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A successfully migrated client living in SA You might like to know about his experience of job recruitment , kids’ education, life style and more.... Dear Desmond and GMS Team: How have you been? I can't remember exactly when was the last time we met but I truly appreciate your services which enabled me to have a new life in Adelaide, Australia. When I received a call from Audrey requesting my testimonial last Monday, I was surprised and felt honored that I have been invited to write something about myself and my lovely family's story to you. More over, I wish that my humble migration experience might bring some sort of encouragement to those families sincerely keen to migrate to Australia but do not dare to make the first move.  I spent 38 years of my life in Malaysia, most of it in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and I find Malaysia is a beautiful country with an amazing culture, food and people. When I left for Australia for  a month's trip to visit my nephew in Melbourne, I didn't expect that I would leave Malaysia indefinitely. Just a month of living in Australia, and I had already changed my mind. Though the variety of food  served here is not even near to Malaysia's hawker standard, but one cannot deny that Australia is much more multicultural than Malaysia.

The first day I relocated to Adelaide ( thank God, finally I moved here after 2 months of preparation GMS helped me to source out a very reliable logistic company, they gave me some wonderful ideas how to save moving cost,how to minimize our packaging and items to be brought over. They had also advised us to the most effective method to manage our moving items to customs, quarantine for my dog - Uno and a my darling cat - Linnie; From their professional assistance, it really greatly saved our energy, time, hassle for the relocation planning. When the first batch of container consisting of our packages arrived, my wife wept and I must say that it was an emotional moment for me too. In fact many new migrants I believe might share the same experience - went through a lot of emotional breakdown, challenges, conflicts, risks and doubts, but are we finally here – with a hope that a great and bright future awaits us. Trust me, as a father of 3 kids and 2 pets, it has never been easy to me too. Before this relocation, my wife and I have pre-visited Australia a few times Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide to plan for the best settlement. Then we chose Adelaide.. Yes, “Why Adelaide?” Few of the vital reasons for our migration was our children’s education, better income and a promising future for all of us. We wanted our kids to grow in a safer environment where there is a better political and economic stability and equality. After many researches, we found Adelaide has a mixture of these important elements that we were looking for - good universities ( ranking from No. 7 to No. 15 in Australia ), affordable tuition fees, efficient government and a very peaceful and conducive environment. We even found this peaceful city full of new migrants from all over the world - Singaporean, Chinese from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, American, Argentine, British, Russian, Brazilian, Indian, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Irishman, Canadian, Japanese, Korean and just name it and you will find that nationality in Adelaide. You will also find that this compact city population with only 1.3 million, just exactly like a small united nation. Believe it or not, the first night we spent at our cozy apartment at Goodwood, our neighbors brought us Korean Kimchi, Chinese Kuey Teow and Brazilian dessert Bolos! The warm welcome party was unforgettable, we felt very much at home that we almost forgot that this was the first night we were in Australia!

We rented this 120 s.m. (1,300 s.f.) apartment on a annual basis, fully furnished, equipped with a new washing machine & dryer, branded plasma TV, decent balcony and comes with a allotted car park. This place is just 4km to the city centre and it takes only 14 minutes to major destinations. The rental we pay for this wonderful home is  AUD 260 per week. For food and grocery items we spend close to AUD 200 per week for me and my wife plus my three teens. For transportation we spend AUD15 ~ 25 per week (based by public transportation) per person. At the very beginning, we were very cautious about our spending, we know it is not wise if you do whatever you like without doing some homework on the effects of our action. As compared to to the other new movers, we are blessed with a little bit luxury as we think this area are is full of convenience - schools within in walking distance, very close to “Foodland supermarkets” and “Sellars”, if you are a big shopper, you may go to Unley shopping centre within 5 minutes of drive. There is also a childcare centre right at the corner. We can also see Soutar park in from of my balcony and smell the freshness of the air every morning. Not to mention theatres, gym, cinemas, fitness club, governmental community centre and authentic Malaysian cuisine all within not more than 5 blocks away. I guess this is what we get in return for what we pay and this is a good choice. Bare in mind also, Adelaide has been voted as one of most livable city of the world 2011. I must also mention that there is a significant beach view is just 20 minutes away from my house!  Before we even started our big plan, our biggest worry was how to secure our jobs. I am a IT professional, and my wife has been as internal auditor in a listed company for the past 13 years. We have sent out more than 30 resumes to many companies in Adelaide or suburbs, but the responses were not very encouraging initially. Since we already decided firmly on our move to Australia, my wife and I still kept trying to sort out any possibilities, surf on job recruitment companies, and we has also paid AUD1,200 for a local agent but the feedback was quite disappointing.  Why?  Yes, why. During the first month after relocation, this question kept repeating in my mind. You may say this was the only first month, but for a father who carries so many responsibilities; this month was really tough. At this time my three kids enrolled to government primary school on 29 January, followed by Chinese New Year. All the major expenses happened at same period. My wife, a very patient and determined woman, has never given up trying, that admires me. 

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Life in Australia - Part 1  
Life in Australia - Part 1  

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