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Our office is buzzing with excitement as we prepare for our move and transition to S. Atlanta. We’ve been anticipating this move for a couple of years now…and IT’S TIME!!!!! GMA is moving and relocating to the Atlanta area for Kingdom Purposes. We are entering the last leg of the race…the last and final Mission Movement. Global Mission Awareness has been called to be a significant part of completing the Unfinished Task. GMA was birthed in 2000 from our home in Columbus, GA. Cedric Hill of People’s Funeral Home donated our first office space. In 2003 we relocated to Florence, AL where we have spent the last nine years in fruitful ministry growing GMA to what it is today. Now it’s time for an UPGRADE… to spread out our tent pegs and firm up our foundation for our next season. Our present office in Florence.

GMA's first office in Florence.

é Closer proximity to a major international airport will make flying to other nations more profitable in order to utilize resources for the Kingdom; time, talent and treasure. é Being close to Atlanta will allow us to partner with other churches and ministries advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the world. é Jennifer’s parents are getting up in their years and this will allow her to be much closer to them. é AND we recognize overall that this is a WIN – WIN – WIN situation! We win, you win, and the Kingdom wins. In January 2009 I was found to have an orange-size tumor in my abdomen. Even today we are grateful that what doctors suspected to be malignant was benign. During that season of surgery and recuperation, so many of you came to our aid through prayer and financial assistance, which greatly helped us meet the day to day needs we were faced with throughout the weeks. We need you once again. This move and relocation to S. Atlanta will cost us approximately $50,000, and the truth is we do not have the back-up reserves to make a move like this. But we firmly believe God is directing us to go forward and will provide the resources.

    Phone:  256.272.7022  • Fax:  256.272.7025  •  P.O.  Box  968  Killen,  AL  35645  

Below is a breakdown of what it will cost us to make this move. Would you adopt an area? ✪ Moving trucks, etc. for GMA’s office, my family, and staff families @ $5,500 ✪ New office sign @ $3,000 ✪ 5 new computers @ $2,000 each ✪ New Xerox 5030 Work Centre Copier @ $5,000 ✪ Furniture for offices, etc. $9,500 ✪ Atlanta office renovations and set-up @ $25,000. I feel Father dropped in my heart that there would be 25 people to sow a seed of $1,000 each to cover these expenses.





In closing I want to thank you in advance for your support and love during our transition and beyond. We’re loving life and so very thankful that Father God has chosen us to be such a part of this next missionary movement. As we follow His leading into GMA’s future, would you pray about assisting us through this transition? Much love,

Leif Hetland President and Founder Global Mission Awareness Please detach along dotted line and return with your Special “Upgrade Donation”. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leif, I want to adopt __________________________ with a donation of $_____________ to help with GMA’s move and relocation to S. Atlanta for Kingdom purposes. Leif, I want to give a donation of $_______________ to the area most needed. Leif, our church/ministry will collect an offering to help with GMA’s move to S. Atlanta. Leif, I want to be one of those to sew $1,000 towards your new office renovations and set-up. Please check one: Check #__________

Save the stamp by donating online! Go to: MC




Card # _______________________________________________

Name: _______________________________________________

Please keep me up to date on GMA’s move and upcoming events. Here’s my current email address:

Address: _____________________________________________


Exp. Date: _________________________

City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________ Phone: _______________________ Make checks payable to GMA. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your Special Gift towards our move to Atlanta for Kingdom Purposes!

GMA is Moving  

our moving letter

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