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Sonar Equipment Services specialize in the rental, sales and manufacture of leading marine survey equipment for the global offshore industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with a competitive edge by providing cost effective solutions and services with flexibility and support along the way. Offering over 50 years combined experience, the SES engineering and sales team provides the highest level of customer focussed support around the clock from project planning to completion. With extensive technical and manufacturing expertise in the field of sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profilers, SES has been providing innovative engineering solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry, Construction Industry and Renewable Energy Sector for over 15 years. Continued investment in the rental pool offers our customers the latest survey equipment to support offshore and near-shore operations.

The SES Digital Sub Bottom Transmitter has been making a name for itself since its release 12 months ago. With advanced software driven features, the Digital Transmitter demonstrates a high performance approach to sub-bottom profiling. All of the functionality expected in a transmitter is provided but with extra features that give significant improvements in performance. Firstly a carefully developed front end receiver offers unparalleled shallow water performance. The option to transmit and receive on dual transducers has been kept, however this reduced power option is no longer required as clear signal imagery within a metre is achievable in both combined and separate mode. Deep water applications have also been catered for by a reliable solid state 20kW power supply that has a 3 KHz to 15 KHz variable pulse length frequency range. An optional heave input from industry standard Freshly released into the Oceanography equipment

motion reference sensor further improves deep water

range is the Multiport DTS Drop Camera System.

operation. Automatic impedance matching has

Capable of operating to 2000m water depth, this

been included when operating the Massa TR1075D

deep water inspection tool operates over a single

Transducer. This feature prevents transducer damage

coaxial sonar cable, utilizing the innovative digital

when altering array configurations whilst delivering

telemetry link to provide power and bi-directional

optimum performance. To complete the package, the

control to all subsea instrumentation. At the heart

Intuitive program settings are controlled via the digital

of the system is the high resolution 14 Mega Pixel

display interface, which is housed on the front of the

Digital Subsea Camera which has a wide range of

19-inch rack mountable case.

adjustable parameters including ISO sensitivity, zoom and resolution. The camera has been designed to be user configured on the “fly” via the PC graphical user interface, which is Ethernet interfaced to the


topside Multiport DTS. Another significant feature is the


ability to download and view captured images within


moments of exposure. This time saving feature provides the user with the confidence to move onto the next location without having to recover the camera to access the captured images. The system can also accommodate external video overlay information to display vessel specific information to each capture. Further to enhance the underwater viewing performance, selectable underwater LED lamps and a high power flash module are accommodated onto the custom seabed frame. Additionally a number of sensors such as a velocity sensor, motion sensor and altimeter can be installed and configured via dedicated high speed RS232 and RS485 com ports.

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Inspection investigation


Detection Towed Profiling

Mounted Deep Water Arrays

To maintain our commitment to ROV survey and inspection services, SES have released a new range of high definition deep water sensors to operate with the field proven SES Multilink digital interface. After extensive research and testing, the new dual frequency300/600 kHz digital side scan offers dramatically improved range resolution, resulting in images of exceptional clarity. The new Sub-Sea Digital Transmitter continues this class leading theme with features parallel to the SES Digital Transmitter featured. Developed to supersede the industry proven SES SB5002 Sonar Equipment Services have an extensive track record in providing deployment solutions for side scan sonar and sub-bottom systems in both shallow and full ocean depth applications. To continue the expansion of this division, SES has invested in key deployment winches and power reels to complement the existing range. The latest addition is the 6000m Deep Tow Winch, fitted with 11.4mm single coaxial cable. The specifications include a fully enclosed electro hydraulic drive system with variable speed control via local and remote controls. This configuration demonstrates a versatile solution which counters limited deck space and provides the user greater winch control. In addition a precise cable

Transmitter, the subsea transmitter offers superior penetration and resolution. In addition the extensive development in the receiver circuitry dramatically reduces ringing and background artifacts in the data for significant advantages in shallow water sub-bottom detection. Compatibility with various ROV telemetry systems is achieved by flexible power requirements and integration via multimode fibre, single mode fibre or traditional copper coax. In addition the Multilink Software provides a complete solution for data acquisition, post processing and reporting with direct compatibility to external software suites such as Coda.

level wind system is fitted to insure cable lay is optimum for safe, reliable operation.


To support near-shore projects, SES has developed


the DC Powered Cable Reel to provide an economical


deployment solution, where larger winches are either not required or not an option. The Power Reel has been designed to tow side scan sonar or magnetometer towfish, and have a proven record in the Renewable Energy sector. Developed to be operated on small boats, the generator friendly 24v dc control system offers a variable speed motor for greater control which is recommended when towing expensive equipment close to the seabed floor. The stainless steel construction is robust but lightweight enough to be portable and to further aid flexibility, a series of reels can be configured for multi-deployment operation via a single control panel interface, with the ability to control the reels independently or collectively. A design which is well suited to gradiometer surveys.

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