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Half the battle Whether its selling bottles of wine or pouring for the passengers, coordinating galleys and distributing beverages is a challenge that has brought developments from two companies by RICK LUNDSTROM


s a beverage cart gets pushed down the narrow aisles of an aircraft, few passengers probably realize that pouring a simple drink involves a complex series of steps in order to make the service as relaxed as possible. Aircraft galleys can be a challenge for flight attendants and aircraft designers. Space is always at a premium and passengers are now taking the liberty of bringing more and more of their own food and beverage choices onboard. This creates waste and storage problems back in the galley. Two companies, and no doubt many more, will be bringing some solutions to meet the challenge of the service aisle to this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo.

Espresso Trolley from ABC International revamped

ABC International of Italy is introducing an innovative and never-seen-before tool to enhance passengers’ flight experience: The Espresso Coffee Trolley. “The new design is so eye catching and it has enhanced its handiness in opening and closing movement thanks to the flapping top axis which supports the coffee machine,” said Virginie Claudia Iorio, Media Relations, Communication and Business Promotion at ABC International. “The new digital touch screen quickens the operation time and simplifies the selection of coffee preference. Cabin crew just need to insert the desired single- or double-shot pod, select long or short beverages, and they are good to go.” ABC International makes the Espresso Coffee Trolley with a number of important functions. Sensors and detectors help control temperature and keep flight attendants

aware of the water levels, and the volume of the beverages for service. The Espresso Coffee Trolley is available in a modified half- or full-size cabin crew trolley eligible for inflight operations. The modification consists of removing the upside panel and installing a section which includes the Espresso Coffee Machine. The system has two fixed positions. In the closed position the Espresso Coffee Machine is stowed in its trolley. In the operative position, the machine is lifted up, ready to brew hot beverages.

or beverages filled at the caterer. Once empty, the drawers can be nested in a trolley or stored in an Atlas-sized galley insert. Up to 21 empty Flex-e-Drawers can be nested and stored in a Atlas-sized trolley, giving crew two trolleys for waste pickup or revenue generation. Onboard Logistics produces the Flex-eDrawers in boxes of seven and pallets can hold 280 drawers. Beades says the nesting feature of the product saves considerable space in the airline catering unit as well.

Onboard Logistics’ solution helps optimize space in the galley

Three years ago, Onboard Logistics, an Irish company, began quizzing potential customers on some of the best ways to handle waste in the cabin. A project that used vacuum sealing was shelved when airlines became concerned about batteries. So the company, which makes the Flexe-Bag and the Flex-e-Clip for converting trolleys to trash collection, began working on other possible solutions. “What we were picking up at the shows was that the big issue is galley space,” said Nicky Beades, Manager Director and Sales at Onboard Logistics. “There is a shortage of places to put waste and everything else.” The company began looking for effective ways to store empty drawers that were used in the trolley service. The answer came in the form of a stackable and nestable drawer made of ABS plastic that the company will debut at this year World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo. In keeping with its other products, Onboard Logistics has named the new entrant the Flex-e-Drawer. The Atlas-sized drawers can hold food  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  75

PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
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