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A UNIQUE PARTNER FOR STRATEGIC LIFT For the past decade, Ruslan International and the Antonov 124-100 transport aircraft have been synonymous with peacekeeping and humanitarian missions all over the world.


uslan International Ltd is the world’s largest operator of the An-124100. The joint venture airline was formed in 2006 by Antonov Airlines and Volga-Dnepr Airlines and markets their combined fleet of 19 An-124-100 freighters to improve availability of this unique transport aircraft for customers all over the world. The An-124-100 is the world’s largest series-produced freighter aircraft but its ability to transport 120 tonnes of cargo around the globe within hours is only one of the reasons why it is such a vital component of air logistics operations. Originally designed for military use, the An-124 offers front and rear loading and is able to ‘kneel down’ to facilitate the loading of outsize and heavyweight cargoes, while wheeled vehicles can simply drive onboard. The freighter is equipped with its own onboard cranes and winches and can be effectively self-handling at locations around the world where aircraft handling equipment is not always accessible. The freighter’s cargo cabin measures 36.5m x 6.4m x 4.4m, enabling it to transport, for example, two CH-47 helicopters, four Warrior APCs or eight MRAP vehicles on a single flight. It is also used to carry the majority of other cargoes used in the field of operations, including

accommodation units, water purification systems, medical and rescue equipment. In fact, just about everything needed to sustain a mission anywhere in the world. The An-124-100’s design also means it has a 10% shorter landing distance than the Boeing 747, enabling it to touch down in many of the world’s most remote and challenging locations. Since 1990, the An-124 has been seen at over 1,200 airports in more than 190 countries. The combined expertise of the Ruslan International team and the unique operating capabilities of the An-124100 means voluminous and heavyweight cargoes that would once have taken weeks to transport by sea and road can now be moved point-to-point in a matter of hours. This is a major factor in its regular use for peacekeeping operations

or by governments and relief agencies sending humanitarian aid to help the victims of natural or man-made disasters. In such instances, Ruslan International’s fast response literally does help to save lives, such as during the Ebola crisis in Africa. In the aftermath of a natural disaster or when hostilities come to an end, Ruslan International’s presence in regions around the world continues as it delivers equipment and materials to support the rebuilding and construction processes as key infrastructure is restored. Today, used as a valuable complement to a nation’s existing freighter fleet as well as helping in times of peak activity and with exceptional loads, Ruslan International is a key strategic airlift partner supporting military projects and major commercial corporations across the globe.

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