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How can I start my life in AUSTRALIA? Mr.Tan’s questions might be your question too... Dear Global Migration Solutions: Thank you for your professional and informative consultation last Saturday. My spouse and I are in great favor about the Australian PR application, but this is a very big leap that we are taking in our lives and is no easy decision. We both are working adults earning an average income, we would greatly appreciate if you could help us overcome our fear to make the first step towards towards our PR application? Thanks and love, Tan Lxxx Hxx 27/12/2011 !

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Reply om Global Migration Solutions on 3 January ’12 by Ms.C.Y. Cheong:

Dear Mr. Tan: We are so glad to hear om you. A good understanding of the migration preparation wi you to initialize your migration plans. your worries. I hope the pointers below wi Start this basic planner from around 6 weeks to go and counting until the big day. This list is NOT exhaustive and you should allow for your own particular circumstances and position. The general idea is to plan your move well plan for contingencies, possible delays and for all possible scenarios. We are there to assist and you are more than welcome to contact us if you a Some migrants feel settled quite quickly, perhaps within six to 12 months. For others it may take some years. How quickly you settle into your new environment may depend on a range of factors, such as your English ability and your level of health, and whether you came as a skilled or family migrant or as a refugee. If you have visited Australia in the past and you are familiar with this country and society or if you join the work force quickly, you may settle quite quickly. Most of you will need some help to settle successfully. As soon as you arrive, you will need somewhere to live, money to live on and information on services available to help you get started, such as schools, transport and health services. Shortly after you arrive, you will also need access to employment and education. You may also need access to English language classes and help to form individual and family social networks. You wil

to settle successfully in Australia in this area.

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JOBS From Global Migration Solutions past experience, it takes our client usually between 2 weeks to 4 months to get a decent job.Whatever job you are applying for, the key to success is being prepared. Ensure that you have an update resume describing your skills and experience. It is important that your resume is in an appropriate format that will appeal to Australian employers. If you are approaching employers directly, you will need to be prepared to sell yourself and your skills in a way that convinces the employer of your suitability for a role or position within their organization. You may need to have your skills assessed against requirements in the job market, and may want to upgrade your skills or knowledge through undertaking further training or education. For many jobs, you will need to submit a formal written application. This will generally included a cover letter and your resume. It may be submitted online or delivered in the more traditional way by mail or in person. Your application should demonstrate that you have: understand the job advertisement the skil

ce needed to do the job

the attitude and attributes valued by the company an understanding of the terms used in the workplace The average salary in Australia as below: currency : AUD, per annual 1.

Accountant : 85,944

2. Engineering : 128,589 3. IT & Telecommunication : 100,572 4. Marketing : 89,904 5. Admin / O ce Support : 54,037 6. Mining, Oil & Gas : 155,860 7. Human Resources & Recruitment : 89,386 8. Manufacturing : 84,712 9. Construction, Building & Architecture : 122,055 10. Education & Training : 64,824

You may refer to the websites below to find out your jobs opportunity in Australia.

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MONEY & FINANCE You might need to prepare 34,056 AUD Mortgage, Other housing costs, H Pet Care, come I Privat Cars, Food shopping, Drinks & Eating Out, Sport & R This r This is just under 74,000 per year, ry of about 100,000 one earner or 45,000 each two earners to pro eg y in some areas your own costs wi y don't vary that much betw ceries won't be huge y ave ver ast You can estimate the size of mortgage you wi ave

R rat di t

But the other categories can be very di erent depending on how many cars you run and their age to state or privat t ase note that this on we haven't tried to quantify their do

costs" each w ry enormous y according to your income and tastes, so consider the fo

H New furniture Home Improvements In A ba

T rate from 5 tor to update your wi


get a new one done aft



10,000 for one year term

ters in your home country


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fe in AUSTR



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How can I start my Life in Australia?  

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