chief Executive Officer Habboush Group

Ahmed Salem Ould Tekrour Director General of Petroleum Ministere du Petrole, de L’Energie et des Mines, Mauritania

Dr Sohbet Karbuz Director of Hydrocarbons Mediterranean Observatory For Energy (OME), Paris

David Taylor President, CEO & Director Cygam Energy

Dr. Naji Abi Aad Chief Operating Officer PetroLeb, Lebanon

Bernhard Cociancig Chief Executive Officer, International MND

Peter Wallace Managing Director Global CSS Ltd, Cyprus

Bob Lambert President & Chief Executive Officer Petra Petroleum

Ing Roberto Pirani Chairman White Stream Pipeline Company Ltd

Francis Ghilès Senior Research Advisor Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), Spain

Ravi Suri Regional Head for Project & Export Finance, Middle East, North Africa & SA & Europe Standard Chartered Bank

Jeff Waterous Independent Adviser Bahrain

Robert E Jones Regional Director, Mediterranean and North Africa Cairn Energy plc

Bijan Khajehpour Senior Associate Menas Associates

Dr Duncan Clarke Chairman & CEO Global Pacific & Partners

Mathios Rigas Luay Al-Khatteeb Chief Executive Officer Executive Director Energean Oil & Gas, Greece Iraq Energy Institute

Georges Pelaghias Executive Director European Rim Policy & Investment Council, Cyprus

Mehmet Ogutcu Founding Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Global Resources Corporation

Yasser Tousson Managing Director, Finance Apache

Yannis Grigoriou General Manager Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons Hellenic Petroleum, Greece

Faiz Shahab Chief Exploration & New Ventures Officer MEDCO Energi

Dr Neil Hodgson New Ventures Manager Spectrum ASA

Imed Derouiche Country Manager Petrofac, Tunisia

Ali Alwash Deputy Expert State Company for Oil Projects, The Ministry of Oil Iraq

Program Updates:

Separately Bookable

10th Maghreb-MidEast: Strategy Briefing: Monday 3rd June 2013 Presentations are by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners), a leading advisor, thinker, writer and strategist on Africa, and author of Africa’s Future: Darkness to Destiny (Profile Books, London, 2012) and the widely-acclaimed Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize (Profile 2010), the first and only Africa-wide oil-gas historiography (and TV FilmDocumentary by CNBC-Africa). Other books include The Battle For Barrels (Profile, 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile 2007).

A F R I C A’ S F UTURE Darkness to Destiny

How the past is shaping Africa’s economic evolution

Participants benefit from unique knowledge and Delegates receive online access via to all Presentations.

“Richly detailed … indispensable for anyone interested in global trends in the 21st century.” Ian Morris, author of Why the West Rules – For Now


Right of Admission Reserved, by Global Pacific & Partners. | No Press.

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08:00 Registration & Coffee

13:15 Light Luncheon

09:00 Minnows: Independents

14:30 National Oil Companies: Governments State oil players have dominant positions in many countries, yet opportunities have expanded in deals, bid rounds and acreage opened in frontier zones and new basins – in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, and Sudan. However, the Arab Spring has had unintended consequences, and in the Middle East states – as well as the Eastern Mediterranean – emerging competitors have come to the fore, game changers worldwide have forced re-thinking, and competition has accentuated.

The Maghreb/MidEast world is hydrocarbon-rich, with strong State oil players, aligned in geopolitics to world oil markets and via strategy to Europe’s gas-LNG needs, with much unexplored terrain, new oil-gas potential, which minnows and Independents have made a target zone for future opportunity.

Minnows: Small Independents Independents “Born In Mena” Who’s Who: Linkages, Relationships Local Companies: Emergence Corporate Strategies: Entry, Partners

Worldwide Independents: 60+ Companies Corporate Players: Strategies & Portfolio Acreage, Assets, Deals, Ventures

10:45 Morning Break 11:15 Super-Independents: Super/Majors Competition in the Middle East and North Africa remains fierce, despite risks, while crude prices and the global economic crisis has forced readjustments and changes in regimes. Yet energy investment interest remains strong, and the large firms - from Super-Independents to Super-Majors and National Oil Companies from overseas - have added to in-place portfolio in both the wider Middle East and in North African oil/gas and LNG ventures.

Super Independents Large Players: ENI, ConocoPhillips, Repsol Top 33 Super Independents: Oil/Gas Players Corporate Profiles, Strategies, Core Assets New Ventures, Exploration Portfolio

Super-Majors ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Total, Chevron Portfolio Mix: Shifting Strategies

National Oil Companies: Strategies

Onhym, Sonatrach NOC, ETAP, EGPC, MidEast State Oil Firms: Strategies Foreign Assets: International Portfolio Future Shape: State Oil-Gas Companies

CNPC-Petro-China, Sinopec, CNOOC ONGC-Videsh, Pertamina, Petronas PTTEP, Petrovietnam, PetroSA Gazprom, Rosneft, Europe’s State Firms Petrobras, Statoil - Others Growth, Cooperation, Competition

North African Governments MidEast State Institutions/Entities SWF Players

Chinese, Indians, Asian, Latin, Russian, Others

Governments & Licensing Entities

17:00 Close of Briefing

Cocktail Reception - Time: 17:00 With African Institute of Petroleum 10th Maghreb, Mediterranean - MidEast Upstream Conference 2013

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10th Maghreb, Mediterranean - MidEast Upstream Conference: 4th - 5th June 2013


Tuesday 4th June 2013 08:00 Registration & Coffee 09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners 09:10

Session 1: Leading Corporate Players & Strategies Resource Nationalism, Instability, Competition

Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners, South Africa

Shell: Forging Regional Links: Sustainable Ventures

Dexter Krol, New Business Development Manager, Upstream International, Shell International Exploration & Production, The Netherlands

