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December 2, 2011 ( “EOI” - PART I )

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The following FAQs relate to the government’s decision to implement a new skilled migration selection register based on an Expression of Interest (EOI) and invitation to apply. The proposal is in an early stage of development and consultation. Although the basic features are settled, further changes are possible and the following must not be taken as a final description of how the new selection register will operate. In particular, no action of any kind should be taken on the basis that this will be the final register. The minister may recommend to the Governor-General inCouncil amendments to the Migration Regulations 1994 to give effect to the final register.

“EOI” Frequently Asked Questions Proposed Skilled Migrant Selection Register ( SkillSelect) By Global Migration Solutions, sourced from IMMI

What is SkillSelect? The Australian Government has decided on a major reform in the way Australia selects skilled migrants, the Skilled Migrant Selection Register, SkillSelect. SkillSelect will build upon and draw together the suite of reforms to the skilled migration program over the past three years to deliver the skills Australia needs.

Migration Agents Registration No. 0428740

SkillSelect will be an electronic system based upon a two-stage process. Prospective applicants will first submit claims for skilled migration by an online EOI and subsequently be invited to make a visa application if they have the skills and qualifications needed in the Australian labour market. This is a significant change from the current situation, as applicants for independent, family or state or territory sponsored migration will

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be required to receive an invitation in order to lodge a visa application. Once invited, SkillSelect will ensure a match between the number of applicants and the number of available program places. This will result in streamlined processing times.

What is an EOI? An EOI is an online expression of interest for skilled migration to Australia. It is how prospective applicants will register their interest in applying for a skilled visa. Prospective applicants would provide basic biographical and other information such as occupation, details of work experience and level of English language ability on the online EOI form. Those expressing interest in independent, family

sponsored and/or state or territory sponsored skilled migration would need to submit their claims against the points test. Prospective applicants submitting an EOI are able to indicate whether they want to be considered for independent or family, state or territory and/or employer sponsored migration (on either a temporary or permanent basis). A prospective applicant may register interest in one or more visa program depending on their eligibility and personal preferences.

"It is critical that Australia's skilled migration program is driven by Australia's skills needs, rather than the desires of prospective migrants."

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The new immigration system will be less convenient for prospective migrants to Australia. You will have to wait probably about six months to find out if you are allowed to make an immigration application. If you wish to come under the current immigration system it may be worth making an immigration application soon. Global Migration Solutions has a registered MARA Agent who can help you with your immigration application.

How will SkillSelect work? Stage one Prospective applicants express their interest in applying for a skilled visa through an online EOI form. They will be required to indicate categories of skilled migration they are interested in. These details would be stored in a database, which would be accessible by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the department). State and territory governments and approved employers will only be able to access the details of those who have nominated interest in those respective migration categories.

Step 1a

Step 1b

Step 1c

Prospective applicant lodges an EOI.

Independent/ family sponsored EOIs are electronically ranked according to points test score.

Independent/ family sponsored The system automatically issues invitations.


State and territory governments The system automatically issues invitations to prospective applicants selected by state or territory governments by the database.

Search the database manually and contact prospective applicants directly. State and territory governments Search the database manually.

Step 2 Invitees/ prospective applicants lodge visa applications, which is then processed as normal.

Stage two Selected EOIs would be invited to lodge an application. Prospective applicants may be selected by the department for Independent or Family sponsored migration; or state or territory government agencies for state sponsored migration or a state sponsored regional provisional visa. Alternatively, employers may contact prospective migrants to arrange sponsorship for permanent employer sponsored migration or a subclass 457 visa. The EOI database will provide a central repository of prospective migrants. This would enable employers to easily identify, compare and establish contact with potential skilled workers. State and territory governments would select prospective migrants from the database if they have available places in their State or Territory Migration Plan approved by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. Employers will be able to sponsor a prospective migrant, including one identified through SkillSelect, at any time using the current application process.

Would I need to submit an EOI? It is proposed that all prospective skilled migrants seeking an independent, family sponsored or state or territory sponsored visa will need to submit an EOI and be issued with an invitation in order to lodge a visa application. Prospective skilled migrants seeking employer sponsored visas may want to submit an EOI if they have not yet found an employer to sponsor them. This is not a mandatory requirement if they already have an employer sponsor. The following table provides a summary: Independent or Family Sponsored

Subclass 457

Employer Sponsored

State or territory Sponsored

Regional Sponsored(Provisional)

Yes - EOI

No - EOI

No _ EOI

Yes - EOI

Yes - EOI






Who will be able to submit an EOI? Any prospective skilled migrant would be able to submit an EOI provided that, at the time of submission of the EOI, they believe they meet the necessary visa requirements. An applicant must meet certain requirements including the minimum pass mark under the points test to receive an invitation to apply for an independent or family or state or territory sponsored visa. If invited to apply for a visa, an applicant must either be outside Australia, or be lawfully in Australia to make a valid application.

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GMSMONTHLY December 2, 2011

"It is critical that Australia's skilled migration program is driven by Australia's skills needs, rather than the desires of prospective migrants." - Said by Australian immigration Minister Chris Bowen MP Could I submit an EOI in Australia? What requirements would I have to meet? An EOI may be submitted at anytime from anywhere in the world. However, if submitting an EOI in Australia it is important to note that: • the EOI is not a visa application, and you would not be granted a bridging visa • if you are invited to lodge an application you must meet the requirements to be granted a visa • one of these requirements is that you must be in Australia lawfully. How would I submit an EOI? Expressions of Interest would be submitted online through the department’s website. Would I need to provide a statement expressing my interest? No, submission of the mandatory details requested in the EOI would be sufficient to express your interest. The EOI is comprised of objective criteria such as English language ability, age and years of skilled work experience.

EOI. At the point of the EOI process, the claims you would make as part of your EOI would not be verified. If you are invited to lodge an application for a skilled visa, you must upload documents as part of the application process. 2.

Would I have to complete the job ready program before I submit an EOI? If your occupation and circumstances require you to complete the Job Ready Program, you should satisfy this requirement prior to lodging an EOI. It is proposed that you would be required to lodge your visa application within two months of the date of invitation. If you did not lodge a visa application within this time period your invitation would be considered null and void. Your EOI would remain in the database for the remainder of the two years from the date you submitted your EOI and you may be eligible for selection in a subsequent invitation round during this period.

Will there be a form I can post in? No. Under SkillSelect, it is intended that all EOIs and any subsequent visa applications will only be made electronically. Who will have access to the details in the EOI database? As part of the EOI process, all prospective skilled migrants would be asked to select the skilled visas they are interested in. By expressing interest in either a state or territory or employer sponsored visa, prospective applicants would be consenting to state or territory governments and/or employers accessing their details from the database. Information visible to these parties would be highlighted as part of the EOI form. Applicants who express interest solely in independent or family sponsored migration would have their information visible only to the department. 1.

Would I have to attach documents? No. Documents are not required when submitting an

"That's why the government will introduce a new model for selecting skilled migrants to better target Australia's future skill needs, expected to come into effect on 1 July 2012."

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A new Skilled Migrant Selection Model to be introduced in July 2012. When introduced this will represent the biggest change to the Australian immigration system for many years.

"EOI" Frequently ask Question  
"EOI" Frequently ask Question  

What if my circumstances change after lodging my EOI? If your circumstances change after lodging your EOI and before you are invited to lodg...