Global Milling Advances November 2016

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Latest developments in feed formulation HYBRIMIN® has been creating software for

This is why many universities and research

Eastern Europe. The programmes (and data)

feed consulting, feed optimisation and

facilities use HYBRIMIN® software for

have been translated in full and are currently

declaration of feed stuff since 1979.

training and teaching as well as conducting

available in the following languages:

HYBRIMIN® operates also in the food sector.

feeding trials. HYBRIMIN® programmes can

Bulgarian, Danish, German, English, Estonian,

Today’s portfolio includes mainly two

also be used for all farm animals and all pets.

Finish, French, Italian, Greek, Croatian,

different software products: HYBRIMIN®

Aqua feed is also possible.

Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian,

Futter 5 for feeding consultants in the field

Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,

(see figure 1) and HYBRIMIN® WinFumi 9.0

There is a HYBRIMIN® database that lists all

Serbian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish,

for application in production and product

raw materials and ingredients as well as

Turkish, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian.

development and declaration of

sample formulations commonly used in

formulations for the feed stuff and food

Germany. That way it is very easy to perform

By Eurotier 2016 to be held in Hannover

sectors (see figure 2).

a formulation calculation immediately after

from 15th to 18th November 2016, there will

receiving one’s own raw materials. This

also be Albanian, Chinese (Mandarin) and

A special feature of HYBRIMIN® is that each

database has also been translated in full in

Kazakh. For HYBRIMIN, this means that not

programme can calculate or optimise a

the languages listed below.

only the programme interfaces are

ration for an individual animal or a mix.

translated but the complete HYBRIMIN®

Ration calculation can be used in many ways

HYBRIMIN® comes from Germany and has

database as well. This includes about 400

in the field of product development in

customers in more than 40 countries, with

raw materials and about 38,000 nutrient


special focus in Europe and in particular

values, 330 active nutrients (a maximum of

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