Medco Energi: Building International Portfolio: Strategy & Expansion Faiz Shahab, Chief Exploration & New Ventures Officer, Medco Energi, Indonesia

Energean: Mediterranean & North African Oil & Gas Vistas Mathios Rigas, Chief Executive Officer, Energean Oil & Gas, Greece Moderator: Dr Duncan Clarke 10:30 Coffee Break & Networking 11:00

Session 2: Regional Oil & Gas-LNG Landscapes Iraq: Oil Exploration Landscape, Projects & Infrastructure Ali Alwash, Deputy Expert, State Company for Oil Projects, The Ministry of Oil Iraq

Cyprus: Gas/LNG In The Mediterranean’s Energy Future

Georges Pelaghias, Executive Director, European Rim Policy & Investment Council, Cyprus

Iran: Regional Wildcard & Energy Conundrum Bijan Khajehpour, Senior Associate, Menas Associates

Botas: Strategic Gas Developments & Turkey’s Future Potential

Mustafa Akbaba, Head of Department, Natural Gas Operations, Botas Petroleum Pipeline Corp, Turkey

Mauritania: Exploration & Development Opportunities

Ahmed Salem Ould Tekrour, Director General of Petroleum, Ministere du Petrole, de l’Energie et des Mines, Mauritania

Spectrum: Evolving Deepwater Exploration Plays across the Mediterranean Dr Neil Hodgson, New Ventures Manager, Spectrum ASA, United Kingdom

Moderator: Babette van Gessel, Deputy Chief Executive, Global Pacific & Partners, The Hague 13:00 Luncheon 14:00

Session 3: Regional Oil & Gas: Commercialisation & Investment Habboush Group: Regional Service/Supply Industry Prospects Wadie Habboush, President & CEO, Habboush Group, Iraq

Global Resources: “Game-Changing” Developments In World Energy: How Will They Impact MENA? Mehmet Ogutcu, Founding Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Global Resources Corporation, Turkey

Iraq Energy Institute: Iraq’s Oil-Gas Future Luay Al-Khatteeb, Executive Director, Iraq Energy Institute

CIDOB: Energy Trends In The Western Mediterranean

Francis Ghilès, Senior Research Advisor, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), Spain

Standard Chartered: Middle East & North Africa Economic Investment Outlook

Ravi Suri, Regional Head for Project & Export Finance, Middle East, North Africa & SA and Europe, Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai Moderator: Mike Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Oyster Oil & Gas, London 15:40 Afternoon Break & Networking


3 - 5 June 2013 L’Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France


Session 4: Regional Energy Future: Gas-LNG-Unconventionals OME: Natural Gas In Mediterranean Markets

Dr Sohbet Karbuz, Director of Hydrocarbons, Mediterranean Observatory For Energy (OME), Paris

Onhym: Exploration in Morocco: Strategies, Potential, Opportunities Haddou Jabour, Promotion & Partnership Manager, ONHYM, Morocco

Jordan: Oil & Gas Exploration, Development & Unconventional Opportunities Hazem Al-Ramini, Director of Petroleum & Oil Shale, Natural Resources Authority, Amman, Jordan

Cyprus: Short & Long-Term Gas/LNG Options Peter Wallace, Managing Director, Global CSS Ltd, Cyprus

White Stream: Southern Corridor Gas Supply Diversification To EU Markets Ing Roberto Pirani, Chairman, White Stream Pipeline Company Ltd, United Kingdom Moderator: Bijan Khajehpour 17:50 Close of Day


Cocktail Reception



Wednesday 5th June 2013 08:00 Coffee & Networking 09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks 09:10 Regional


Gas-LNG Investment Outlook

Jeff Waterous, Independent Adviser, Bahrain

Session 5: Key Independents In The MENA Upstream Petroceltic: Independent In Algeria & Italy

Brian O’ Cathain, Chief Executive, Petroceltic International, United Kingdom

Apache: Exploration & Production Growth In Egypt Yasser Tousson, Managing Director, Finance, Apache, Egypt

Cairn Energy: Exploration Targets In The East Mediterranean

Robert E. Jones, Regional Director, Mediterranean & North Africa, Cairn Energy, United Kingdom

Hellenic: Greece, a new exploration area in mediterranean - mideast region

Yannis Grigoriou, General Manager Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons, Hellenic Petroleum, Greece Moderator: Edwin Bowles, President, RJ Energy 10:50 Coffee Break & Networking 11:20

Session 6: Regional Frontier Opportunities MND: Operations In Yemen and Pakistan

Bernhard Cociancig, CEO International, MND, Czechoslovakia

Petra Petroleum: Exploration Potential & Regional Plays Bob Lambert, President & CEO, Petra Petroleum, Canada

PetroLeb: Developments In Lebanese Hydrocarbon Resources Dr. Naji Abi Aad, Chief Operating Officer, PetroLeb, Lebanon

Petrofac: Operations In North Africa-Middle East Imed Derouiche, Country Manager, Petrofac, Tunisia

Cygam: Emerging Junior in Tunisia & Italy

David Taylor, President, CEO & Director, Cygam Energy, Canada Moderator: Bob Lambert 13:00 Close of Conference - Luncheon & Networking

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10th Annual Maghreb, Mediterranean-MidEast Upstream Conference 2013  

The 10th Annual Maghreb, Mediterranean-MidEast Upstream Conference will take place on the 4th & 5th June 2013 and we are pleased to invite y...

10th Annual Maghreb, Mediterranean-MidEast Upstream Conference 2013  

The 10th Annual Maghreb, Mediterranean-MidEast Upstream Conference will take place on the 4th & 5th June 2013 and we are pleased to invite y...